Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • June 26, 2016 - TheBoxMan

    Found A Customers Check

    About a week or so ago I was bowling out the boxes when I saw an envelope on the ground. I thought it was more garbage people decided to just leave on the ground so I picked it up and looked into it (since it was in the detergent aisle I was afraid of stepping on it and ending up flying through the air with some stupidly heavy detergent boxes or something, all I need is a broken rib or back) and I realized it was a check for bonton, had no idea they still existed, and what looked like a bill for the same place probably. I think it was some small denomination around $50 bucks. I looked at it a couple times thinking I was reading it wrong because I was honestly shocked at how reckless someone could be by just losing their personal financial data on the floor of a retail store.

  • Well I applied for a cashier position in a Target at LA, California  And got hired April 2014 worst mistake I ever made. Only reason I lasted two years was because my managers had move me to other departments which I can kiss them for doing that. Things I won’t miss as a cashier Guests or what I cal Strangers/assholes/cry baby’s dude I have done this for 2 years and idk how weed and alcohol helped ALLllot.

  • I started working at Target in September as a cashier and it seemed great at first. Had great coworkers and management who knew and understood that this was a weekend job while I was at college. About 2 months I started noticing signs of stress and fatigue. That I no longer enjoyed coming in and that mangers would stress about the littlest of things. That some things that weren’t cleaned weren’t perfect and that we weren’t selling enough red cards. I thought whatever because I was consistent on sales, speed and guest experience surveys. Eventually it became all about redcards. That the guest nor their experience rarely mattered as long as there was  red card sell.

  • June 18, 2016 - whyamIhere

    New STL fucking up the store

    Our new STL who hasn’t even been at our store for a month has decided to completely cut out the mid-shifts for Food Ave, Guest Service, Operator, and GSA. Hours have been drastically cut, very little full shifts and instead a bunch of half-shifts Why? Who the fuck knows, I’m pretty sure our store was performing well but apparently not?

  • - bubbagump1989

    Stepped on while qutting

    Can anyone else on here relate to this,?
    I got a new job, put in my two weeks, and this beloved company found a reason to fire me two days before my last day!!??

  • A few weeks prior to me getting fired, a guest had left their $5 gift card reward by my register so I just kept it.


    So one random day I get called into the HR office with no awareness of what’s going on & they just bombard me with all these questions about $5 gift cards. They then tell me that they know that I “stole” from a guest and that I was wrong for that. Okay, I figured. I didn’t know that I would be getting in trouble for that though, shouldn’t I have at least gotten a warning first? They then showed me footage of me making mistakes while cashiering, and they said I caused shortage to the store in the amount of $161.00. They were honest mistakes though! I’m sure if they monitored everyone’s transactions people have made mistakes too! They then made me sign a paper admitting to what happened and they said I wouldn’t get in trouble. They then fired me and a week later I get a call saying I’m being fined a $500 charge for the FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CARD and being made to pay for the shortages which were honest mistakes. What should I do? Am I wrong ? Or can I fight this ? Please help !!! I didn’t even get a warning !

  • June 7, 2016 - rage

    Quitting in a few weeks :)

    8 years… 8 god damn years down the tubes at this horrible company.  I’ve seen well managed teams go to total shit, because this company as a whole wanted to do nothing but take shortcuts.  They punish loyalty and reward ignorance.  

  • May 30, 2016 - BentOverByTarget

    I guess I am a cashier now…

    OK so all was going fine for 5 months, I was an electronics employee. I did a good job, so I thought. I checked my schedule one day and to my surprise I was a cashier all week long and the week after, WTF Target. I refuse to cashier that is not what I signed up for….. Thanks Target this is goodbye.

  • Target fuckin sucks lol

  • So my backroom TL keeps me and other backroom team in a group chat of texts. And occasionally exchanges the funny stuff that happens. And he got me some of the best thing to happen. So Backroom etl is unloading the FDC truck and asks the grocery ETL to come to the back and give her a hand. This answer has to go down as the one of the most LMAO answers of all time.

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