Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • May 17, 2018 - ImOverIt

    No Call/ No Show

    At my Target store they dont have the swap shift board posted up, you have to ask someone for it and to swap a shift you have to have the person youre swapping with with you and you both have to sign off on it in the presence of an LOD thrn they sign off on it.

  • May 2, 2018 - EllieKatieCat

    What does ‘Big Sale’ even mean?

    Note: Any names in this have been changed for the purpose of this post.

    I was working in Pfresh today when the STL, who was doing a walkthrough, came by. She made a comment about avocados being on sale next week. I wasn’t surprised; most stores put things like avocados on sale during the first week of May. I was in the middle of a count (for QMOS), so I didn’t respond.

  • April 26, 2018 - Target_sucks696969

    Target Protection Specialist

    Howdy! If you are considering becoming a TPS or wonder what we go through on an almost daily basis, please read this line by line.

    I have been a Target Protection Specialist also known as TPS for (insert a number of years over 1 but less than 6 here). (may reveal identity) Before i begin my “rant”, if you want to call it that i need to make several things CRYSTAL clear first.

  • April 21, 2018 - Miss.Unknown20

    I wouldn’t give my worst enemy this job.

    When I started working at Target it was nice. Not too bad of people, Managers were warm and friendly and everyone always acknowledged you, now after working there for a year and a half they make you feel invisible and not known to anyone. Unless you get the LOVELY REDCARD!

  • - screwedbyTarget

    Screwed over by Target

    I’ve been with Target for almost 10 years and in all my life I’ve never felt like I’ve been kicked in the balls, I live in Cali and they have this crap about the minimum wage going up every year until it hits $15.00. now next month it goes up to $12.00,  I make $11.50 an hr and i just got my review by the way i work backroom, they gave me a .31 cent raise then turn around and gave me .19 cent to make $12.00 what the fuck.

  • April 16, 2018 - kayann


    I am a team member of about 7 months now, a very hard worker, always kiss LODs asses, etc. I just called my store at 10 pm to tell them that I will not be able to be there in the morning. I am scheduled to work at 6 am and we are told to call 2+ hours before our shift starts, but no one is there to answer the phone UNTIL 6 am. And whenever someone calls out that early, they get mad. So I called ahead of time – trying to be considerate.

  • Theee worst company to ever work for. It’s corporate that has all these new policies and they did it to eliminate positions because now they have to compensate for those raises. They made themselves look good to the public, they needed something after the trans gender bathroom issue when people said they would stop shopping there. They wanted to look good so people had positive thoughts about them, it was all a publicity move. so in order to compensate for the raises they redid their policies and store positions and now we all have to do the work of 3 people. They bully, they discriminate and they play favorites. The management sucks and the work is overwhelming and corporate doesn’t give a shit about any of it, they just want money.

  • April 4, 2018 - mrsirsir


    So I was told my store and district was one of the few going through this test so this might spread elsewhere. If you work Flow team and Pog team you might want to read. Both teams are being removed. The team members on both teams are being moved to sales floor. Here’s the kicker. Those former team members Now will be coming in at 6 and 8 am depending on your department.

  • I got hired as a seasonal employee at the beginning of November at the target in Fullerton (1418), and the only thing that was open was the flexible fulfillment, which is just the Ship team,  so I accepted the job thinking it was going to be good.  We had about 7 or 8 people in the beginning since a lot of online orders were dropping.  After new year’s,  we only had a team of 3 people and some other worker, who wasn’t our boss, always on our ass about everything , giving us impossible deadlines. 

  • March 16, 2018 - carl300

    Why is target so stupid

    Current employee at target for almost 3 years my job is softlines/fitting room and now my store manager wants to get rid of carts which we use to put stray in from the service desk and take it to the fitting room so I can sort it. She wants too small z racks and had another team member rolling around and put stray away.

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