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  • I’ve visited this site several times through the past few years and thought I should put up a post of my own. This mostly focuses on the end of both stints, the first one is pretty long so beware!

  • December 12, 2019 - shay5

    Less than 2 months and plenty of issues

    I’ve been working at Target for about a month and a half now. The day of my interview I got into a minor car accident which really should’ve been seen as a sign for how my job there would go. As a sidenote/preface of sorts, this is only my second job ever and my first in retail.

  • August 16, 2017 - Nergal

    Why I quit…

    I was reluctant to write this but I figured if I could deter even one person from working at Target as cart attendant then I have succeeded.

    I started working for target about 2 years ago,(quit just before my 2 years) took the job because I figured I could use some money and experience since it was my first job. The hiring process took about 2 weeks which wasn’t too bad. Although I have heard from several people that the hiring process took at least a month.

  • October 8, 2015 - AnxietyMonster

    This job makes me laugh

    This is going to be a long rant, sorry. Strap in!

    So, a little background. I’m a very anxiety filled person (as my username may make obvious) and working retail is the worst mistake I ever made.

  • August 23, 2015 - Benmeister

    Getting Yelled At for Complete B.S.

    I’m a back room team member at our location.  Recently I came in to close, not knowing what I was walking in to.  The TL tells me as he’s about to clock out: “Oh yeah, check for online orders would ya?”  I look and there’s 8 orders, as much as 4 hours overdue.  

  • February 7, 2015 - targetisbs


    Oh target where do I even start with this awful hatrid. It is now to the point where I dread work and my 50 cent raise above minimum wage doesn’t do jack squat anymore. It all starts when I walk into the office before my shift to get a locker. I open one and it’s full of tuperware, I open another and it has a lunch box. Really?? Is it THAT hard you can’t possibly dig out a quarter and lock your fucking locker? There is a goddammed fridge for a reason also. I then hang up my jacket, which there really is no point because by the end of my shift its always on the floor anyways knocked off by employees who leave it there. I then attempt to punch in and let it beep at me for five hours and then walk onto the floor as cashier. I check to see what lane I’m on and set up my register with the 2 ten dollar bills they give you which run out after one “guest”. I hang my flimsy ass bags that never fail to stick together and end up all over the floor. Before I even have a chance to turn on my lane light I already have a line of people waiting to be checked out screaming “Are you open???” understaffed again I see. I mumble yes, and they start to unload their cart with mulitple of the same item that they will try and use their fake fraudulent $20 dollar off coupons for razors that don’t even match their item.

  • December 13, 2014 - boionfire24

    Dis tew much!!!!

    I’ve been working for target for about a year now and i love this site. I’ve been reading almost every post surprised that others are going through the same problems i am. This will be my first post and hopefully be my last as i don’t plan on working at this place too much longer.

    So today i got my corrective action and I’m surprised that it took so long for them to say or do anything about it. I’ve been late more than a few time and i will admit that i do have somewhat of an attitude so those are 2 things i can take accountability for but what they wrote and said to me i can’t deal with like i said in my headliner dis tew much.

  • I’m a newbie to this website and need to vent and/or mostly share with you all my thoughts on quitting. I am totally over this company. As a flow team member, we lift, we clean, we zone, we help guests, and after all is said and done we are the ones who do things wrong. Anyway, first off, I’m tired (literally) of bending over (literally) backwards for a shit company that pays me a quarter over minimum wage $9.25 for what we do for the store.

    I’m a small lady who has to deal with the furniture pallet off the line, no help, no team lift, just a hey! That goes on that pallet right there…

  • December 16, 2013 - eldiablorobotiko

    Hate after 1 week.

    1 week. That’s all it took for me to utterly despise my job at target(i refuse to capitalize it).  Now, I’ve been working retail for many years and aside from some general annoyances, I’ve enjoyed it.  3 months ago I was hired as a Starbucks Barista.  Let the venting commence in no particular order.

  • November 30, 2013 - DisgruntledServitude

    Hate my job

    I don’t really have an issue with the guests. I get 1-4 redcards a night but I do it more because I like to help guests, and SOMETIMES they give us free electronics movies (or rare cases they give you any item from electronics and once I grabbed a $14.99 skylander and have a bunch of freebie $5 movies) but none of this has to do with my issue. I’m autistic so I tend to be very specific in how I interact with most guests, and I tell jokes like “I see you bought some alchohol, well I don’t have to wish you a good night, you’ve planned ahead, but make sure the next morning isn’t so bad” and people laugh, I tell people “If you subscribe to Playstation Plus instead of buying this game you can get it for free, and like 15 other games” and so the guests really aren’t my issue.

    My issue is with the indentured servitude bullshit. My issue is with them acting like we owe them something because they pay us a MIRACULOUS 50 cents or maybe a dollar or 2 above the federal minimum wage based on circumstances, and you have a chance to get like 15-30 cents raise maybe or what ever. Tonight was a huge straw and I was seeing red, punching walls, and nearly flipped my vehicle I was so angry. I was scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and then scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and then they had the balls to keep us an hour and a half late.