Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • July 9, 2011 - padard

    Got fired for being “lazy”? wtf?

    I started working at target on may 21st and thought it would be a nice place to work at since I was a full time college student and needed some money. I was a hardlines team member and when I began to work, I started to notice that I zoned and did most of the reshop by myself while others just relaxed and barely did anything. I’ve told my LOD a couple times that I needed help doing the zone and the reshop, unfortunately I never got the much needed help. I’ve been late to work twice because the HR manager gave me schedule that was conflicting with my school (I always take school as my first priority over work). I got called in for a 90 day evaluation even though I’ve only worked 49 days. An LOD and a hardlines team lead read a bunch of bullshit off a piece of paper that basically said that “I didn’t put enough effort into my work.” They were giggling like a bunch of bitches while they were saying/reading off the paper. I was sort of laughing at all sentences on the paper because all of them would go like: “You can do this, but you’re not good at this.” How the fuck would they know how I do my job when no one is there to help me or watch me do it? After they told me that they “have to let me go”, I walked out, but then the team lead followed me and told me that he would probably rehire me during Christmas. I told him “ok”, but in my mind I was like “hell no, I’m never coming back to work at this shithole again.” I thought Target was different from Walmart, but they’re both a bunch of pricks that like to work employees till they drop and screw them over later on.

  • July 7, 2011 - winkaka01

    Being Fired From Target A Benefit

    Unfortunately I worked for Target for almost a year. It felt like a spirit crushing void the entire time I was there. I started out making six bucks an hour, and left making 6.05 an hour. If you pass your ninety days, you get a five cent raise. My store manager was an over weight blob that was so lazy, she hired another Manager to cover the floor so she never had to leave her office. My job was “Zoning”. You pull merchandize from the back of the shelf to the front, so it gives the illusion that the store is always fully stocked. Within a week I completely mastered the job. My pay checks every two weeks were a little over two hundred bucks, or a little under that. I had absolutely no future working there for that pay. My friend had been working there for five years and made only $8.50 an hour. He was never considered for a Team Lead position. I was not enthusiastic. I was no excited about being there. I looked at my watch every second I was there.

  • June 19, 2011 - Firefligh

    So I lost my hours why?

    Once agin my job sucks. Why? well as I said I do a bit of everything so for the past yr I’ve been workign the dairy section (stocking, tossing out expired items, orgainzing, and cleaning) I got that because I am a bit OCD about cleaming. Well this week i picked up shifts at a regular target and got glowing reviews.. they didn’t understand how I was labeled “PC” Two seperat Team Leads asked me to stay and they would gladly let me come there. I being somewhat happy with the other sections was like Well if i wasn’t doing the other section i would have thought about it. Well I end up back at my store and as I’m asked how it when i let them know and how I was asked to stay but didn’t because of Dairy, i was quickly corrected and told that another employee would be taking my place.

    I asked what happened they was told they were “Grooming” that employee.

    Well damned if not 4 weeks eariler I had applied for Pricing and was turned down because that same employee who just took Dairy from me got that job because she was more suited for the job.

    Needless to say I had to grin and bear it because I was told I had problems with my attendance.. hmm I didn’t know that I did. I guess when you’ve worked there for 3 years, and maybe missed like 10 days total due to being sick, and maybe late like 5 was a problem.

    the kicker though was when I got told my A Senior Team Lead that if I had an offer from them, try to go to that store, but there’s no guarentee i would be able to transfer due to my record.

    Yep.. Well done Target

  • June 12, 2011 - velvetred

    I feel I was WRONGFULLY let go

    I worked for taget for over 9 years from 95 to 07, and I thought that Target was the best place to work for. Well as of right now i think they SUX…

    The first time i worked for them I was in Lincoln Ne. I moved to Cali. Well I came back to Ne and I applied every where i could. I got a job at Wal Mart.While working for Wal Mart I got a call from The new Super Target in Lincoln # 2303. They offered me a job. Well I was very happy that I gave my 2 weeks. After just being with Wal Mart a lil over a month. They put me in the Bakery. I told them from the get go that I was not a Baker, but they said that was ok I would get training. Well i was shadowing a co worker who has been baking for more than 20 some years. I was with her for 2 days over the weekend. The i never baked again for a week.

  • June 7, 2011 - yourmatrix

    I’ll never shop there again!

    My bank made a mistake and rejected targets automatic payment that I had set up with them. My bank also called Target and admitted the mistake. They still charged me 50$ for that automatic payment not going through. I’ve spent 1000’s of dollars a year there in the last 5 years, and this is how they treat you back! I’ll take my money to stores that want me as a customer from now on. Never again will I spend 1 penny there.


  • May 31, 2011 - Firefligh

    Opening???? or Unopening

    So i’ve been with target for a while now and I’m one of those people who work their rear off, but my lable??? “PC” or Problem Child. I work on a weekly basis 2 to 3 sections at my store and work them hard, but what happens today on this lovely holiday? I come in ( a few mins late as I am a single mother and had to wait for a sitter) but i called and was told ok. I then headed over to my work section to do my normal opening and come to find out 2 hrs later my section TL (at least the one I’m at today) had already prepped my pizza dough and and i had redone it as no one had told me, what a waste…. everything had to be repanned and what was the comment i got??? “Well why didn’t you assume it had been done????”  Myreply.. “u… if I opened.. why would be done before I got there???? and if it was done.. why couldn’t i stay home fro my 11th day of work straight?”

  • May 29, 2011 - blackangel91

    Perishable Assistant aka personal asshole

    well im 19 yrs old male worked at target for 1 1/2 was hired hardlines but have been in market for now over a year….my store hired 4 pa’s when we 1st got our p-fresh when theres only suppose to be one (not the problem) our stl was cool our TL was cool n our Sr. Team Lead who was markets LOD was cool….around march this year we got a new STL who just so happens to specialize in market…the bitch comes in n changes everything took 2 pa’s titles away n shit the other 2 (1 quit the other went over nite w/ or former market LOD/Senior Team Lead) they took da titles away cuz theres only suppose to b one pa n they have to have open availability…ok well 3/4 pa’s are my friends who taught me their shit so now i know way toooo fuckin much to be just a market TM so they see wat i know (LODs) n run with it basically pay me as a regular TM for gettin shit done as a PA which i am not….so i talk to my ETL-HL which is also markets ETL and he finally said ok apply for it ur availability we can wrk with even thought ur in skool n shit w/e….ok so im thinkin ima get it psst well dnt u know that my ETL-HL and ETL-HR offer it to someone from backroom aka a friend who doesnt even want it!!!!! my TL was pissed when i told her cuz basically im her protege w/e da fuck u wanna call it so i applied so did he n now im waitin for the gawd damn results…my friend aka former pa aka 1st to get her title jacked thinks its a race issue idk n idc but that mutha fucker needs to know that TL’s know best not LODs all they do is sit up at tsc n drink coffee they duno wats best as in TM’s or Promotion they dont see what i can do yet im my TEAM LEADS FAV

  • WE too were treated as if we were a pain in the Ass for Target Employees…. I realize they are treated poorly, but that is NO excuse to pass that along to a customer…. we simply wanted a manager to ring another store to check on an item… b/c the color was not available in the store we were in for a UPS Check… the answer was an eye roll, a sigh and a ‘I can’t do that”…. REALLY?? I have worked retail over the years and one can ALWAYS help the customer, one can always ring another store, even if they KNOW there is no item available… it was the 3rd time in a row we were treated as though asking a question was a giant inconvenience….. Needless to say, we won’t darken their door again… they may not care, but we do… besides, who needs a LOT of crap made in the People’s Republic of China that breaks and can cause health issues anyway!!! Thanks for the site.. we tried to go to and there was no easy way to ‘contact us’…. even with a link that states ‘contact us’….. ARRRGGGHHH!

  • April 17, 2011 - hazard2urhealth


    When I opened my “new” Stir Crazy popcorn popper at home all of the parts were covered with oil/salt/popcorn residue.  TARGET SOLD ME A USED, DIRTY, FOOD PREPARATION appliance as new!  There is no excuse for this. Inspect everything you buy, because some slimeball may have used it a week or two and then returned it and a Target employee just put it back on the shelf. DISGUSTING!!

  • April 13, 2011 - TomC

    Feeling Mistreated by Target

    I haven’t decided yet how much I am troubled by Target or whether I won’t be shopping there again, but I did want to share this anecdote about what happened to me earlier today.

    I drove to one of our nearby Targets to return a pair of shoes, specifically cheap, made-in-China Shaun White skate shoes. I no longer skate, but I liked the way the shoes looked and felt on my feet, so I bought them. However, within about two months of owning them, the glue holding one of the shoes started drying out, and the shoe started falling apart. When I called Target’s 800 number, I was informed that I could exchange them if they were purchased within 90 days. So far so good.

    So today, I brought the shoes back to return them and was told that they could give me credit for around $9.00. I was hoping simply to exchange them for another pair of the same shoe, as I did like them. However, they no longer had the same color. I didn’t really care, so I picked out a different color (of the same shoe) only to find out that all the other colors were going for 2-3 times the price of what I apparently paid for the original pair. Since I didn’t have my original store receipt I felt at a bit of a disadvantage in knowing exactly how much I had paid originally – I had remembered them being marked down, but I couldn’t remember the exact price.

    Anyway, suffice it to say that I feel a bit cheated. Target sold me a defective shoe and then wouldn’t let me exchange it for the same item.