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September 10, 2016 - flowing311420

I’m trying to sleep but I’m too pissed off

Last time I checked i needed to be scheduled over 6 hours before I was forced to take a lunch due to arbitrary bullshit target “violation laws”.

Also I’m pretty fucking sure that me staying past my scheduled time is more than me simply being a buddy for that shit hole. So why do the etls in this place seem to think that they can a. Keep me past my scheduled time to begin with. B. Think they can keep me in the building after i have clocked out. And c. Make up their own “violation code” and change it from company mandated 6 hours to store 2092 5 hours?

Like who in the actual fuck do these people think they are? I’m seething at the attitude I caught from tonight’s lod… I wish I could manifest the violent tendencies in my head… I’d sleep like the dead…


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I would just print off a copy of your state laws regarding breaks and hand it to this person. Most states do not regulate breaks. The only laws regarding breaks are typically related to minors. In the state of Wisconsin the only regulation regarding breaks is towards minors, if you're an adult you have ever right to wave your break. ( Target is the only place I ever worked that would force you to take a 30 minute break if you work 6+ hours. The best part is my shifts were always 6 hours so in order to stay late for even 10 minutes they would make you take a 30 minute break. It's why I always refused to stay late. The place I currently work for I can skip my entire 30 minute break without worry, not that I would choose to I'm scheduled 8.5 hours, but if I wanted I could skip my break and go home early.

  • TarSecret says:

    They don't care do what they see or leave is their Moto well here my motto fuck that and fuck yarget


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