Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • October 4, 2015 - RedCardFairy

    Want to laugh… Read Yelp reviews

    OMG!! As if we didn’t already know what we were dealing with. If you are truly looking for a laugh read some yelp reviews.

  • I guess you can call me a ass kisser. First of all I love this site everything ppl say about target is true. I am well your going to dislike this post one of the ass kissers’ I play the game well tho. I been in retail for 3 years total tho so I know the game. Let me just start off I love this site.

  • I’ve worked for Target in a variety of work centers, and if there is one thing I have learned as of late, is that you can never move fast enough for these pricks. Management stands around laughing it up all day while you are expected to bust your ass every single minute of your shift, God help you if you’re caught talking to a friend for even a minute.

  • Whats up fellow employees. I currently work at a Target store as a cashier, I’m in high school¬† and I learned pretty quickly that Target’s lifestyle and the stuff they do behind closed doors are evil and practically run by a bunch of monkeys with nothing better to do. Lets start off with when I got first hired.

  • September 27, 2015 - taylor_justy

    Fired: Need Answers

    gonna try to keep this brief but I was fired last week for keeping a $5 gift card that a guest left at my check stand. I truthfully didn’t think this would be a firable offense because a: a coworker had done the same thing and got off with a warning and b: the guest got the gift card for buying a cumulation of items so in my mind, it wasn’t costing our store money.

  • After reading other stories, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

    With that being said, let me tell you about the interaction I had this morning. I’m very nauseous and have been all morning, so, as requested by my ETL the last time I called out, I called early this morning to let them know. (I don’t work until 3:15, but “The earlier I let them know the earlier they can find a replacement”-my boss)

  • September 23, 2015 - targetkicker2015


    Pop the champagne and let the fun begin… ¬† the first Target Union has been formed by a pharmacy team in a Brooklyn location. Very interesting because of the transfer of pharmacies to CVS plus the ramifications this may have in others following suit which many should.

  • [INTRO]

    It’s hard to describe Target as a whole since each store can vary greatly depending on who works there and how they do things. But here is what mine is like:

  • 1st i must say your site is really hard to get back onto if you lost ur password. Remaking a new password doesnt help at all because after you do and try to log in with it it doesnt let you.


    Now with a bit more i want to say. Target screwed me while working there and keeps screwing me even more even though i have a full time position now that i had even while working there im finding it impossible to find a second job and i think thats all because of target.

  • Redcards! It’s all you hear at Target now. I work as CA and I always have a walkie on me for (carryouts, carry-ins, restroom checkups, etc) and I’ve noticed a trend amongst GSTLS and LOD’s and other corporate puppets who have lost their ways. I remember talking to a recently new hiree and he asked me (as CA I am forced to learn cashier) when you’re cashier do GSTLS force you to push redcards?

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