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  • March 31, 2014 - whiskey

    I have an idea

    There are more than enough ppl on here who hate the target treats them. We need to do something very important write to Minnesota and them whats going on.if that dont work lets all request a union cause we clearly need 1.

  • August 12, 2013 - kashigirl

    Another one for T1846

    Totally amazing, this website kicks ass! Even though we don’t know who’s who on here I’m glad we’re doing it together. That’s how it should be, we as little bitty team members who get stepped on, peed on, spit on and stomped on should watch each others back.

    Dont trust anyone higher than you, don’t trust any member of management who says they will help, shit might as well hang yourself. These ETL’s are so so fake and you can see right through them. ALL OF THEM except for one. The only one that I personally think is real is the hard lines Etl. I’m not gonna mention her name but we all know who she is.

    Do I trust her? Yes. Would I confide in her to tell her what and how I feel? Maybe.

  • This whole store is on a very low morale. We all wish things would be better, but that will never happen. Everyone is out to fuck you without Vaseline.

    I wish we all had the balls to just say FUCK YOU and quit on all these dumb hoes.

  • So a very good friend of mine was talked to about “expressing” himself about his own personal life. Fucking really???? What the fuck is the ETL’s fucking problem! we and I say we because a lot of us have gotten spoke to about that as well. Front lanes, backroom, sales floor every where every department has gotten spoke to about this bullshit!

    Who cares if I want to talk about or vent about what I’m going through, it’s my choice. These motherfuckers wanna take away our freedom if speech! Get a fucken life bunch of idiots. Mind your own lame ass lives. If I wanna talk about what color and texture my shit was today when I took a shit THAT’S MY CHOICE!

    You all managers should just go back to school and learn how to work on your own instead of in pairs like all of you always do. You guys are a disgrace to the morale of this store, this store is fucking ridiculous and all of you think your shit don’t stink. Go fuck yourselves!

  • August 8, 2013 - TargetSucks

    YouTube Video Challenge

    I don’t know if any of you would be into this or not, but I thought it might be a fun idea. I watched a video on youtube talking about how much this girl HATES target. Which gave me the idea for this challenge…

    So… Here’s the challenge: go on youtube and make your own video telling the world why YOU hate Target. Mention “” in the description of the video (and in the video itself if you want) and I will choose the best videos to include on this site. If you want, I can setup a poll to choose the best video. If they’re really good, I may add an additional page to this website to spotlight the winning videos.


    This is the video that inspired this idea:

    Here’s another video that does mention this site in the description:

  • I myself haven’t received one “yet”. From what I hear it’s regarding coachings/corrective actions and all types of write up regarding absences. Our store can care less about your infant child being sick, our taking care of a sick elderly parent, or us being in the hospital with serious health conditions. Regardless of the reason or situation you might be going through eventually you’ll end up getting written up for it.

    You can technically miss 3 days in a three month period without getting harassed about your call outs. Once again if it was fair across the board then it’s ok but when “certain” people miss work for whatever reason it’s perfectly okay and the world stops for them. But when others call out they get treated like shit and their hours are cut.

    Its so unfair! So apparently there are a lot of team members at my store that have received this letter in the mail regarding a huge lawsuit here in California regarding all this mistreatment. I’m glad someone took the initiative to do something about it.

    Everyone is terrified to speak up in fear or retaliation. But I’m glad someone finally did it.

    I’m hoping to get a letter myself and I hope a lot of us get one actually. I’m happy for those who have a received one!

    Thank you to whoever took the initiative to get this lawsuit going!

  • I think it’s time to make that call. Not only because we get shitty 4 hour shifts and not more than 20 hrs a week but because we have to put an end to all this retaliation and harassment from the ETL’s.


    Team members get scheduled under the 30 hour margin that privileges you from obtaining health insurance. That’s why a lot of us don’t have insurance because we fall under the radar. How are we suppose to feed our kids working less than 20 hours a week? It doesn’t matter to them because they’re salaried and their kids are being fed and taken care of because they do have health insurance.

    That’s just another type of unfairness and abuse! We as “team members” should join as ONE team. Stand up for ourselves and to be each others backbone. Lets end this awful treatment coming from “the best company ever”. PLEASE!


  • August 4, 2013 - bananasuit

    T1846 and their stupid ideas

    So the Etl in charge of the front lanes came up with a stupid and ridiculous idea to “motivate” cashiers and team members to get red cards. She hung these ugly ass 3M Command hooks over on the wall by register 14 in plain view. She made individual “necklaces” out of yarn with team members names and last names for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see.

    Yeah talk about protecting our privacy!!! Anyways so when you work a shift you have to wear this ridiculous necklace which will get in the way as you scan and bag. When you get a red card you get a stupid ribbon you tie on to the piece of yarn. I guess until you make a fucking master piece from all the red cards you get as you tie this stupid ribbon on it you win!!! WOOOOOHOOOO! Here you go you get a fucking target dog!! Big fucking deal!!!

    i guess having a degree in picking lint out of your belly button helps create these wonderful activities. And those command hooks look so ghetto and not “target” brand at all. I hope Collin (DTL) visits the store soon and sees those stupid looking hooks with those stupid looking necklaces in plain guests view.

  • August 1, 2013 - bananasuit

    The latest at T1846

    So the shit keeps running literally at this whacked out store! So lately people have been getting written up for not being FFF if that’s the case then fuck there should be a shit load of people on their finals.

    There are team leads who are not FFF at all in fact one certain TL has gotten a lot of complaints on a store level and even to corporate but she hasn’t gotten a final and the reason I know for a fact that she hasn’t is because the complaints are multiples and if she had been on a final she would of been fired by now.

  • July 8, 2013 - briannaj

    Your job is based on the red card 1846

    We shouldn’t get treated better if we get a red card on our shifts. Your job is balanced on that and I don’t think that’s fair. You can be a top performer but if you don’t get red cards you’re in the bucket with the rest of the team members.

    WE SHOULD BOYCOTT THE RED CARD. I wish team members would unite and find a good lawyer and make a huge lawsuit against the harassment we get over the red card and I can bet that we would have the guests support on this because they hate it just as much. They too feel harassed. HELP US TO STOP THE HARASSMENT PLEASE!