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  • April 26, 2016 - dianarose

    cant sell redcards/mental health

    ok so ive worked for target for about 2 months now, and everything is pretty chill most of the time since i live in a smaller town so redcards arent super pushed. But they still are, i still have to ask every guest, and talk about cartwheel.

  • January 6, 2016 - iworkatguestservices

    Guest service

    I’ve been working for target for about 8 months now and everytime I walk through the door I want to turn around. If the guests weren’t enough, the management is no better. What do you guys hate about working guest service?

  • September 20, 2014 - TargetGuestsSuck

    Fuck Your Can Opener

    So the other day, as my coworker and I were shooting outs in cosmetics, after being there nearly the entire shift, we had a LOVELY guest. As you all know, I hate guests. However, I extra hate extra bitchy guests who think they are right. Don’t tell me the guest is always right, because trust me, this bitch was fifty shades of fucked up.

    Guestzilla – Where are your electric can openers?

  • July 3, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    Target=Retail Hell, now I know why the main color is Red

    I worked for Target for nearly 8 years. Would have been my eighth year in April. I was always brought up to stick to a job until something came along, as much as I hated that place, I was loyal to them for nearly 8 years. I tried a few times to jump ship but I never managed to get on anywhere else mostly due to being a college student.

  • June 19, 2014 - Sasquatch

    Target in Kemah, Texas

    So I’ve been with target for 2 months now, and this is what I’ve gotten so far. I work as cart attendant and rarely as cashier. I love being outside doing carts(if it wasn’t so hot out). But every time i get one side caught up and the other side is completely empty, our LOD asks me to cover a couple of breaks. So when i’m done with that and i go back out to do carts, 5 minutes into it, i get a call on the walkie saying “cart attendant, we have no carts on blue side”. and I can’t say anything back to them except “that’s clear”. It’s like they’re completely oblivious as to why they have none. That, and now they have me come in from 1-5pm almost everyday except Sunday(i close), so from 8am-1pm no one is getting carts. SO when i come in, we have none and i get a “talking to” that i need to start hustling to get the carts in.


    My two supervisors, who are the worst people ever, can never be found on the front lanes like they have to be.

  • February 5, 2014 - anon222

    okay so

    I work as a barista in target starbuck’s. Not only is it one of the most popular target stores where I live but the target is located in one of the wealthiest areas and its surrounded by large corporate company’s. I despise my job. Not only do I have the most rudest customers but also the most annoying customers. Taking orders for these professional mom’s that come in with there kids after their morning jog is absolutely annoying, they treat you like shit and talk to you even worse but I have to say the worst are the corporate big shots. I’ll say “Hi can I take you order” and they don’t even acknowledge me, they just start ordering their drink and don’t even look at me, They just stare off into space. To top it off my ETL is a major cunt.

  • November 24, 2013 - Bebo101

    My worst nightmare!

    I started working for target on the 5th of November. This is my very first job. I really did not need a job but I needed the experience. I am studying to become a Registered Nurse and later a CRNA. My first day was great because I had 2 wonderful ladies training me. However, the other 2 are just plain HORRIBLE. They are rude and look at me like I don’t know a thing. The 2 wonderful women that trained me were impressed as how fast I learned everything because of the fact that I never in my life cashiered. Anyway, those two are just plain rude and evil. They talk about employees that work under them like they’re worthless and scum.

  • August 28, 2013 - Chris. 349

    A day that was a play from Hell’s Playbook

    Most days I can honestly say that I get up in the morning and say to myself, “Today can’t be that bad at work.” Almost everytime I’m proven wrong. I just got in and clocked in and was ready to see what the day had in store for me. Right when I got onto the sales floor, a women ambushed me and demanded to know where the 1 inch binders were. Two things flew through my mind in a second. First, “how the hell should I know?” Second, How convienient, a woman demands something in the first five minutes. not only that, but she probably hasen’t looked for it on her own. I excused myself, and even apologized for not knowing. I should have seen the omen then but things were just going to get worse.

  • I just finished reading TargetEqualsShell’s comment and it’s like I’m looking in a mirror! I’ve almost been with Target for seven years. I’m at six right now. But the constant flak I take from Team Leads is beyond the pale. I’m originally from New York, okay? When we had jobs over there, people cussed their heads off. Cussing was part of everyday language. Now that I live in the deep south (Hades), I have spent years dumbing down my New York accent and eliminating all cusswords from my everyday vocabulary. I let loose when I get home, but I keep it clean at work.

    That’s not my problem. These TLs have such NERVE. They think they actually have legitimate power over our souls!

  • August 27, 2013 - Chris. 349

    Hard to “Vibe with this

    Today I was lucky to escape without getting a severe case of heatstroke. Being a Cart Attendant in the heat can be a near death sentence. Just before lunch I was approached by a customer who asked a very confusing question, “What are your Red Card deals for today?” I honesty don’t know the indoor specials, how could I? I work primarily outside, nevermind that I never get a flyer. So I asked him to clarify his question being confused. The “guest” just rose his voice to me and asked the same thing, except this time he said it one snippit at a time, like I was mentally slow or something. Finally I offered to go get an ad from Guest Service, and look for the answer to his request, although my patience with him was thinning. I had no idea what he wanted from me. The jerk got so mad at me he did it himself and stormed away. I felt guilty for a few minutes, until I realized all he wanted was for me to do his homework for him. Whenever I shop I know exactly what I want, unless I run into an instore special. This is hardly the first time this has happend. Where I work, there is a worsening epidemic of middle aged men embracing laziness and flying off the deep end for little if any reason. Do you guys think I did anything wrong?