Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • October 27, 2010 - Target57

    want to know what ETL’s get paid?

    ETL’s will start at around 45K and max around 75K-80K.
    When I left Target as an ETL I was at 70K. Yes it is a lot for a baby sitter.

  • So for most of us we think that our hard work and attention to details will pay off for us when our annual review rolls around? With in many companies this is the case, but not for Target.

    See when it becomes time to write the Team Leader reviews there scores are already submittedto the HRR so she or he can review them before they are approved. This all takes place before “I” a former ETL for 10+ years, even begins to think about all of the accomplishments or areas of opportunity for a Team Leader.

    So how does this begin?

  • If anyone is considering working at the Target in Johnson City TN…DON’T!!!

    The current and recent leadership at that store is horrorable.  I worked my butt off for that store for nearly 10 years.  I started out working there during my college days working part-time.  It was great up until 2005, then things changed.

    When I was finally able to work an open availability and to work and train any work center.  I soon saw resistance.  I asked to work the sales floor.  They told me “Sorry…we need you to work in Food Ave because we have such a high turnover there.”  If they didn’t staff Team Members with limited availability or people who didn’t want to work back there, then there wouldn’t be any turnover.  I had to work with a girl who would leave food out, let temperatures go outside of the safe zone, leave trash on counters and tables, and plain old wouldn’t work.

  • October 19, 2010 - Raven

    Fired for working too hard???

    I was hired at a RDC as a packer just under 90 days ago. Target works their employees to the bone with crazy high production quotas that just continue to escalate. I had been struggling to get to 100 percent weekly average.  I was told during the interview that it’s a 90 day training period. After starting I was told we have to be at 100 percent by the fourth week (hmm they lied). I work my ass off to try and get the numbers and might hit 98 or 99 percent but that wasn’t good enough.

  • I used to like shopping at Target, but in the last 24 hours they’ve permanently lost me as a customer. I can’t believe they stiffed me over $22 for something that was their fault!!

    The short version of the story is that I bought 5 storage boxes on sale at $5.44 each. I didn’t realize until later that night that they’d actually charged me $9.99 each for the boxes.

    Called them immediately and was told it’d be no problem, just come to the store and they’ll sort it out – except they didn’t.

    When I got to the store a couple weeks later, they said the item hadn’t been on sale, but rather a near identical item (different color of same thing) was on sale. The fact that the stack of boxes I bought were marked with the sale price was of no interest to them whatsoever.

    I even tried calling the main customer service number off their site. Same result: no refund. Blah!

    So I packed up about $100 worth of recently purchased Target stuff and brought it all back today. My final Target transaction!

    I don’t get it – it’s not like there aren’t a hundred other stores selling similar stuff.

    Read long version here: Target sucks – loses customer.

  • I was hired on to Target about 2 months before a new SuperTarget opened in Mesquite, TX on October 11, 2009. There’s a lot I wish to hit on but I’d be here all day so I’d instead like to give you a brief example of how Target deceived and lied to its’ employees and the community.

    From the very beginning Target discourages any type of unionization among employees. Always report everything to your Team Leader or HR. Never form any type of union at all. Unions are evil. You will be represented by Human Resources. They go on to tell you of how supportive their management staff is and how they are there to help you.

    I was there for Target’s grand opening speech where the Store Manager said that it would bring in over 300 jobs to the city. This of course was a bold lie. The following is something I can’t prove, but this is what happened. Draw your own conclusions.

  • I just recently went to Target and I bought a blender.  I opened up the box, however, the blender was missing a part that was required to put it together.  This means that this box was previously opened!  I went to return it, however, Target wouldn’t let me return the item!  I just told them to forget it.  Now I am stuck with this blender and cannot get it together because it is missing an important part!  Target sucks hard and the people that work there have no souls!

  • September 25, 2010 - TargetSucks

    More illegal Target activity

    Made a wrong turn and went to Target instead of Walmart. While I was there I found an open product without any packaging. Okay… it was a Nerf toy, Nerf is awesome. It had a barcode sticker on it so I wanted to see how cheap it was so I had an employee scan it. She said it was $20, the same price as brand new.


    I told the employee that. She didn’t care she said she’d “I’ll let them know up front.” Which she didn’t. She put the item down and went back to being useless. Target. Not only do they not care about their (mostly inept) employees, or their customers, they also don’t care about the law.

  • August 18, 2010 - TargetSucks

    Target = Racist and Anti-Gay

  • I needed something from the stupid store. I went there. They had it, 6 of the same item on a peg for $4. Rings up at $8. Do I care THAT much about $4? No. But if you have a product with a price, and it isn’t just one misplaced item…HONOR THE FUCKING PRICE. $4 is a small price to pay for good customer service, a concept that Target doesn’t get.


    If you find a price discrepancy, take a picture! Send it to the Department of Weights and Measures. Target is chock full of price issues and violations. It’s been a long time since I was a retail manager, but at the time the fine was $1000 per violation. If everyone makes an effort to take pictures and file complaints, we can hurt the stupid company that loves to screw over its customers and employees alike.

    Get to work!!!