Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 25, 2012 - lftcripplebytarget


I stand behind all of you out there fed up by the incapable team leads and management more inept then a gold fish to lead staff members. UNIONIZE!!! I am aware how frightening it is to even say the word while at work. The anti-union propaganda; it’s there to keep you from a safe, and happy work environment. I pray the fear tactics will someday stop. Keep notes on your safety issues! Call OSHA and report them. I have done it. They were fined! (Not story that they told….I have the report to prove otherwise!) Give them some frustration….Lord knows they love giving it to us! Spend some time and anonymously report their pain in ass “supervisors.” I pray for all those employees out there that they are not left cripple like I was, because of Target’s management staff my life is forever changed….I post here to encourage you all. The ONLY hope is union, union, union…….UNION!!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Well, I am all fore a union in the bullshit world of Target as I am an employe cashier/cart attendent. I fucking hate there shit, oh we just take your hours away. I talked to over 10 leaders, no hope. It's all up to the executives on how many hours each employee gets and why we get shortened on hours. But since they won't flinch to even change one bit, fuck them. Quit Target soon, they will continue to fuck everyone out of hours and recognition.

  • lftcripplebytarget says:

    viciousdave, you should read my comment on how Target left me with permanent damage to my left leg. my screen name, Left Crippled By Target is real! Say union and they fire your ass! Quit, move to something, anything better. Hell port-a-potty cleaning is better! I am stuck in forth year of court battle. I have won, yes won 4 times. Target has paid nothing. They are cruel, evil people that will walk all over you and treat you like a dog! Get out while you can! I send prayers to the whole work force at Target. I ask for same in my battle with Them.


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