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February 22, 2012 - conorO25

Greatest Deception

I, like every person out there, believed Target was a better employer than Walmart. Take it from someone who has worked for both companies, the only difference between T and W is that Target is way better at deception. Target DOES NOT care about their employees. Their idea of appreciating an employee is handing them an ice cream cone and a red card, like we are five year olds. They are the most anal retentive company I have ever work for. They cannot even give us 15 minutes extra of payroll and they try their best to cut 15 minutes when possible. Our shifts aren’t long enough to say that we are eating up the payroll budget  and our pay is minimal so it just amazes me how far this company will go to save a few bucks. Walmart wasn’t perfect but it was never that stingy. I keep reading people’s comment “its retail, what do you expect” and I think its such a defeatist comment. What if people working in steel mills and other factory jobs had said that. They wouldn’t have unionized and bettered their lives. Just because our jobs consist of scanning items and cleaning after the pigs who decide to come out of their sties only to mess up our stores does not mean that we don’t deserve to make a livable wage. I keep hearing that the reason why we retail employees are paid so little is because our jobs aren’t so hard…trust me, it takes a lot of restraint not to punch some of these customers, managers, and co workers in the face. It takes a lot of grace and strength to go to work everyday smiling, doing a hundred things at a time and knowing that at the end of your shift you’ve made less than $30. Target, with its fast fun friendly motto,  has done a great job at painting themselves as the good guy but the truth is that Target, just like Walmart, has fought off unions. Target spends more time showing an anti-union video to its new hires than on their training. That alone tells you how much Target cares about their employees. They pay their employees less and get more out of them.


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  • kjames says:


  • lftcripplebytarget says:

    I agree about the union. If I had a rep on the floor, I could have said "NO" and would not be cripple now! They don't care, keep up an underground interest if you can in union. I had meetings at me house. People are terrified to even say union. It is our federal right to speak of a union. They are terrorist. Sorry it is this way, it is gonna get worse if we don't band together. No money to give employees; my ass! They are such weasily little liars! What was management bonus' this year??

  • Hate_Me says:

    That anti-union video was hilarious. I had to watch a different one when I was originally hired...and then they rounded us all up to watch the new one a few years back. I loved the one of the ETL who approaches the back room worker, who's trying to lift something very heavy, and the ETL goes, "I'd love to help you with that, but the union says that I am only able to work inside of my job description".

    This is funny for many reasons.
    (A) The union wouldn't fucking know if you helped someone lift a fricken bag of dog food.
    (B) The acting was atrocious.
    (C) Target is DESPERATE for their employees not to form a union, and
    (D) What fucking ETL has *ever* offered to help a team member do anything??

    Haha. So glad I quit that shit hole...but this website is ridiculously amusing. I heart

    • TargetSucks says:

      Awwwwww crap, now I want to make t-shirts. 😉

      • Hate_Me says:

        DO IT!!! I'LL BUY ONE haha Hell, I'll buy one for each member of my family. God, I wish I still had my Spot Idea contest entry...the "new" design for Spot. I made one with an ax in his head, blood everywhere. The other was Spot dressed as a prostitute, hypodermic needles nearby, beer, and cigarettes. "See Spot hook".

  • quitters_win says:

    Fuck you Target; I'm quitting today.

  • rotcfanatic says:

    i would buy a t-shirt!!!!!!

  • har1989 says:

    I've worked for both too and I agree, they both had their flaws but Walmart was so much better.


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