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  • September 5, 2016 - SamRan

    The heavily remorse case

    Got hired, hate it. Can’t switch positions or to another Target because I’m under that insanely stupid 90-day policy that only benefits Target. Looking into quitting before I can fulfil the 90 days.. sure, I’ll taint my name, but it’s gotten so bad that I don’t care anymore.

  • May 12, 2016 - RedCardMan

    Did you know –

    Make your management team look like the morons they are by pointing out that the Redcard works on service oriented gift cards like Disney, iTunes and Applebees.

  • April 26, 2016 - dianarose

    cant sell redcards/mental health

    ok so ive worked for target for about 2 months now, and everything is pretty chill most of the time since i live in a smaller town so redcards arent super pushed. But they still are, i still have to ask every guest, and talk about cartwheel.

  • March 19, 2016 - deadcashier

    Once a Cashier, Always a Cashier Apparently…

    I’ve been working at target since July 2015. I took this job as a cashier because I desperately needed a job and I thought that maybe if I just got in then I could switch positions later on. Boy was I wrong and I really regret clicking “cashier” on that online application…

  • January 6, 2016 - TargetEmployee22

    Fuck Tarshit

    Here’s a little bit about me. I am a minor (17), this is my first job, and I am a female employer. I’m a hardworker and i’m extremely outgoing with customers.

    Its been about 3 months working at Target. I was excited to work here considering i’ve shopped here with my family for years. I enjoy working in Electronics, but overal hate the store and the dumbass LOD’s and shit.

  • October 8, 2015 - AnxietyMonster

    This job makes me laugh

    This is going to be a long rant, sorry. Strap in!

    So, a little background. I’m a very anxiety filled person (as my username may make obvious) and working retail is the worst mistake I ever made.

  • August 30, 2015 - Workingmom

    Not enough hours

    I’ve been at Target for 10 months (in hardlines), and I work my tail off when I’m there. Much more than the college-age kids who spend most of their time socializing or staring at their phone. But despite this, I don’t feel valued at all probably because I don’t push Redcards.

  • I have read a whole lot of post describing Leadership stating that you have to get a certain amount of redcards a day. This is a load of shit. I don’t have a handbook to reference but I think I remember it saying that you only have to mention it during your transactions with the guest, or promote it. Doesn’t say shit about getting a certain amount. They are hiring you as cashiers not a sales person.

  • August 7, 2015 - anonymoose

    I really liked working at Target but…

    REDcards. I really like working retail, as weird and stupid as that sounds. I love helping people even with the tiniest things because that’s just something that gives me a lot of fulfillment, I work hardlines most of the time and I love being able to help a guest find something they need and hearing them appreciate it makes me so happy that I can buzz the rest of my shift away.

  • Note that this legit is not happening to me but is happening to a co-worker of mine instead. Years ago my co-worker had the Target Redcard (the credit card one) and defaulted on it before they ever became a Target employee. They were having financial troubles at the time thanks to the housing market crisis that took place across the good ol’ USA (thanks banks for screwing the little man over yet again with that [whole other topic however]!). So they defaulted on the red card and eventually the debt was paid off fully. Keyword being fully here, guys. A little more than a year ago this person became a Target employee. Not more than about 2 weeks ago now a letter was sent to the store regarding this default that took place years before they ever became an employee at Target. First red flag. Shouldn’t this kind of personal mail be sent to your home address and not your business’ address, even though it comes from the company at which you are an employee? The letter states that about 25% of his paychecks will be garnished to pay off this debt, which by the way was already paid off years before he ever became employed there. It also stated that if they want to refute the company’s actions or even the said debt itself, they must hire a private attorney.