Hey guys I work as a cashier for about a year now and honestly hate the job. There are days I simply do not want to go because well, who the hell wants to go work with annoying ass costumers? Im only working here till I’m done with community college and thats less than a […]

Target AKA Scumlords

This evening I went to Target quite begrudgingly because it was the only “store” on my way home from visiting a family member. First of all, it was 7pm on a fucking Wednesday and the store looks like it’s closed. The inside of the store is dark as hell and quite creepy looking. Knowing the […]

ALL brands of management!

Are you F’n kidding me?? You hire people who clearly can’t work and stress out over the little S!it and expect one person to do the job 3 people in 20 mins!!?? How does that make any sense? Every time we got a new TL all I heard was “I started right were you are […]

Dumbass city

So at my store every time something gets backstocked it comes right back out in the next set of autofills, and I mean EVERYTHING. Dumbass LODS don’t seems to care and district leaders tell us to do some stupid subt 999 thing that doesn’t make sense. Everyone in the back is sick of it, we […]