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  • September 20, 2014 - TargetGrunt

    A Grunt No More

    Hello fellow Target loathers,

    I’ve come to this glorious website today to share with you all that as of today, September 19th, I am no longer employed at Target!

    No more worrying about absurd expectations of productivity, the “vibe,” guests, accuracy or any of that bullshit.

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  • - justme

    general hr issue

    Anyone else dealing with a co worker threatened by them? I just went into a vague meeting what the other parties could give no specifics examples but I was told change my behavior. I I’m at a loss as to what to do.

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  • About a month or so ago, I mentioned to one of the HR people that I’d like to be trained in Electronics. I honestly wanted to be trained there because my current work center was designated to Softlines and I hate Softlines. I had no idea that team members who work in Electronics got paid more. I just felt that I would enjoy it a lot more than Softlines.

    The HR person agreed, and then told me I would get a 50 cent raise. The other HR person then told me again, that I would be getting a 50 cent raise. I thought, great, and went ahead with training in Electronics.

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  • - TargetGuestsSuck

    Fuck Your Can Opener

    So the other day, as my coworker and I were shooting outs in cosmetics, after being there nearly the entire shift, we had a LOVELY guest. As you all know, I hate guests. However, I extra hate extra bitchy guests who think they are right. Don’t tell me the guest is always right, because trust me, this bitch was fifty shades of fucked up.

    Guestzilla – Where are your electric can openers?

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  • September 18, 2014 - Red_Riding_hood

    MYTIME question?

    I have a question about mytime! Does anyone know if it is even possible to change your availability? I will be starting school and will need the whole week off basically but can only work on the weekends. Does anyone know if I can request this change? If so, how long would it take? Does it really go to corporate and then back for approval? Wouldnt that take weeks? Yikes! Im hoping to speak to my HR but hes really unapproachable and cold and cruel.

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  • September 15, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    An update on my situation

    After a few months without a job(I did have a few odd jobs to help make ends meet) I have finally landed a job that offers not just better pay than Target, better benefits too! I get 30% employee discount and a better plan, I’m excited to start in the next couple of days. If you don’t remember me, I posted this post back in the summer

    A few things have happened since then since I got a new job.

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  • - coolatina101

    My old store

    I have not been in my old store since the day I quit. So when I drive by my old store, I feel the need to flip it off and say, “FUCK YOU TARSHIT”! I even have a gift card from Tarshit that I will probably never use because that is how much I still cannot stand that fucking “company”. I haven’t even been able to step into other Tarshits.

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  • Quick question, do you guys have separate teams for each department? Because I’ve started off on Flow a year ago and I’ve slowly been cross-trained for Market/PFresh, Backroom, Price Change/Accuracy, Signing, Operator, In-Stocks, and Chargebacks. Basically, I start my day on Flow and then my second shift consists of any of the above listed. Every other Target I’ve been to (in CA) has a separate team for each department, I’m honestly confused by it and a little jealous. I HATE working dayside; the dayside TMs have this crazy idea that Flow doesn’t actually do anything so they tend to leave their messes for us the next morning on top of throwing the truck/restocking.

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  • - pimpedbytarget

    Recent Hire

    I graduated in July this year, going to community college and needed a job. So, about a month ago I got hired at Target for backroom team member, I’ve had the old guard bitching at me how their hours were cut ( basically the management that hired me, are the new guys, the old management was fired for doing a shitty job, all the TL, LOD’s, ETL’s and STL) and they were pissed cause the new management isn’t what they like.  So far its going ok, I avoid the bullshit out on the floor cause I’m in the back, busting my balls, kissing ETL & TL ass (although both are great, TL works with us most of the time, and my etl – logistics – she’s really cool, hard worker — up to 60 hours a week, once from 3 am to 5 pm almost never takes lunch or break—-, since she’s got a lot of pressure on her to make sure things are good), anyways to get back —-  and never agreeing to go cashier or be crosstrained, fuck that shit, especially after reading the posts on here.

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  • - TargetGuestsSuck

    Every guest is a demon

    So, I’ve come to realize that I don’t hate my job at all. I don’t hate my ETLs, my TLs, or even my STL. They all have their moments, but so do we. What makes me want to slit my veins with a red razorblade are guests. They are the biggest pieces of shit this world has ever seen. And I have to partially blame Target because we spoil these scums. They refuse to even LOOK for anything, they want you to do their fucking shopping for them. Listen cunt, I’m not your personal shopper.

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