Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.


Major retailers like Target try to shut down any negative press, so they purchased and most versions of .net etc… FUCK THEM! I got, because we do hate target!

Don’t let retail chains like Target silence you! Speak your voice! Let everyone know your experiences! Employees, or Customers, doesn’t matter! Everyone gets fucked by companies like Target!!!

I didn’t always hate Target. There was a time when I thought they were a great retailer that actually cared about their customer’s experiences (and maybe even their employees). I recently have been finding this to be a blatant pipe dream. I spent over a decade working as a retail manager for other companies, some of which actually cared about Customer Service. We always did whatever was needed to make the customer happy. Target apparently never heard of this concept.

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  • targettrouble says:

    So I was being nosy trying to find out how much a LOD or Glorified Babysitter makes. I found this site. 😀

    Basically, I agree with what I have read on here. The guest are rude, act like they need everything at their beck and call and they act like they need shit that doesn't even matter. You don't NEED a videogame!! Also why is it that like 10 people hound you at once, for stuff that half the time you don't understand what they are talking about..

    Huddles- only good thing is it's like a 3rd additional break- other than that it's just constant repetitious griping about survey scores.

    Let me tell you what happened to me: I got hired to work in Backroom, then due to an LOD over the backroom throwing a hissyfit to the Store team lead I got moved to cart attendant, and after raising hell, I was put back in backroom, then moved again to Hardlines on Sales floor. Been Hardlines for a year, and I get an 8 cent raise, when I do the majority of code 1's and have my zone done early. Although the douchebag, who got me kicked out of backroom, doesn't think I do shit. I was mad as hell because backroom got a 50 cent increase, and they moved me, before that went in to affect and said I didn't get one cause I was already making the increase SF was getting. WTF!!
    The sales floor is so gross, people smell, and leave half eaten food/ drinks just lying around and they let their kids just spill their icees everywhere and we got to clean that up on top of everything else. Also, why do parents allow their kids to sit in a dirty diaper and have it stink up the entire store?? That is so rude and gross!! Also, their kids are never sitting in the carts and are always standing like they are about to fall and bust their head open?? I don't get it, is it like an insentive to want an opportunity to sue Target? Sales floor blows- the whole job does, but especially Sales floor. Oh, and getting out at 11pm at our store= Bullshit! Let's have the Glorified babysitters go and nitpick at every little thing and then some. finger space the hangers, zone to the LEFT of the label- for F sake! I will never ever work in retail again. I am so sick of slave labor because of this job. I guess you just got to be lucky to be a glorified Babysitter that makes the 60- 100k a year, but since I'm the low end of the ladder, at least, I know in my heart I do a good job, and in the end we will all be alright. Patience is a virtue.
    I feel your pain my people hang in there.

    To the guests, who constantly bitch in this thread: I have news for you Target sucks balls on both accounts as a former employee and as a guest. The customer complaints are just stupid ass biching about stupid shit. Get over it. Put yourselves in an employees shoes. We slave away for long ass hours, while you come in and fuck up the store non stop, go home, and then chomp on food and fart on the couch in front of the tv. Retail jobs sucjk from both sides if the coin, so for you people bitching about items and not having it in stock, think about that. I understand something being messed up. But to those that bich about shit about not having stuff in stock or just ransack the store, and are pompus fuckbags piss off.

    • TargetSucks says:

      LOL, that's why there's a Customer Experience and Employee Experience category. When a company like that sucks, it sucks for everyone.

    • The_i_in_Team says:

      Trust me I know exactly what you mean. I see the children run through our Target store all the time and I feel like I wanna smack the parents who allow there children to act stupid. I just perfectly zoned HBA kids toothpaste and here comes a 3 yr old kid clotheslining my hard 5 minutes of making it look nice. I try to find there parents and they are in the next isle talking and not even noticing there child is gone so I politly ask is this your child and I swear they do not understand me cause they don't speak English. Then I get mad dogged by the father after when I present there child in such disray giving the child's hand to the mother and using sign language in the form of pointing to my eyes and the child "pay attention" as I am sure it translate in many forms. So yes I do understand your frustration and I just wanna say how much it sucks but at the end of the day it's just a job JOB (Just Over Broke) but pays the bills.........

  • Tired.Ass.Cashier says:

    Lmaoooo@targettrouble"we slave away for long ass hours, while you come in and fuck up the store non stop, go home, and then chomp on food and then fart on the couch infront of the t.v" ahahaha I loved that, classic, yet so true. They wanna have a nice store but not help keep it nice, and then say its not my job, I do a lot of things that's not my job, I bring u btchs tissue when u piss and there is none, I clean up spills and run items back, and fold clothes, and give ur whiny ass babies stickers so they can STFU. Ima cashier, do u think those are my jobs? I wonder what their houses look like...

  • disgruntledteammember says:

    I, like everyone else here, hate target. sadly, i'm still a team member. been there for 3 years now and can't get out. i was "promoted" to the entertainment specialist, then they took those titles away from us. so now, i am just a team member. i work my ass off everyday in entertainment and electronics for crap. guests suck. they complain about everything and their kids smell. i watched as this little girl, about 2 years old, pissed on the floor! Yep, right on the floor because her diaper was so full, the pee went right through! mom looked at her kid and scooped her up and put her in her cart. what did mom do about the pee? not a dam thing. nor did i! not my job to clean up some kids pee! are you kidding me! i always get recognized in the stupid huddles for great guest service. never been a team hero. place just sucks. i'm glad to see that there are others. i have a fuckin bachelor's degree and i make $8.71 an hour. i'm capped out. won't get a raise this year. they'll complain how i never fill out stupid great team cards or shit like that. my raise last year, 24 cents, before that, 11 cents. yep. 11 fucking cents. i could go on for hours about this crappy place. we all could, i'm sure. but, glad i found you! where is the FB like button? LOL - i would probably get fired for liking your site as most of my friends are target team members! sucks.

  • DwnwcorpsX2 says:

    I work at a target currently, but I can gladly say not anymore at the end of the month. Anyways I've been there for about 8 or so months, and most of the managers are fairly nice, some of the customers (sorry guests) not so much. What I hate is how the company talks about how it respects and cares for its employees yet they usually give raises in increments of less than 1 percent of a dollar, not to mention there shitty little review system in which only 1 supervisor gives you your yearly review instead of all of them: I am a good employee and I am never late and have called in once, and on my review I got "Inconsistently Efficient" and that I should always clock in 5 minutes early (even though it says in the corporate handbook you don't have to) and a number of other bullshit comments. What really bothers me more than anything are the bloated idiots who shop at the store who act like they're better than others because they "aren't shopping at wal-mart" or "Target's not evil" and "Has quality products" ; News-Flash! Target is just as greedy as wal-mart and any of the other corporations, and they have just as many products from China and Taiwan as the others, a good 75% of the clothes (or more) were probably assembled by children (that's Target's high standard of morals and ethics for you). I'm gonna cancel my redcard soon, and when I quit I am done with these bastards. Fuck 'em. And remember folks if you hate Target, but still shop at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Costco, McDonalds, etc. then you aren't doing yourselves or society any favors. Hang in there if you work at this shithole, if you persevere towards something greater it will eventually get better. Sorry if that was a bit preachy.

  • TargetSucks says:

    PS. Cuss your fat fucking asses off. Call them whatever you want. BUT, anybody using racial slurs, bigoted terms, or singling out a social group as a derogatory statement will be banned. Zero tolerance for that shit. Hate on target, not on people.

  • KEENtan says:

    You can't be sued for libel or slander if you call them assholes, dumb fucks, shitheads, etc.

    No I'm not a lawyer, I just heard that on Penn and Teller: Bullshit

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    I've been working at Target for six months. I lost my job a year ago, and I took one at Target at my husband's insistence because we were in a bad place financially. Before I diss on my Target, I have to give them props from keeping us from really going down a rat hole. We're putting food on the table thanks to them because my husband's salary goes to paying the mortgage and other bills, plus certain creditors have stopped hounding us now that they're getting paid, too.

    I never wanted to work here, so I don't feel guilty about complaining. Although many of my co-workers are a joy to work with, of all the jobs I've had in my life, I've never worked with such miserable people. I'm using "miserable" here as a blanket statement because there are several strata of negative attitudes in my store. They include grumpy, aloof, shady, and belligerent. I can tell that one or two of them want to physically hurt me. I have no idea why, as I'm courteous to all my co-workers. But as I said, I never wanted to work here because I knew it would be a lousy gig, and I was right.

    I feel pressured and antagonized into pushing Red Cards on guests. It got to the point where a GSTL came up to me and said, "You came up on a report for not selling enough Red Cards, so I'm going to stand by you today and listen to your delivery." I wanted to slap her. Sure, I thought, go right ahead and do that. I would enjoy being condescended to with the "help" given to me by your ghettofabulous self while I am a Summa Cum Laude college graduate. Get real!

    On the flip side of the bigotry, hatred, and nastiness, the team leaders -- with the exception of the witchy GSTLs -- are all amazingly helpful and friendly. They are among the best people to work with. But, their kind selves notwithstanding, this is a bad place to be, and for all the reasons I mentioned. However...

    By the grace of God, I was just hired for the "real" job that I've been pounding the pavement for a year to get, so I'll be moving on from Target in another week. What a strange and hellish six months that was!

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I'm curious, as to whether it's possible to make donations to this website. I do not want Target to buy out this website in the future and when I have more available funds I would be glad to donate to this site. I love this website, it keeps me sane knowing just how shitty the company I work for (right now) is awful everywhere and that it's not just me!

  • vogue25 says:

    I just quit target today because of so many damn reasons. Not the fact that target smells like shithole and looks like a hellhole when your walking through those doors. My manger doesn't even give a shit about his employees, if they got physically attack he will just say i'll take care it.

    I got pimp slapped or slapped when I first came in to do pulls in green side. I didn't know this woman slipped over because there was soap on the ground, until her husband comes from the baby aisle (where his wife slipped) to the snack aisle. He asked "Why don't anyone clean up the soap on the ground because my wife just slipped?" I said i'm sorry i didn't know, so i grabbed paper from the cabinets where the price checks are, come back and next thing you know i get slapped from an customer for no damn reason, told my LOD, my LOD said she was going tell the store manager about this, and nothing happen. Target is really a shithole, the LOD and the manager don't give a shit about their employees. The salary is horrible. Like i have skills from working from Publix, Macy's, sephora, Ross, JCPenny, Hollister, and yet i get paid in a starting salary of $9.00 an hour plus target reduce my paycheck because of their damn taxes and shit.
    Customers are real shits, I helped out a lady looking for a crockpot and a keurig and after she tells me " i didn't know target hired homosexuals" and then she started harassing me and shit after i helped her dumb ass find her shit. Even my employees was talking shit about me being a homosexual. asking me why i don't like pussy. Pshhhh that handbook in target when they said they have no discrimination... that is some bullshit!
    Let see what else to talk shit about. My target store got leeks from hurricane Patricia hitting Houston. I got some moldy ass water on me while zoning and ha a customer come up to me saying that this moldy water got on her $3200 jimmy choos and she's pressing charges for health standards.
    This other woman when i was in cashier said this guy in electronics told her that when she was looking at products he said that it has the spider alarms so don't steal. she got offended because he made some racist comments to her. In conclusion it was the worse two months of working their. Mangers and LOD's don't give a fuck about their employees but for the store to look "Nice", customers are rude, high maintenance, and snobby thinking that were the slaves, the pay sucks forget about the fucking 10% discount... fuck that i get more discounts working at vanity.

  • elguey says:

    I am not proud of 7+ years of service at a Target store. Apparently, I supported and enabled an incompetent, petulant, abrasive, and irresponsible management staff. When something went wrong they quickly found a scapegoat (associate) instead of blaming their own disorganization, weak knowledge, and faulty delegation skills. What a fool I was to waste my energy there for just a paycheck. Some jobs you can take the experience away as a bonus. Not this one.


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