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  • December 20, 2015 - vanna-t

    Fired??? and a question.

    fair warning this may be a little long.

    I started working at target a few weeks ago, as it was my first job ever I was excited. I am a minor and I actually got a job because my family is currently homeless ( living in a motel) and we are barley able to pay to stay here ( a fact that my employers were fully aware of.)

  • December 12, 2015 - km71320

    Just got fired?

    I was working as a cashier at the target close to my house and sometime around the end of October a woman comes in with her two daughters that were totally excited to use their money from their allowance to get toys. They ended up having money left over and one of the girls tells me I can have it. I say no because I was told we weren’t allowed to accept money. I start ringing up their mother’s groceries and she gets a 10 dollar gift card. I informed her of her card and put it down by the register so I could finish ringing her up. I tell her about it again at the end of her transaction and she tells me to just keep it before leaving. I had witnessed a coworker do this a week earlier and she had no problems so I did.

  • September 27, 2015 - taylor_justy

    Fired: Need Answers

    gonna try to keep this brief but I was fired last week for keeping a $5 gift card that a guest left at my check stand. I truthfully didn’t think this would be a firable offense because a: a coworker had done the same thing and got off with a warning and b: the guest got the gift card for buying a cumulation of items so in my mind, it wasn’t costing our store money.

  • Hello everyone, I am Alex who worked at a Target.

    I was hired during the summer of 2015 and when the hiring manager asked me my availability I said “Open to close, but once school starts my hours will need to be cut”.  Sadly the hiring LOD had wax in her ears when I said this.  

  • December 24, 2014 - BashfulB


    I was very excited at first working for Target, I was there for 2 weeks. In that two weeks, I was treated like I do not matter.

    First day I was there, we did all the paperwork, and it lasted a very long time, mind you, I asked them nicely if we would be done by 5pm. (It took me 2 hours to get there by bus, train and a long walk) we did not finish until after 8, so I had to be out in the dark, which in a big city, alone was very scary.

    They gave me a set time to be there, and I was always early, so I used to sit in the break room and read, I was told off for being TOO early…so I was very upset.

  • July 3, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    Target=Retail Hell, now I know why the main color is Red

    I worked for Target for nearly 8 years. Would have been my eighth year in April. I was always brought up to stick to a job until something came along, as much as I hated that place, I was loyal to them for nearly 8 years. I tried a few times to jump ship but I never managed to get on anywhere else mostly due to being a college student.

  • A guy named Jerry is working fixing electrical at my sisters house and it seems to be taking too long.  I over heard him saying he worked at Target night stock manager in camarillo CA.  Is there a night manager in Camarillo named Jerry?  Stock Manager?  He said it was his first day back after 8 months off due to back injury.  I just need to know if this guy is telling the truth or not.  Or if he is scamming my sister?  please text my phone at REMOVED if you know something.  I really would appreciate it.

    P.S.  update.  my sister said Jerry ran off to his first night back at work at Target and then showed up at her house again three hours later saying they fired him.  Does this sound like something Target would do?

  • November 10, 2013 - saturnfreaker

    Got fired because of an accidental no-call no-show

    I worked for flow.  2 weeks ago, I misread my schedule due to mixing up the weeks, and I thought I was off on a Saturday.  As a direct result, I did not show up, nor did I call in because I thought I was off.  The next morning on Sunday, I was talked to by an LOD.  He told me I would be given a warning and not to do it again.  End of story, right?  WRONG.  2 weeks later (today), I go into work and called back into an office room by the ETL and terminated because of the no-call, no-show.

  • April 7, 2013 - immut

    I feel like a kleenex.

    Ok so here’s my story. I worked the overnight shift during a supremely busy Christmas season at a store that was very busy to begin with. I will tell you guys this right away: never work overnights at target. If you think the day shift is bad, you haven’t seen anything. Several people I worked with had already filed workers comp for RSI injuries sustained while working.

    My job was reshop. Every single day, that’s all I did. Usually just me, occasionally they threw me a helper. I’ll spoil the ending, after the Christmas season was over, I got pinkslipped for not doing it fast enough. Maybe I was slow? I don’t know for a good two months my TLs said I was doing just fine. Then come January, suddenly sorting and pushing 25-30 (50+ during the entire week after Christmas) entire, mostly unsorted carts of reshop (with up to three full carts of dvds when sorting was over and done with) over the course of the night wasn’t good enough. They didn’t give me a good solid number or time frame for when I should have been done. At one point we actually had a conversation where my TL told me “It shouldn’t take all night to put away 17 carts”, to which I had point out they’d delivered 8 more while I was working.  I don’t know, am I really that slow? Should I really have been averaging less than 10 minutes per cart? It’s not like I had anyone else to compare my performance to, or a hard number goal to work towards.  But I know I wasn’t being lazy, at the very least.

  • I started working at Super Target in Lee’s Summit, MO 2 weeks ago.  I was informed today at the start of the morning that I was getting moved from seasonal to full-time, days.  I said okay.  I haven’t missed a day nor have I ever been late.  I’ve never refused to stay late to help them close either.   I was always on task, 100% of the time.   I came in at 5 in the morning.  On different days I stayed until 1:30 in the morning.  It didn’t surprise me I was getting moved to full-time, how many people are willing to get paid $9.00 an hour and work any varied monkey shift you throw at them?

    Then, about 2 pm, another manager told me the 29th would be my last day.  I said, oh really, what is going on?  He said, well, you know, when you were hired you were hired as seasonal and that is ending.  I said, okay, but today another manager told me I was going full-time, days.  He said, well, um here, Derek in HR gave me this letter to give you.  I said, ok, and opened it up.  It just said the 29th was my last day and thanks for all your hard work, it was a form letter.  It didn’t give a reason for termination.  I said to the guy, come on, be straight with me, never missed a day, never late, what gives?  The guy just started making awkward sounds with his voice, which I instantly read to be “I know but I can’t tell you”.  I didn’t throw a fit and went back to work for the remainder of my shift.