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February 26, 2012 - etbow23

Just tired of this sh*t

I thought I’d start off by saying that I had quit smoking for about two or three years, but recently I have picked it up again, usually during/after my Target shifts.  I honestly think the stress has literally, after my 8-9 months at Target, started to eat into me.  I am now becoming emotionally numb. The customers all look the same, the florescent lights glare into my eyes. I am tired of this job.  Today I worked a crap shift, Saturday 11-7:30.  I am so drained right now and need to spill my guts. But my friend told me today that her job is hiring, and I thought I’d give it a shot.  That was one point of light for me today. I can’t do my college homework after working these ridiculously long shifts; I have sleeping trouble.  One week I have 30 hours and the next 15; it’s totally erratic.

I have repeatedly inquired to (different) managers about changing departments.  They told me ask back in March (when I asked in December), as we have no hours/aren’t hiring the next couple months.   Today while by HR I heard the HR representative calling a potential employee about their application, so I know it’s all lies (the day that one manager told me they have no hours/aren’t hiring, I heard the HR person make another call about an application. I couldn’t believe it).  I attempted to ask twice this month (now that the schedule for March is up) about changing departments. The first time I lingered by the HR desk to talk to my manager for five minutes. She was busy gossiping with the HR person about how some other b*tch manager has been fending off flirtations from some other guy and la la la.  She pointedly ignored me, even when I walked behind the desk and stood there awkwardly for a minute before giving up (I was on my break, so didn’t have time, and this manager is never there when I am, so I thought she’d have the decency to take a second of her gossiping time to talk to me)).  So yesterday I thought I’d try again. At first when I walked by her and said “hi” she ignored me.  I figured she didn’t hear me and turned around and called her name and asked her my question. Now she tells me there are no hours the department I want to switch to..  I meekly asked if I could later and she said yeah, maybe July. (Okay, so I asked in December and they said ask in March. Now they’re giving me the same f*cking line again. So what’s going to happen in July??)

They claim there are no hours and yet we as cashiers must repeatedly call additional assistance every 5 minutes. I feel awful doing this as I know those in hardlines already are doing enough. But when there are two cashiers and twenty “guests”,  THERE ARE HOURS. When there’s no one to cover photo except one of the cashiers (ha), and ditzy women are coming to me saying they need help in the self-printer, there are hours. Don’t play with me. When you have no closing cashier scheduled upstairs, THERE ARE HOURS. I’m sick of the lies.

And don’t let me get started on the “guests”. Or shall I call them swine. Leaving their trash everywhere, giving me their dirty coffee cups to throw away when they can just do it their EFFING selves. And not to mention where I live plastic bags are taxed, so I just *LOVE* asking every fu*ker if they have bags, to which they reply “yeah buried under my $300 worth of sh*t. So I must pile everything high onto my register, things are falling off, things are sliding, my backs aching, and she is debating whether she wants the red thong or the blue one.  Or the extra special as*holes, the ones who buy $200 worth of groceries and plastic crap they don’t need and don’t want bags, then expect me to reach over my register and place all of their merchandise into their carts. (Our registers are not set up well–there’s a wall between me and customers so to put stuff in their carts I have to bend over.  I already have backache problems, so you can imagine how this infuriates me.  And message to all of you out there–WASH YOUR DAMN BAGS. Okay? I don’t like opening a cloth bag to discover little ants swarming within. And yes, this has happened.


My four *favorite* scenarios-

1) Kid with their own money–I’m not here nor paid to count little Johnny’s plastic ziplock bag full to the brim with $20 change. I am not here to baby talk them. I refuse. I will talk to them as an adult. And if your little demon throws his money at me, I will remember this.  And by the way–if your kid’s four fu*king years old–he doesn’t have to “work extra hard to make that 6 cents you had to lend him”. I can understand this with a teenager, but a FOUR YEAR OLD? Get a life dude, he gets the money from you anyways. And like combining the orders and putting the extra $20 is going to kill you, Mr. Escalade


2) B*tches–snobby female customers, young like me, but spoiled rotten. Which credit card should I put it on? Daddy’s? FU*K YOU. Get out of my store.


3) Price challengers–you ignore my “Hi how are you today?” by shouting, “That toothpaste was 2.50$, not 3.14$” and from then on, everything’s wrong. I call the supervisor, who decides to not show up, and must call six more times to get someone to come and verify the prices which I already know. Then I must endure being cursed at about how next time you’re going to Wal-Mart. PLEASE, be my guest.


4) Confused foreigners–you usually ignore me as well, and have little idea about the difference between a dime and a nickel.  You attempt to misuse coupons for your baby formula and boxes of diapers, and then pretend to not understand me when I say I can’t accept them. You then leave half of your items because you don’t want to buy it without a coupon.


5) Couponer-fraudsters. ’nuff said.  If you choose to use coupons, I’m not going to hawk you, but I AM going to verify each coupon. And if you’re trying to buy Sonicare replacement heads with a $10 Sonicare toothbrush coupon, I’m not accepting it.


Okay friends, I guess that’s enough for me today. Needed to get that off my chest. At this point, I’m tired of Target. I can’t say anything else. I’m hoping on getting that job I was talking about, and moving away to an out-of -state college next semester, but who knows what will happen at this point. All I can say is regardless, my personal health goal is to make this my last season at Target.  This place is slowly killing my soul.


Anyways, Sincerely,


Your Fast and Friendly team member






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