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  • November 20, 2015 - IcantstandworkingatTarget

    Target has forgotten why customer service consist of

    I am a seasonal worker at T2056. I have several years of experience in customer (omg sorry guest) service. I started at T2056 aroubd the second week of Oct. 2015 and I must say this is the worst place to work for anyone who is expecting to advance.

  • I’ve only worked for target for about 5 months. At first I was excited because even if it was part time it was something that could pad my schedule after being a stay at home spouse for years.

    Now maybe my store has become accustomed to eager beavers who’ll damn near drive themselves crazy for a pat on the head and a congrats over the walkie but I refuse to feel any sort of disappointment if I do not get a redcard for the store. I just don’t give a shit.

  • Yes, I get it. ETL’s are being pressured into pressuring others into getting red cards.

    You know, I don’t actually mind the ETL’s at my store. Outside of 2, every one I’ve had has been friendly enough, and treated those who actually showed up ready to work and caring great.

  • - Nathny

    Target Struggle


    Pls who is tired of fucking licking guests arss to get a MF red card, am tired already. i mean d other time i got three red cards and my LOD was like hey get more red cards i was like are you oliver twist i got three already. there is this new shit they do 15 red card goals a day. most times they get Zero during weekdays, but weekends they will lit our ass up

  • So there’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. I just started working backroom about a month ago, and I was closing today, which meant I had to make bales (apparently no one except backroom is trained to throw cardboard into the baler so I had like 7 cages just overflowing with the stuff) and I needed to set the line. Today had not been a normal day.

  • - bignickdigger187

    Flow Team probs

    So I work at store 1945, and I’ve been on flow team for a little over a year. Truck days are 6am until 4th quarter, which is pushed a couple of hours earlier to 4am.

    I’m always in the departments that require the heaviest lifting, (pets, plastics/furniture.) Yet I get the smallest amount of appreciation.

  • November 7, 2015 - Bambii

    I do not understand what is going on…

    Is it ok to tell an employee to quit?Please message me with answers or questions…I’m lose for words.I’m tired of driving home in tears…Please help me.

  • I just read on that target is planning on closing 13 stores.

    I tried to copy and paste a link but it wouldn’t let me.

  • - NoNameJane

    Fuck Target

    Hello my fellow target haters ;

    I’ve read plenty paragraphs on why everyone hates target & I have my own little story to add. I’m a ex target employee about 3 months located store T1127. I recently quit because target is full of bullshit, from racist customers & co-workers & Redcard harrassment to lazy managers.

  • To the flow team leader and her boss at target appleton east in wisconsin you both can kick rocks! Learn to stop picking on people and be genuinely nice not only to the people you favor. Glad i left couldnt be happier and to rest of the flow team members….good luck cuz that place will never change!

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