Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • So I’m a minor and I’ve worked at target for a few months now. At first I thought it would be cool since I had never worked in retail before. I was heavily mistaken. Target requires every employee to have perfect attendance for the first 90 days after being hired and you can either get written up or fired if you miss a shift within that time period. I am currently 71 days into my job and i’ve already been mistreated. First off, the amount of safety hazards at target is unbearable. From old, broken, shaky ladders to having to constantly backstock dozens of 30 pound sparkling water cases (which doesn’t seem bad at first, but when you’re a minor and can’t operate a waive and have to climb up old unsafe ladders with one hand on the ladder and one arm holding the 3 pack case of sparkling water/other beverages, it’s more than unsafe)–(especially due to the ongoing 2-year long remodel which left even more backstocking for the entire store.) But for the funny part of the story, I am now on thin ice due to a “pattern of call offs”-before I get started, I have never been late, am always staying 20-30 mins past my shift to finish the work I was given (which is obviously too much for 4 hours and for a minor who has homework to do), and I have called off one time due to a false positive covid test. Today I was informed by a coworker that apparently I am on record for having 3 no call no shows during a vacation I had previously taken time off for 2 months in advance. When I looked at my schedule from that week, it showed that I wasn’t assigned at shift at all in the first place, but when I brought it to my leaders attention, I was told that it my time off wasn’t approved even though I remember requesting the time off WITH THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE SCHEDULES and even after she told me that it was approved and I was good to go, I am now hearing that it wasn’t approved and I am known as an unreliable employee. On top of all of this, today I came in early as I normally do around 11am and started my shift. I instantly ran into my team lead who told me that I was mistakenly scheduled today and there was no work for me to do. When I asked to leave, they said to clock out on paper since the machine wouldn’t let me do it. I am now being told that it is counting towards another call off since I LEFT WORK EARLY even known I WASNT SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT DAY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The leaders/managers/ETLS don’t give a fuck about you or your feelings. Don’t work at target. Please.

  • Target uses a 3rd party delivery service called “Capstone” in my area for most of my orders now and I’ve had NOTHING but problems with them delivering my stuff. Constant lies about not having access to my building, cockroaches in the boxes a few times, missing items if I order more than one of the same item in some, “cancelled” without any explanation after being “out for delivery” on 2 most recent occasions. Customer service is BS since most of the time, they DON’T know what they’re doing or what you’re trying to tell them. Complaining only gets corporate BS copy and pasted script “promising to do better” or “will pass concerns to…”, yadda yadda yadda.

  • February 22, 2023 - ErewhonMarket

    Tarshit (Target) Low Quality Store Brand Items

    Tarshit has been moving towards carrying mostly store-brand items for certain categories. I bought a desk for my new apartment from Tarshit and it was horrible. The included screws were made of soft metal and stripped out so I had to get replacements from the local hardware store. I also bought their brand of shower caddy and it broke after a few minutes. Their food was expired. The clothes fall apart. The Good and Gather energy drinks are nasty.

    I do not understand why so many people “love” Tarshit. It is not a good shopping experience, as the store is messy and disorganized. The employees struggle to find items that are often out of stock. The items are low quality and way overpriced for what they are.

    It has gotten to the point that no-name items from Amazon are better quality than Tarshit’s store-brand items. I bought a no-name bed from Amazon and it is pretty good. It features a sturdy steel frame and decorative woodgrain panels that were easy to put together and included a hex key and extra hardware all for $100. Meanwhile, Tarshit sells a shitty particle board bed for $300.

    Who would want to shop at Tarshit???

  • Tarshit groceries are horrible. Their food is often expired and never fresh. The selection is awful and they sell garbage that resembles college dorm food (and not in a good way!). It’s not even like their food is cheap. Bristol Farms and Trader Joe’s have lower prices than Tarshit!

  • February 9, 2023 - ieffinghateTarget

    I was fired yesterday from fucking Target

    Good riddance to uncaring, selfish, assholes, and Fuck your target. You can take your shit you tried to say i took and shove it up your asses. I hope u close! Fuck you Target! They are stupid motherfuckers. I won’t shop there anymore. I’m going somewhere better for employment, like JC Penny. Lesson learned. Don’t work with those who are stingy, or sneaky. Maybe if I had my own little boutique I’d only hire people who genuinely care about the customer and workforce, not morons who joke around about people all day. Fuck Target up their asses!

  • February 1, 2023 - viciousdave

    Update of my own

    I thought I’d post something as it’s been a month since a post on here. I have not been back to a Target store since I got fired in 2016. Target can suck it. I remember being there and sometimes they wouldn’t even give a full break of 15 minutes. Now the half hour it became a new law in about 2014 or so that we have to clock out a lunch break and than clock back in. Oh man that really sucked. And because of that we had to be at work 8 1/2 hours. Full day shift anyway. But yes I left target way behind. Now I just go to walmart. It’s prices are cheaper by $2 to $4 dollars.

  • December 12, 2022 - 2cupsoforangejuice

    why does target’s website have to suck so fucking hard?

    Literally just trying to redeem a giftcard but i guess they just want to make that the most tedious thing ever. Took me almost half an hour just to make an account and then when i finally make it, it wont add the fucking giftcard. I click the add button and nothing fucking happens. Oh lord.

  • Welp I last posted about a lady that moved from Tarshit to us after they bought the Zellers leases. She used to work in Zellers as HR. She didn’t last very long at my store ?. I’m suspecting she got hired 1st for HR and when she tried her Tarshit vibing thing she got in trouble. ALl I know is not long after she was HR she got transferred to perpetual inventory management. Managing the thing that screwed Target up in Canada lol. She lasted long enough to get her employee discount. Don’t see her anymore.  I guess no one was taking her crap xD.

  • - Silverfox

    Only Tarshit.

    Only target manages to pull this off. They left Canada with their tails behind their legs in defeat in 2015.

    Walmart probably be like omg thanks a lot. Look what you brought back from your adventures. A competitor that just won’t leave us alone.

    From what I can see, Joe Fresh owned by Loblaws expanded into the USA around the time Target ventured up north. When they left in 2015, Primark, the UK brand owned by the same family opened in Boston In 2015.

    “In 2015, Primark opened its first United States store in Downtown Crossing, Boston, in the location that was once the flagship store of Filene’s,[25] later New York City, Philadelphia, and Danbury.[26]” From Wikipedia .

    XD. Only Tarshit can manage to go adventuring and bring back a competitor they both owe money to.

  • June 9, 2022 - Spongebuddy12

    Target’s expectations are unachieveable

    How does Target expect a person to do all push done, do price change, pull all batches, get shoes to a green zone, do go backs in a 4 1/2 hour shift?  We have no operator person so I have to hang product from guest service.

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