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  • February 21, 2019 - sadelectronicsgirl

    HR is a joke

    Worked at target some years ago, but re reading some stories made me want to share my horrible experience with Target HR. Keep in mind this is the same guy in both stories.

    1. The time I got sexually harassed at work.

    At the time I was a 19 year old girl working in electronics . I was used to the usual creeper here and there, but I never expected it from a co worker. Now this guy worked for Target mobile and was about 45 at the time, and with a son about my age.

  • June 30, 2015 - SalesfloorTM2014

    LOD replacement

    This will be first of many posts. Let’s start off by saying I was hired in as a seasonal sales floor team member in November of 2014. I became known as the “closer” and got 35-40 hours a week and was pretty content with that. Then I was told that I would become a regular team member.

  • Whenever the data breach happened, our ETLs went completely crazy. You couldn’t turn on a walkie without hearing “WHERE ARE WE AT ON REDCARDS?!”

    Obviously people put up with it. They had to. But I decided I didn’t want to anymore. So a really bitchy ETL came over the walkie and was asking Electronics why we haven’t gotten any redcards. This is where shit went down.

  • June 9, 2014 - thehellwithtarget


    Hello Everyone

    So I’ve worked at Target for about A year and 8 months or so. Well what can I say I started as a Sales floor TM and electronics TM. Well throughout my whole year I was never schudeled for an electronics shift until after my first year the two times I was scheduled was on low and behold Black Friday and the day the PS4 came out. Throughout that year I made friends with a lot of the team member all cool people. I also started to notice this guy that worked electronics was a total douche bag who thought he was above everyone else cuz his brother was dating the HR ETL’s sister. He said he would get fired cuz he has immunity. That dumbass never did anything he would always be far away from the boat never answer the phone always would flirt with any girl that was there and would leave an effin mess at the boat ALL THE TIME!!! The Senior Team Lead was a bit of a jerk as well always had someone else do his job that he couldn’t finish which was up to douchbag guy to do it. Which he was basically his bitch. Haha

  • August 8, 2012 - target_slave

    Skeezy management

    First of all, I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh that a vast majority of these posts are tagged as “employee experience.”  That’s pretty bad.  They do their bullshit “team member appreciation” events, but that’s like putting a band-aid on a heart attack.  I feel like the events are just to appease us, like management is doing them just out of obligation.  When it comes down to what really matters, you can tell they hardly give a crap about us.  We’re all replaceable.  Every last one of us.

    Secondly, I’m glad to have found this site.  I didn’t know if it was just me being oversensitive, or if I was just unlucky enough to have a bad store, but it seems we all share similar experiences.

    One thing that bugs me

  • March 19, 2012 - WardEdmondson

    Not Enough Money in Register to Give REFUND?

    On March 4, 2012 I purchased a broadband usb modem (OvationMC760) the Radio Shack Kiosk in the Target store located at 8999 Balboa Blvd, Northridge, CA, 91325.

    I first purchased a $20 plan and went through those bytes in a few days, so I purchased a $50 plan, hoping the speed would be better, but unfortunately it was not. I called customer service and they tried to re-set my modem but it did not increase my download speeds from 0.16 Mbs, so I decided to return the modem.

    I went to the same Target and the customer service representative at the kiosk, Jesse, told me he could not refund my money because he only had $100 in his register and could not operate with less than that. He told me he would have to mail me a check.