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  • February 17, 2011 - IWasSoldGarbage

    Target Pooped on Me

    I will never step foot into a Target store again.  Dramatic, I know.  And I believe you’ll think twice about it too after you read this account:

    First, let’s begin at the beginning:  My BF (sweet, lovely man that he is) bought me a video game for Valentine’s day.  It was a lovely game, but a fighting game.  And, as I don’t really care for fighting games, he said that I could return it and get exactly what I wanted instead.  So, I took myself after my morning shift on Feb 16th,  to the Target store on 48th and Ray road in Ahwatukee (Phx.), AZ.  I returned the video game for a gift card without a problem, walked over to the electronics counter and waited for the woman working there, a very kind looking older woman, to help me.  We talked briefly about which reader device would support downloads from the library.  I had no idea.   She retrieved the game, I paid with the gift card and had other items I paid cash for and was off.

    I ate lunch out, got home and relaxed for a few minutes. At 2pm (I remember because I had to be to work at 3pm and I had 45 minutes to play my new game!!) I retrieved the game.  With titillation and excitement I used a key to slice open the cellophane (oh joy).  I peeled back the “security” sticker (oh rapture!) and opened the box (a new game!! eeeeee!).  What I found, however, was not a one way ticket to Mario town, but a strange looking disk.  I put it into my Wii, only to have it quite politely inform me that it couldn’t read the disk.  I put it in the other way.  Surely, just inserted the wrong way!  Nope.  A closer inspection of the items in the video game box revealed the problem.  The Mario disk was replaced with a Bleach DVD.  I only know what that is because of Adult Swim, but have never seen an episode and certainly (until today) have never owned a copy (let alone a $50 copy!).  The booklet was for another video game Super Mario Wii, while my game was Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Huh?  What am I missing here.

  • January 25, 2011 - kctx

    Getting fired from Target.

    After working for Target for over 6 months I got fired today for giving another team member a free cup to get a fountain drink while I was working at food avenue. I got fired over $1.35 drink.

  • If you were one of the fools that stood in line to purchase over $100 of merchandise from Target on Black Friday 2010 between 4am and 10am, then you probably received a “FREE” $10 Target Gift Card and should take note of the fine print on page 2 of the 2010 Target Black Friday ad.  It states:

    “If any portion of the qualifying purchase is returned, the refund value will be reduced by the pro-rated amount of the free Gift Card.”

    This means you will lose money if you return anything on the same receipt that has the “FREE” $10 Gift Card on it.  I know this because I just made such a return and just lost money doing it.

    Here’s a simplified example: Let’s say you bought 5 items ($15, $20, $30, $35, $50) totaling $150.  If you return the $30 item you will only receive a $28 refund because that $30 item represents 1/5 of your total purchase and your refund is therefore reduced by 1/5 of the “FREE” $10 Gift Card (or $2).  To take it a step further, if you returned everything on the receipt, you would lose $10.  If there was only 1 item on the receipt, you get back $10 less than what you paid for it.

    This policy is very unique and makes absolutely no sense to the average customer.  I suspect it was a highly paid Target bean counter that thought of it as a way to discourage customer returns.  It adds 1 more technique to Target’s customer “rip off” arsenal and 1 more reason to never shop there again.

  • Want more CEO of Target fun?

    3rd story down on The Emily Program:

  • - Tired.Ass.Cashier

    Bullseye? Psh BULLSHIT!!

    So I got hired seasonal as a cashier at a target store in ga…NUMBER ONE I APPLIED TO BE ON THE FUCKING SALESFLOOR AS MY NUMBER ONE PICK AND CASHIERING SECOND…so the man who hired me at the interview was sweet and listened to my answers but.. once I started working there I could never get a word in with his ass all he does is walk around all fast and shit pretending to be busy.

    There are 3 gsa’s one blonde that I absolutely love, her name is B_ _ _. She makes me feel good about work she busts her ass for target and does it with a damn smile. She always asks if I need anything and thanks me for the work..

  • I recieved a pack-n-play for a baby shower gift in June, I know some time has passed but it broke after only the 3rd time using it. The hinge won’t lock. They were the only store that carried they item, I also recieved the matching swing and bouncer. Went on Monday to exchange & was told they would return/exchange but needed the receipt. I made the call the the gift giver (my grandmother in law) and obtained the original receipt. Went back today (2 days later), won’t exchange, manager at Westland store Chris rude accused me of returning it because of christmas (I didn’t ask for cash back I asked for a working item) Then tells the girl to see if they have item in stock then just walks away with out finishing the problem, they obviously dont have it (mind u about 5 or 6 other stores in the area do) then when i make him come back says “I knew we didn’t have it.” THEN why did she check and leave before rectifying the situation. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE won’t be shopping at Target anymore.

  • I am currently in college after being a stay at home mom for a number of years.  My son is 5 so he still needs someone to be home with him at all times.  So in June of 2010 I decided to apply for a job at 3 of the Targets in town and finally in August one of them called me.  I went to two interviews and was hired for the overnight flow team and was told the hours were 10pm to 5am so there would be no problem since my husband doesn’t have to leave for work until 6am. 

  • - Former 1292

    Former 1292

    I worked for this nazi company for 4 years. And I mean WORKED. My wife and I worked on the flow/backroom fiasco. Basically, Ive gotten really informed on Target since  I left. I learned for instance, that target is actually in bed with the NSA!!(Thats right, look it up, they are the largest forensics lab in America first, retailers second). So this might be why they run their flow dept like a third world experiment in behavioral psychology, where everyone gets SO MUCH SHIT that they become compartmentalized slaves just trying to get through the day without some unwarranted BITCHING OUT. At my former camp, this led to people working so fast and furiously that safety, nutrition, and even basic civility went out the window.

  • December 21, 2010 - fast-fun-fuck you

    Fast Fun and Friendly Team work my ASS

    Okay, so I worked at Target when I was in highschool as a part time job and I can honestly say that I liked it back then.  However, I went back to target this past year just to make extra money and these ass hats didn’t know the difference between their assholes and a hole in the ground. I worked on the sales floor in “Hardlines” (plastic bins, towels, lamps, picture frames, sheets, toys…you get the point). When I applied I asked them to please put me on the flow team that works early in the morning or in the backroom because I work alot better when I dont have morons bugging me every 3 minutes and that isnt including the customers…well that didnt happen. I also explained that I am a single mother and though I have child care so I was able to work night shifts I would like to have an opportunity to see my child. Well, once again, this did not happen.

  • December 3, 2010 - smacias90

    Quit Target today, thank god!!

    So today was my last shift because I was done! I will admit I was actually excited when I was hired because ever since I was in high school I wanted to work there…wow that soon faded. I was hired as seasonal and I was happy I got a lot of hours and actually requested more. But then I started to work almost full time and I really hated the way they scheduled me. I absolutely hate working openings, I’d rather close than work at 8 am!! Anyways. Last week was the week I was really starting to get picked on, and I’m 100% honest, why was it that I was the only one being pulled aside every goddamn minute by the front end GSA to be told to smile and blah blah blah, when I saw other cashiers doing the same shit as me! Some cashiers were worse than me. Anyways, I know you have to be all friendly and shit, but let’s get real,