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March 8, 2012 - Openthestore

New Store Comments

I started at a brand new Target, along with all the other employees, in Illinois a few years back. I waited in line with approx 5000 people to get the job. At first I really liked it, I had a stressful full time day job, this night job was a big change of pace. As a new store, everyone except for managers was trained together, before the store opened, we all were busy setting up the shelves and stocking them. After is was opened, I realized that everything was about zoning, they did not care that I had electronic experience and was able to up sell customers and answer questions. they kept transferring me around all the departments, I was actually too good at zoning, I found that I was given more than one department every night, while other departments all had one associate. Biggest problem was that at night, we all had to help everyone else before we got to go home. For those of us who actually worked all night, this was a bad thing. our reward for being fast and efficient was that we had to all go help the idiots who did nothing all night but joke around with their friends. It got to the point that we slowed down so that the idiots had to do a lot of their department work themselves. And then their was the red card and cashier issues. I didn’t try too much to push credit cards, but had to at times. i used to hate when they were slow on cashiers and wanted everyone to run up front and cashier at a drop of a hat. Most of us resented this, feeling that they should hire more dedicated cashiers. it wasn’t that we were making a lot of money, and it would have gone a great way towards customer service. Finally had to quit, i kept getting more and more hours and my part time job was almost a full time one, which I didn’t want.


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