Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • November 6, 2011 - etbow23

    Oppressive work environment

    Target isn’t the worst job I’ve ever had. I’ve had worse. Nonetheless it is a job that I dread going to today. The management is oppressive and often semi-illiterate, and the customers are often very rude.

    Today when I arrived my manager confronted me and said “I expect 2 red cards from you today, you’re working eight hours”. I corrected her, telling her that I was only working five hours that day.  Sometimes I feel as if when I do actually get red cards, I get no recognition. At most, I get a stupid “spot” card.  It’s like, they pressure you so much, then when you actually do it, no one says anything, not even a good job.

  • tried to return something that someone had bought my baby.  they said we were 10 days past the return window, yet they lied about that when we signed up for the baby registry.  target said the normal return policy doesn’t apply to registries, yet when we came to return an unopened item WITH THE RECEIPT, they said SORRY me and my baby were out of luck, they deleted all registries two weeks ago to move to a new system.  This was only two weeks after the shower!!!!   They admitted that if our names were in the new registry we could return or exchange, but since THEY switched systems there was nothing they could do.


  • - targetbendsmeover

    Target never pays me over time

    target never pay me overtime. They always tell me you need to be approved for overtime. NEED TO BE APPROVED, are you kidding me. Target you can’t just follow the law when it convenient for you. Is that against the law? can I sue?

    I also hate my GSTL they always bitch at us to follow the rules, but they don’t have to. You can’t have clearance stuff on hold, but they stick it behind guest service anyway. If i did that I be bitch at forever and a day about it.

    I also hate them red cards.

  • November 4, 2011 - WTF

    No vacation pay – No personal time

    I have worked at Target for a few years. I lost my insurance, I was told, because I didn’t have enough hours. My availability is open. I was also told that I needed an average of 20 hours a week. My checks say the average is 19.75. I’ve done the math over and over and get 24.735. They say that they go from the previous year and that is why we don’t get insurance or vacation and personal time. Our hours are cut because they didn’t make sales and yet new hires are all over the place. Everyone is frustrated over the no vacation/personal time deal. On the website, it says that it is accrued based on how many hours are worked, nothing about your hours the previous year.

  • October 29, 2011 - electronics_slave

    Hated since day one.

    I started at a brand new target last year in september. i was a beginner and it was my first job. I work in electronics. When i started i had a few people training me. all of which lost their job for some unknown reason sometime halfway through the training. I never finished any training and was kind of just signed off. for the longest time i had no idea what i was doing…so i was selling gift cards with gift cards and i was just kinda doing shit because i didnt know anything else. finally i asked some other monkeys in electronics and i figured it out. The only time i have ever really had a guest (God forbid i ever call them fucking customers) upset with me is when they are trying to buy something that requires LOD approval. I call for LOD…and they take a half a year to get to the electronics desk and help out. by then…the guest either hates the shit out of me…or i tell them how much of a tard the manager is (LOD isn’t an everyday term with regular people). So to avoid that i slide my own ID. I see their ID and can see that its real…i slide mine. I make my own judgement call. im not selling minors beer and shit. Im selling a 36 year old dude a rated M game and his ID isnt sliding through right and im not gonna make him wait a day for the manager to stop sitting her fat ass in food ave eating free samples and talking to her gstl friend.

  • October 24, 2011 - bullseyed

    Never work for Target!

    I would not recommend working for Target. I never had an employer treat me or other co-workers the way they did. I use to love their products and now I don’t even want to drive past a Target. It’s like I have post traumatic stress syndrome from the whole experience. I know it sounds a little dramatic but this company does not care about you and will tear you down to nothing. Work fast work faster be the fastest!!!

  • October 23, 2011 - TargetSucks

    Check this out!

  • I was hired about 3 months ago in the Starbucks in target. I did not apply for this position, and I told my interviewer at my interview that I did not want to work in Starbucks, but they proceeded to hire me in Starbucks anyways. The only reason that I didn’t request to be moved to another department was because I was getting paid fairly well. When I started working over there, everyone was very friendly to me for about the first week or two, but after that everything went completely down hill.

  • October 18, 2011 - MrPirate

    Yeah, sure

    From my experience as a cashier, I was often told by customers how sweet, polite, friendly, and speedy I was. I’ve been told by more than one customer that I was the nicest guy they met in the store. Felt nice! I always kept busy and found something to do while some cashiers often just stood around literally staring at nothing. Supervisors could usually be seen chatting it up by the clock-in thingy, taking their time to respond to me whenever I needed help with something. They often dog me to sell more red cards and get more surveys done. Hello, the customers don’t want to do it and they seem very annoyed when I try to persuade them into it, which strikes me as the appropriate reaction. :\ I often got my lunches cut very short, plus I get fired for not meeting their standards of “fast”, which is utter bull. Farewell, $10/hr.

  • Hello Readers,  we are a licensed investigations company in California. We are assisting current and former employees of Target who have alleged that they were deprived of their required breaks (lunch and 15 minute breaks).  The employees also stated they were asked to stick around for a little while after they clocked and and were heading home.  We are seeking others who have either worked for Target in the past or currently work with Target that would speak to us about this topic.  We are sensitive to your privacy.  We are licensed and insured and must respect your privacy and any information you provide will be held strictly confidential.  We are happy to put that in writing for you. Our main focus is to determine if this is a common issue with Target and hear directly from people that have specific information or instances of this type of conduct.  We are not affiliated with Target and we will not report anything to Target that you tell us.  If we did, you could sue us.  We are professionals and you can verify our information through our website or by calling our offices.  We do appreciate any information you can provide.  We strive to protect the rights of consumers and employees. Thank you!  

    You can reach us at:
    P.I. Group/CALJI PI24115  – (310) 646-8022 

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