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March 4, 2012 - TargetNoMore

Backstockers Anonymous

Ahhhh Target….

I never looked back at this place. In fact, if it weren’t for them firing me, I probably would still be working there, making my good ol’ $7.50 an hour Night differential. Or maybe even get a raise and go to $8.00!

First job I got hired for I don’t even remember what it was called (3rd shift – received truck loads and stocked shelves) because within two weeks, I was asked if I wanted to transfer to Backstocking. This either was their way of getting me off the floor or “promoting me” to a better position. I don’t know and I don’t care. Long story short, I wasn’t completing my tasks within the allotted amount of time granted by the Almighty Computer-generated Timesheet and before the end of my 90 days, my “Employment with Target was Terminated”.

How did I get here? When I was trained, my trainer taught me to cheat (save time on my timesheet) by pulling products from the bulk boxes only if the request was for more than half the box’s contents. When it asked for less than half, we would leave the box alone and tell the PDA that the product was sent out. And when it did request more than half, we just sent the entire box to the floor and let the floor people deal with sending back the excess product. As far as I witnessed, EVERYONE in backstocking did this, therefore making the computer-generated times hard to complete when you did the job the right way. So, here I am, thinking “I should do the honest thing and do the job right. Target will notice my good efforts, right?” LMAO. Oh so naive.

And when I did get fired, I told them some people were cheating the system (didn’t name names, though) and the TL replied “We are aware of them” Yeah ok. Whatever.

Where am I now? Working in the aviation industry making about 35k (Hey, it’s more than twice what I made at Target!). I’ve been in my current job for almost two years and I am starting to make good impressions on my company’s upper management. Plus, all my reviews from jobs after Target have always been exceptional. I have been given either trainer or lead positions at every job since. But I wasn’t good enough for Target’s standards. They want drones who will not question them.

To all the other backstockers (and under-appreciated Target employees) out there, quitting this job will probably be one of the best career moves you will ever make!


Peace out



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