Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • January 1, 2011 - retailstinks

    Family Friendly, not a chance!

    I am currently in college after being a stay at home mom for a number of years.  My son is 5 so he still needs someone to be home with him at all times.  So in June of 2010 I decided to apply for a job at 3 of the Targets in town and finally in August one of them called me.  I went to two interviews and was hired for the overnight flow team and was told the hours were 10pm to 5am so there would be no problem since my husband doesn’t have to leave for work until 6am. 

  • - Former 1292

    Former 1292

    I worked for this nazi company for 4 years. And I mean WORKED. My wife and I worked on the flow/backroom fiasco. Basically, Ive gotten really informed on Target since  I left. I learned for instance, that target is actually in bed with the NSA!!(Thats right, look it up, they are the largest forensics lab in America first, retailers second). So this might be why they run their flow dept like a third world experiment in behavioral psychology, where everyone gets SO MUCH SHIT that they become compartmentalized slaves just trying to get through the day without some unwarranted BITCHING OUT. At my former camp, this led to people working so fast and furiously that safety, nutrition, and even basic civility went out the window.

  • December 21, 2010 - fast-fun-fuck you

    Fast Fun and Friendly Team work my ASS

    Okay, so I worked at Target when I was in highschool as a part time job and I can honestly say that I liked it back then.  However, I went back to target this past year just to make extra money and these ass hats didn’t know the difference between their assholes and a hole in the ground. I worked on the sales floor in “Hardlines” (plastic bins, towels, lamps, picture frames, sheets, toys…you get the point). When I applied I asked them to please put me on the flow team that works early in the morning or in the backroom because I work alot better when I dont have morons bugging me every 3 minutes and that isnt including the customers…well that didnt happen. I also explained that I am a single mother and though I have child care so I was able to work night shifts I would like to have an opportunity to see my child. Well, once again, this did not happen.

  • December 3, 2010 - smacias90

    Quit Target today, thank god!!

    So today was my last shift because I was done! I will admit I was actually excited when I was hired because ever since I was in high school I wanted to work there…wow that soon faded. I was hired as seasonal and I was happy I got a lot of hours and actually requested more. But then I started to work almost full time and I really hated the way they scheduled me. I absolutely hate working openings, I’d rather close than work at 8 am!! Anyways. Last week was the week I was really starting to get picked on, and I’m 100% honest, why was it that I was the only one being pulled aside every goddamn minute by the front end GSA to be told to smile and blah blah blah, when I saw other cashiers doing the same shit as me! Some cashiers were worse than me. Anyways, I know you have to be all friendly and shit, but let’s get real,

  • - Former Team Member

    I am a former team member

    That is the Target term for the rank and file employees.  I was recently terminated.  Why, you might ask.  I am a college-educated person in my early 40’s.  I was always good with the guests, that are the Target term for customers.  For example always asking  “Can I help you find something” that’s the Target catch phrase, getting stuff from the stock room and searching for it if it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and just about anything else you can think of to help them out.  I always did my best to make sure the guest left Target happy and if they didn’t it was a circumstance beyond my control.   I also knew where most of the merchandise was. I rarely called out sick, and my areas were always “zoned”, the Target term for straightening up well.  So why was I fired?  I refused to play their sycophantic games that’s why.  This included not clapping and cheering at “huddles” the Target term for meetings, not writing out “great team cards” these are business sized cards which when I was originally hired was told were to written by team leaders or ETL’s.  Somewhere along the line this changed and everybody was supposed to write these.  These were almost always given for just performing your job.  I said when I saw somebody really go above and beyond I would write one, this never happened.  I did let my opinion be known about some people out but is always privately.  I never publicly called anybody out.  I also did my best to make sure the college students always but their education first and were not pressured into putting Target ahead of that.  This was something Target words agreed with but Target actions did not.  The thing I found most disgusting the incident that led to my being fired happened a week and a half before it I was let go, they just wanted to keep me through Thanksgiving weekend.  Also the STL and one of the ETL’s were praising my work the whole day on the day I was terminated.  How hypocritical can you get?

  • November 27, 2010 - SilasMarner

    Bait and Switch

    Has this happened to anyone else? I went to the website and found an item for $109.99. It was $60 less there. I didn’t want to pay the $35 shipping charges so I sent my daughter to get the item at a store near her. She went there and they refused to sell her the item for the advertised price. They said and the brick stores are two different things. I finally got someone named Christina at Corporate to admit that this was not true. Classic bait and switch tactic. They almost got me back in the fold but never again. It’s like the guy with the bomb squad shirt. If you see me running away then you should be running too! Run away from this store! Run away from this store!!

  • I just got back from Black Friday at a Target near where I live. What a joke. Target advertised what seemed to be one helluva sale on a high-definition TV. The store opened at 4 a.m. The line was long, and it was minus-zero windchill outside. We waited for an hour. We got inside. I headed straight for the TVs, but was told that the store had sold out. I looked at a clock. It read — 4:05 a.m.

    This is blatant false advertising. Lure customers in, knowing full well that you have just a fraction of the product they want, and that you prominently advertised. Make them wait in the cold for an hour, let them in and then … surprise! But as long as you are here, won’t you shop for something else? This is an intentional scam, and people ought to sue this avaricious, crap-encrusted excuse of a corporation. I pity the poor souls who work for this heartless example of sick capitalism.

  • November 26, 2010 - bamspy

    Targets Black Friday Sale Is A Scam

    I just got home from target, after waiting in line for 3 hours. They advertised a 40 inch TV for $298. Now two days ago I went to the store and asked the manager if they were going to have any. He didn’t even know. But he said no matter what they would give out rain checks to anyone that wanted something that was posted on sale. When I finally got in the store, they had sold out of the tv’s, being that they only had 20. And guess what? No rain checks either.

    This is one ole boy that will never step foot in target again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 19, 2010 - velvet112

    Their Philosophy Better Late Than Never

    I received a $50 gift card from my mom and dad for my 30th Birthday. So I go online and place my order because the closest Target is over and hour away and as you moms know it is hard to shop in the store for your self when you have kids in tow. So I go online on Thursday Nov 11th and place my order. When I placed my order all items were available. Now one item is on back order and as of today my other items have not shipped yet. Does it really take a week to ship out items. I understand that it is getting closer to the holidays but seriously this is ridiculous. I told my mom do not buy me any Target gift cards for a while I am so disappointed in Target that I will not be buying from them in a long time. I was told that if I do not get my items that they will give me a full refund. I told them I will believe it when I see it. We are going on a long family trip the day after Thanksgiving and I was hoping to have these items for this trip and all they can tell me is “I am sorry mam.” So I will say it now. TARGET SUCKS!!!!!! I hope that people will not shop with them.

  • November 11, 2010 - iHateTarget

    Its OK to steal from Target!

    This is my story.

    So my father was recently employed by Target and he would have made two years soon.  Anyways he made an apprehension of a white female shoplifter.  She stole less then $20 worth of merchandise but according to company policies they cannot make an arrest unless its more then $20 but they can trespass a shoplifter.  So she was trespassed.  She was going on about how her husband is in the military and this would look bad for him and she cannot go to jail.  Now if you go to the Target website they are big supporters of the military.  But military or not that does not give anyone the right to shoplift.

    So this lady turns around and makes a complaint against my father at another Target store.  We don’t know what she said because they never told him other then she made a complaint.  The STL (Store Team Lead) of that store has her AP ETL (Assets Protection) do an internal investigation on my father.  My dads been doing this for over 20 years longer then this guys has been doing Loss Prevention and my dad has never made a bad apprehension.  He is damn good at what he does.

    A couple of months pass and his ETL (APS ETL) pulls him into the office and sits him down for a coaching.  He insures my father that he will not be fired and this will not cost him his job (an implied contract) but he has to write him up because its coming down from the district office and he is just doing his job.  My dad is shocked, he can’t believe what just happened.  He was cool headed and told him do what you gottah do and my dad swallowed his pride and signed the papers.  Now my dad is under the impression that he doesn’t have to worry about his job because he was insured by his ETL that everything would be OK.  But my dad was furious because he knows of many incidents that was covered up by his previous ETL. There were incidents where other APS had made false apprehensions, NPI’s, and they violated company policies but his previous ETL covered it up and it was as if it never happened.