Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • February 3, 2016 - Dependable2216

    Beyond Outrage, Beyond Ridiculous

    I’ve worked at Target for years. I’ve gone through things that I never thought a business would be able to subject their employees to. What I learned today is beyond outrage. Fore the last couple months I’ve done cashiering, although a majority of the job is cart attendant.

  • - 666target666

    Over Target

    I’ve been working at target fr a couple of months now as a cashier i’ve passed my 90 days and from the start have gotten the most redcards out of any other cashier, BUT THAT STILL ISNT ENOUGH!!!

  • So my grandparent just died last week and i took two days to help clean and pack up their home and let my lod know, he proceeded to make a big deal about it, btw im part of logistics/flow team, saying its a reliability issue and basically told me to shrug it off.

  • Fuck rude customers. Yes, I said CUSTOMERS. Not fucking guests. Some people are nice. I appreciate those people. Other people make me want to run into oncoming traffic. Being a cashier has taught me what people can really be like… Rude, selfish, and inconsiderate.

  • - Not happy


    They keep changing my schedule and not tell me??? Is this their way of having an excuse to let a person go? Has anyone else gone through this?


  • - thisguy1993

    Fingers crossed.

    I have an interview at the DC on Monday, and I am hoping that I get hired there. I am fucking tired of hearing about hours getting cut!

  • - throwawayusername

    Done Applying

    So far I’ve probably spent more collective hours applying to my local Target than some of its employees have spent working there. That ridiculous application takes about an hour to complete at an average pace and of course has to be completely re-done whenever you’re turned down or 60 days have passed.

  • January 20, 2016 - pissoff

    Worst job ever

    I don’t care what anyone says. Cashiers have it the hardest, even hearing the phrase “Red card” makes my butthole tighten. You have to ask EVERY customer whether they’re buying a cartfull of items or just a pack of gum. And about 25% you get bombed out for constantly hounding them.

  • - anonymous1


    Well I am here to tell you how much I hate target especially store 2775! ┬áThere’s so much to say about how target doesn’t appreciate their employees, but I will only say a few that stood to me. I was a perishable assistant and a leader for logistic zone, first off I had to stop going to school for a while or I wouldn’t be hired and money was needed at that time so I took it, didn’t start me off with a good pay.

  • - Frick_you_target

    Thank Goodness.

    I am actually feeling LUCKY that my seasonal job ended. I now get to tell you the shitty things Target does for their employees..

    First off, we are “team members” which makes no sense because you are all actually playing against each other for those stupid REDcards. That are lies anyways.

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