Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • November 22, 2011 - benderdundat

    Union! Union!

    I worked for Target two years. It was the worst job I have ever had. The managers do not care about the working conditions of their employees, or their general welfare. It is horrifying that the majority of those working there [meaning non management] have to go on public assistance just to get by. They cut hours to almost nothing, yet they are constantly hiring new people. The raises are a joke. The highest race I ever received was .26 cents, even though I worked four hour shifts in their Starbucks by myself. Then when they give a “raise” they take it from you by hiring new unexperienced people that you have to train at the same rate of pay. Talk about a slap in the face!!

    I mention these things to say that when I was working there I mentioned that we should unionize. It was like a dirty word there, but honestly if team members would organize and form a union corporate would do an about face. There is a reason why they show that anti-union video at orientation. Under union laws managers have to treat employees ethically and respectfully. Under a union members can receive a wage that goes up with the cost of living. For those of you that are unfortunate to still be employed at Target you should really consider signing up with a union or forming one.

  • November 18, 2011 - Candyman

    A last ditch effort

    Well, let’s cut to the point. I was an IT for a big corporate company, got laid off after someone stole a great sum of money from the company, and Target hired me shortly after for 7.50 an hour (taxes are outrageous, making less per hour than when I was making 6.55 an hour) shortly after my Mom left (she worked at the same one and transferred after she moved) I was hired on as a Cart Attendant / Cashier.

    So far, I have had to clean up human feces several times (5+ Times now in a 6 month period) with my LODs laughing at me because it was soo disgusting.

    Last week from this post, respectively, we sold $40,000 more than expected, and I was cart attendant. They complained about me not going for “Guest First” because I was swamped because it was me vs. hundreds of people pouring out of the building.


    I have nearly been hit in the parking lot over 12 times now (recorded on video) and found 3 wallets in the carts (I returned them, due to religious beliefs)

  • - see_yourself_bloodred

    My HR doesn’t know how2math

    I was in the office waiting for my shift to start, and I heard my HR say out loud “How do you divide 30 hours by 4 days?”

    She then asked one of her subordinates the same question, and they didn’t know either.  Meanwhile, I’m fucking facepalming while checking the schedule.


    PER DAY.

  • I purchased 10 boxes of lights last season. I went to use them this year, and only 3 out of 10 worked.I live 45 min. from the closest store, drove there to exchange/refund them, manager stated they were no longer in the system. The boxes all have “Mfd. for Target Corporation,” “,” and “Copyright Target,USA” all over them, but they REFUSED to take them back or exchange. I called Target Home Office, and after 4 transfers, on hold for 25 minutes, and given the TOTAL run-around by totally RUDE associates, I was told “There was nothing they could do.” What a crock of shit! These packages were not “Philips” or “GE” or any other kind of lights, they are TARGET BRAND lights, and they refuse to take them back. I know I probably should have plugged them in before I left the store, but who would think 7 out of 10 would not work? They just lost all business from me and my entire family! They sell such inferior products, they will not even stand behind their OWN PRODUCTS!

  • This place is a freakin’ joke!!  I’ve had a furniture set ordered online since mid-October. Every few days, I get an email with “We just found out about an unexpected delay that affects your order….” and then a revised expected shipping date. So, I thought I’d check the local stores’ inventory. All of them say on the website “In Stock”. Call the store and check….and after waiting forever and bouncing around their phone system….”we don’t have any of those.” But how much competence should you really expect from a French company……..

  • November 14, 2011 - targettard

    Target is The EndlessNot

    Every complaint I’ve seen on this site is accurate, yet no one blog seems to go far enough. Working for a company such as this is soul crushing on a variety of levels. The first thing a new employee will note is the overwhelming monotony one has to deal with. Sure, one expects a job like this to be fairly brainless, and I pity the individual surprised by this. So, ok…

    Then there is the obvious difficulty of occupying such a low position in the service industry.  A Target Team Member is a non-entity, without rights in the eyes of managers or the general public, undeserving of the respect one would give to a High School aged busboy.  Again… this isn’t really a surprise.  What, did you expect people to respect you in that ridiculous red and tan “casual” uniform?

  • - unhappybirthday

    SOS from Target ASAP.

    I just started out a couple weeks ago. I work for the flow team and obviously it ain’t my dream job. Starting out at any job is difficult, but for Target? Being new at Target sucks. Everyone does everything a different way so once you think you’ve got something down, you work with a new person and they tell you you’re doing it wrong even though that’s how you learned how to do it from someone else. There are a few sketchy rude people who I’ve worked with, but especially today I worked with the Target Nazi

  • November 8, 2011 - lod is retarded

    Guest Service is #3

    So today during the morning huddle the lod asks what our three priorities are, in order. I say guest service comes first. He actually yells at me in front of all of my coworkers and tells me no, that is number 3. First we need to drive profit sales, then sell red cards, then help guests.

    Seriously . . . The Fuck?

  • November 7, 2011 - Gillian

    I quit

    Took this job because I needed one, husband is at home totally disabled and needs full time care, but I wanted income, wanted off food stamps, Medicaid. 7.75 hour in soft lines. My training was a typewritten note stating my job was mostly super zoning. Can’t sit down, walked full 6 to 8 hour shifts, oftentimes 6 days in a row. Asked to be transferred to another department with day time hours. Next day my TL called me in and warned me about the numerous complaints she’d received from co-workers and guests about my language. She had it in for me because I complained about lack of training. Knew she’d find a reason, she reminded me I was still in my 90 days. The day before when I talk with HR about a cutting back hours because of home situation, she said how much everyone loved working with me. I gave notice the following Monday after a rare weekend off. I have had lots of bad jobs, but Target’s scheduling and two faced ways of dealing with sales floor people is awful. Family first, ADA accommodations for family reasons, etc. are not respected. If allegations that aerious and true, then why wasn’t STL and HR notified. Foul language complaints, really and a guest noticing a workers name is even more ludicrous. Knew days were numbered, got out before Black Friday, rather be impoverished financially than have my mind turned to mush folding jeans and hanging clothes guests threw on the floor.

  • November 6, 2011 - etbow23

    Oppressive work environment

    Target isn’t the worst job I’ve ever had. I’ve had worse. Nonetheless it is a job that I dread going to today. The management is oppressive and often semi-illiterate, and the customers are often very rude.

    Today when I arrived my manager confronted me and said “I expect 2 red cards from you today, you’re working eight hours”. I corrected her, telling her that I was only working five hours that day.  Sometimes I feel as if when I do actually get red cards, I get no recognition. At most, I get a stupid “spot” card.  It’s like, they pressure you so much, then when you actually do it, no one says anything, not even a good job.