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  • August 23, 2015 - Benmeister

    Getting Yelled At for Complete B.S.

    I’m a back room team member at our location.  Recently I came in to close, not knowing what I was walking in to.  The TL tells me as he’s about to clock out: “Oh yeah, check for online orders would ya?”  I look and there’s 8 orders, as much as 4 hours overdue.  

  • June 30, 2015 - SalesfloorTM2014

    LOD replacement

    This will be first of many posts. Let’s start off by saying I was hired in as a seasonal sales floor team member in November of 2014. I became known as the “closer” and got 35-40 hours a week and was pretty content with that. Then I was told that I would become a regular team member.

  • February 7, 2015 - targetisbs


    Oh target where do I even start with this awful hatrid. It is now to the point where I dread work and my 50 cent raise above minimum wage doesn’t do jack squat anymore. It all starts when I walk into the office before my shift to get a locker. I open one and it’s full of tuperware, I open another and it has a lunch box. Really?? Is it THAT hard you can’t possibly dig out a quarter and lock your fucking locker? There is a goddammed fridge for a reason also. I then hang up my jacket, which there really is no point because by the end of my shift its always on the floor anyways knocked off by employees who leave it there. I then attempt to punch in and let it beep at me for five hours and then walk onto the floor as cashier. I check to see what lane I’m on and set up my register with the 2 ten dollar bills they give you which run out after one “guest”. I hang my flimsy ass bags that never fail to stick together and end up all over the floor. Before I even have a chance to turn on my lane light I already have a line of people waiting to be checked out screaming “Are you open???” understaffed again I see. I mumble yes, and they start to unload their cart with mulitple of the same item that they will try and use their fake fraudulent $20 dollar off coupons for razors that don’t even match their item.

  • November 24, 2013 - Bebo101

    My worst nightmare!

    I started working for target on the 5th of November. This is my very first job. I really did not need a job but I needed the experience. I am studying to become a Registered Nurse and later a CRNA. My first day was great because I had 2 wonderful ladies training me. However, the other 2 are just plain HORRIBLE. They are rude and look at me like I don’t know a thing. The 2 wonderful women that trained me were impressed as how fast I learned everything because of the fact that I never in my life cashiered. Anyway, those two are just plain rude and evil. They talk about employees that work under them like they’re worthless and scum.

  • September 8, 2013 - TargettedCartguy

    Targetted by the Target Corp.

    Hi everyone, I’ve read a bunch of people’s horror stories of having to work at Target and having worked for them myself back in the day I thought I would share my experiences.


    I started working at Target back in 2006, collecting carts — seems like a common job among people here and unanimously hated for obvious reasons. The first thing I noticed straight off that I disliked about the job was that they expected me to have check lanes stocked with paper and plastic bags and have the bathrooms and floors and spills cleaned all while I am supposed to be gathering carts from the parking lot and occasionally zoning the store for stray carts. If doing those extras IS part of the job description (it didn’t seem like it was at the time I was hired, I just remember after starting my first day that a GSTL mentioned in passing that every hour or so I should check the bathroom for messes and what not), it seems like they should just break down and hire a full time janitor to be cleaning the bathrooms and any and all spills that occur on the Target racetrack during the day (but it’s much more cost-effective and more fun to punk around an already dogged employee and make him do all of the grunt work in addition to his own overbearing schedule while covering for his lazy cart attendant co-workers who seem to believe that hanging out by the magazine racks and discussing things like Pokemon and Football are efficient uses of company time and money.

  • April 21, 2013 - targetsucks52

    I’m done with this place

    I have been here for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS! I transferred to this store. Thinking I can better my experience at Target and promote. My first time applying for TL hadn’t even gotten my interview yet, and I was already hearing that someone else had gotten the position. My second time, my HR treated me horribly throughout the entire interview. Making me feel like crap about everything I said. Ever since that interview, she has treated me even more horribly. Recently I had issues with my pay check. My HR told me it was my fault, and gave me attitude and lied that she “can’t do anything about it”. Bull. I’ve had my old HR help me with a problem with a paycheck before. You only get promoted if you’re a favorite of HR. They even made a TL position for HR just so they can promote a favorite. You’re only gold if you get RedCards. The favoritism that goes on in this store is ridiculous. I get all kinds of guests commenting about how great I am. But, I get nothing for it. I had been trying SO hard to promote, but the way they are treating me is awful. I can’t believe these LODs even have a job after being open for 2 years. I dread going into work now. Screw you, Target!