Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • August 18, 2011 - goatface

    Hard work is the path to nowhere at Target

    When I started working at Target 7 months ago, my hopes weren’t set very high. I had worked retail before, and I knew it would be hell compared to my previous well paying construction job. I expected rude and angry customers, horrible hours, and bad pay. What I didn’t expect to see was how little hard work is rewarded.

    I started at Target with the usual two weeks of training for hardlines. I picked everything up fairly quickly, and before long I was keeping pace with other team members who were much more experienced than I was. There was one person nobody could keep up with though, and that was our Team Lead. She knew everything there was to know about working the sales floor, and unlike most of the team leads she actually worked HARD. She would show up early in the morning, print all of the planograms and labels, help the back room pull everything needed for those planograms, assign team members to put them up, and in the end she would usually help the team put away almost everything. Every shift she had, she hit the floor at a thousand miles per hour and kept that speed up all day. It was impressive, to say the least. She made all of the other team leads, ETLs, and LODs look like complete morons on a daily basis, and all of us underlings on the sales floor loved her.

  • - Superoperator!

    A Brief Closing Announcement

    First of all, why does no one swear on this forum? I mean, are we serious, or are we fucking serious? I have worked at Target for 3 years and I am the best damn operator that store has ever had. I’m not being cocky; it’s true. All the way up and down the management-guest-team member hierarchy has it been proven. Oh how I suffered to get to a point where I can own anyone in a RTW zone and abandons; that makes me proud, that I do my job really well, and knowing other team members love working with me because I can actually do my job EVERY TIME and WELL is the only saving grace of that place. But I get nothing for it, of course, except the satisfaction in seeing the LODs not give a damn that I quit and everyone who actually does any real work on the floor beg me not to leave!

  • August 13, 2011 - tonydgs

    Why Target Sucks

    Ordered a Kodak printer from, and being in a hurry I forgot to check Walmart, well even before it was shipped I tried to cancel but hey they had my money and shipped it at 12.00 more than walmart and a higher shipping and handling charge, I called and was routed to some broken english foreign speaking person who was absolutely no help, so I posted a review of the printer and experience on their site and they wouldn’t publish it! No expletives just the actual experience


  • I have learned the hard way that Target offers their amazing price match guarantee giving you two weeks.  If Target or someone else offers the same product for less, they’ll match it!  Sounds great – it should give you peace of mind in shopping that you know you’re getting the best deal out there!  Well, they offer that, but the reality is, they have their way around it.  Instead of putting items on sale, they offer them on a “gift card with purchase”.  Then, it doesn’t qualify for the price match, because the price is the same, it just has a gift card promotion that you can’t qualify for!

  • July 27, 2011 - expectlesspaymore

    Expect less, pay more? ™



    For a company that prides itself in top quality customer service, you would think the upper management fully supports its store employees and provides them with the tools to succeed, provide great service, and earn the profits that come with it.  This is however not the case.  It is of little or no fault to the store management as their hands are tied.  Its the board, the top executives, the operations team, and a few of the interns that came up with some of the stupid ideas and roll outs over the years.  (whoever invented AE09 needs a boot up their ass)

    I have shopped at Target© for a long time, I have many friends that shopped there.  Notice I say “shopped”.  There are many reasons not to shop at physical retailers these days but Target© goes above and beyond by providing many more.  Most issues are related to the day to day operation of the store but all of them have a direct impact on the guest experience.  Some of the many issues:  Lack of a livable wage, Poor staffing, Poorly trained staff,  High turnover, little or no advancement opportunities in smaller stores,  Too many stores in a dense area,  Outdated operating practices in regards to credit cards,  A simple but insulting return policy, lack of layover, lack of direct to store shipping options,  a poorly designed website, as well as too much documentation whether it be store operations, coaching, or job function related.

  • July 25, 2011 - jim

    still working in this hell.

    As I write this i am 8 hours away from an opening shift for operator. I have been working at Target for 9 months and have come to believe it is responsible for my lack of joy in life. When I started they blew smoke up my @$$ and told me what a great job I was doing and that I could move to another area after my 90 days cuz I did such a great job. Well after my 90 days I talked with the etl of my section and she said I had complaints from all the way back in December.( I was hired in Oct. As the last regular team member group.) And when I went to talk to my hr tl about these supposed coachings they were about things I wasn’t even doing or supposed to be doing.

  • I’ve been working at Target for about a month now part-time until I have to return to school in September. The pay isn’t bad (8.00 p/h) although, it’s not the most. I was hired Hardlines in May, but started working in June due to the Target being a new store and such. Honestly, I was pretty excited. It was my very first job that I would ever have and it felt good being able to make money for myself instead of having to ask my parents for everything. Yet, somehow, it felt like the worst mistake I’ve made. Now, I dunno if any other team members who work at other Target stores feel the same way, but the guests tend to be either rude, snobbish, or just down right immature. Especially the teenagers, who look old enough to do what I’m doing (which is getting a damn job). They do things intentionally just to overwork the employees. Don’t get me wrong, work isn’t easy and I understand what I need to do to keep my job, but I’m the type of person that if I feel that I’m being treated badly by either customers or my own team, then I’m out of there.

  • July 19, 2011 - fedupfrida

    im just unhappy

    Ive worked at target for a couple of years and im just unhappy there.  I got hired for salesfloor because i had 6 years of experience.  After a month i started being scheduled as store operator without being askked and ivebeen stuck in there ever since.  Ive asked to transfer and all they do is give me bull—- answers about not haveing enough people trained to be operator then thy try to butter my a$$ by saying i do such a good job even though theyve also coached me saying im slow.  Ive been interviewed twice for other positions and have been turned down once they said it was becuase of my college schedule which really isnt that constrained.  I know thats a lie becuase there are gsa and team leads who go to school too.

    Ive been coached too because i seem “upset” and when i told them it is because i dont get enough help with the clothesthey just say i need to work harder.  I get compared toanother operator alot and hes one of those ki$$a$$e$ who all the tlods and lods just love.  The lods dont like me becuase i dont act clicky and definitely do not kiss their a$$e$.

    I really want to quit but the job market sucksand I cant afford to miss a paycheck. the tlods micromanage us and the lods just treat everyone not in there click like $hit.


  • Worst experience with TARGET ever. Years ago target service exceptional…this and another experience have changed my mind…will never order from Target again. Chaise Lounge delivered damage…frame twisted with weld damage and holes? Thing was obviously twisted like a pretzel…And this was considered deliverable in this condition? Easy to see from how packed and shipped…. you could tell from the condition of the box and packaging this thing was damaged…and so could the delivery guys….cause they rang the doorbell and ran back to the truck!!…before I could get the door open, before my very eyes. This is actually laughable with the exception that when I called to say delivery was damaged, the person on the other end asked me if I would like one another delivered.  NO…no if this is what to come (there’s more to the story, this thing took 6 weeks to deliver…from the Philipines…after being promised twice by reps that it would “be there next week”.  After being told that I was still going to be charged shipping…I said screw it…send me the replacement….”I’m sorry, it’s out of stock”….lol….just kill me…).

    Top notch service providers don’t perform as such. If there is a complaint department…direct me to the door

  • I worked this place during my ninety day period as a cashier. This place is terrible. They fired me over petty BS. I sold over 40 credit cards, which no one has even come close to selling. I also never called out. I always asked to be cross trained in different departments only to be told no. They gave me eight hour shifts mixed with four hour shifts. They scheduled me past my ninety day period and never told me what I could do better. They claimed there was some complaints. However, there were a lot of customers that loved my job performance and commented to managers about this. I have a Masters degree and they still started me at 7.75 an hour. What is that about? The day that they fired me the idiot GSA said:’ We know that you worked hard for your education. You are struggling with the basics of cashiering.” I figured: “What is that about?” I got tired of these people picking on me for no reason. I usually don’t write on these boards. However, I felt like I had to. When I asked them where I could file a complaint, there response was: “I do not know where you can file one.” Does anyone know where I can file a complaint at?