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February 14, 2012 - lftcripplebytarget

I was crippled by Target

I work for the Pueblo Colorado Dist. Center. 15 years I worked there! 4 years ago, they told me that I had to drive the red tagged equipment or be fired!! I am single Mom with 5 kids; I drove it. I could not afford to be fired. Needless to say, it had no brakes, no steering and I was crushed! In the state of Colorado YOU CAN NOT SUE YOUR EMPLOYER!! I did go to court for my medical care because they dropped all my care 6 weeks after my accident……I was in a walker. I have nerve damage called C.R.P.S.. It basically tells my brain I am in the height of the accident 24/7/365. (The work comp. doctors knew I had this but FAILED to tell me. They did release me to FULL DUTY in my walker??)

I have won 4, yes four times in court now. They have written their acceptance for liability twice. STILL THEY PAY NOTHING!! I need a surgery that costs a quarter mill. I owe over a quarter mill………The Sedgewick claims management co denies all medical!! By the way, Target is SELF insured, Sedgewick just handles claims….That is Target language for confusing and A lot like Hewitt, where it’s much more paper work and nothing gets done!

I am calling out to ALL Target employees……WE ARE SLAVES WITHOUT LAWS TO PROTECT US. Call O.S.H.A… unsafe work environments! It IS confidential……………Take notes at your safety meetings! There is a reason they WONT KEEP RECORDS WE CAN REACH! I know many things that can help you if you were hurt. Colorado is awful, if I quit my position to get state help, then I accept responsibility for my medical costs. So Target holds me in a state of “INACTIVE EMPLOY” Write to your state officials! Contact me……..This is not a place of employment, it is a place where you are a slave tossed out like a dog when you are of no further use to them. It is not taxpayer responsibility to pay medical costs to injured workers. It is corporate responsibility!!!! The rich are getting richer, and the workers are getting screwed!! Let’s help each other………If a union rep had been in the building I could have said “NO.”  There is your reason they FEAR UNION…………..!!! Stick together, I fear for my co-workers….those I know and those I don’t! God bless, I appreciate any prayers to help me have strength in my battle, it is all of you that keep me fighting the evil known as TARGET!!



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  • Hate_Me says:

    Holy shit.........Wow. I sincerely hope your health improves. You will win this battle with Target, and you will get your medical expenses paid just takes a long time to win against Target. It's happened before. They fired a woman who was diabetic for leaving her work station to get something to eat before she had a diabetic incident, and she sued them and took years though.

    I hope things improve for you.

  • lftcripplebytarget says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. It means a lot to me. I keep my spirits high by telling my story. I hope with publicity, these unfair laws can be changed and corporations that misuse the law can be stopped.....God bless


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