Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • Hello, I stumbled across this site while Googling for gun targets. I read a couple posts and got the impression that this site is primarily for employees who want to vent? As a consumer who has never worked at Target, I wanted to share my impressions:

  • - tiredofbeingsickandtired


    I couldnt take it anymore…they wore me down until there was nothing left. I was crying all the time and so stressed and was there longer than 10 years wont say much because i dont want to be “negative” (sarcastic eye roll) as i am sure there are prying eyes. But what i am worried about and hope you guys can help is…

  • - KissMyAssTarget

    No I can’t come in early

    Here ‘s the thing, I already work 40hrs a week during the day at my full time job. Now I work damn near 4ohrs a week at night including weekends at Target. I get out of work at 5pm and I go home to change into my Target uniform, swallow some dinner as fast as I can (because who isn’t hungry after a long day of working?), and make my way to Target, (MY PART TIME JOB) so I can be there by my scheduled time.

  • Has anyone ever experienced a RSI from hanging clothing (pinching motion)  and placing hangers on Z racks? My right shoulder started bothering me about a year after doing the same thing, day after day.

  • August 30, 2015 - Workingmom

    Not enough hours

    I’ve been at Target for 10 months (in hardlines), and I work my tail off when I’m there. Much more than the college-age kids who spend most of their time socializing or staring at their phone. But despite this, I don’t feel valued at all probably because I don’t push Redcards.

  • - cart attendant joseph

    Dead end job.

    When I first got my job at Target as a cart attendant, I was pretty excited, first job, we all know the feeling. 3 months later, I wanted to quit, I do everything, EVERYTHING, I take charge of the whole damn store, what the fuck, we have like 30 employees, (fuck yeah I said employees, done with that team member bullshit) working, why the hell can’t they do some shit, why can’t there be a janitor?

  • August 25, 2015 - InfinityForever and idiotic I.T.

    Okay to explain I recently got my new Redcards, both the credit and the debit with that new chip and pin system. So I got the credit first and decided to activate it online to better manage account, and just got my debit to try and activate that too. Well when I tried logging in and activating it, it says I couldn’t cause all cards associated are already active.

  • - Softlines Ninja

    The rant of a softlines ninja

    1. Being in softlines you see many atrocious things. As back to school rush is about to end, during it I saw blood, piss, and some green substance I don’t even want to question (all in girls).The fitting room is always a victim of some sort of bodily fluid whether purposefully or accidentally.

  • August 23, 2015 - Benmeister

    Getting Yelled At for Complete B.S.

    I’m a back room team member at our location.  Recently I came in to close, not knowing what I was walking in to.  The TL tells me as he’s about to clock out: “Oh yeah, check for online orders would ya?”  I look and there’s 8 orders, as much as 4 hours overdue.  

  • August 22, 2015 - rage

    Is it really that hard?

    Honest question, if you paid anyone who got a red card (insert dollar amount…$25?) wouldn’t most of this red card bullshit go away?  I don’t know how to run a business, but wouldn’t everyone basically win with a deal like that?  

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