Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • December 21, 2014 - rainprincess64

    Target doesn’t treat pregnant employees very well

    I have been working at Target as a cashier since the start of this May. Things were going pretty good for a while until the holiday season came around and I discovered back over a month ago I am actually pregnant. Right now I am about 19 weeks pregnant and my team leads have been aware of this for over a month now. However, I have been rather troubled with how things have been run at my store since the new senior team lead started her new role. Nice lady but she has some very unrealistic expectations (freshly graduated from college). 

  • December 18, 2014 - PhoneBitch101

    Are You Joking?

    Put my two week’s notice in today. Apologized to my Softlines ETL as I handed my paper to her and she immediately started with the hysterics: “Wait, what is that? No. No! Nooo! I can’t accept this. OMG. NO. WHY! You can’t. Where are you going to?” Then the HR ETL comes over and she chimes right in. “OMG NO. Where are you working? What are they paying you? I’m gonna call them and give you a horrible review so they won’t hire you. Tell them we just can’t let you go right now. No. NO.”


    I am using a fake name because I am terrified someone at that shit hole will find it and make my remaining days there even fucking worse than they are now

    I decided to work for this shithole because i had time off school and i got bored. Their orientation is a joke: at the end of the day, like everywhere else, they give two shits about you and give more shits about the profit. Most people there will twist things around to make sure you get blamed for their shit. I never got trained on cash but i always get called in for it because people are too fucked to show up for work. They claim they give a shit about ‘team members’ but the reality is they dont fucking care. The pharmacists is awesome. That’s the only time i will return to that shithole: for that guy.

  • Target was bad enough. With our new overnight etl, it made it clear it was time to leave. I applied for a new job and got hired. For way more then what target will ever pay me (I’d have to put in 10 years at least to get close). My last day is sometime next week (depending on if they piss me off-I’ll just walk out). I’m not the only one. A bunch of us are leaving. What does that say about management? It’s so bad that were all running. Their biggest concern for 4th quarter is making sure trash is done and making sure plastic doesn’t mix with cardboard. Goodbye hellhole. Thanks for the gratitude. Oh that’s right. Us floor workers don’t get any of that. Good luck to all you new people that they just hired. I’m passing on the foot that was on my back for 2 years.

  • - summerhelp

    One small mistake

    so one day I’m checking guests out. This one lady….let’s call her Suzan. Suzan comes to my register happy and nice. I greet her nicely. I begin to check her out. She only had four items up there. So I get to her last item and this rude woman who ends up being Suzan’s friend comes to my register. Let’s call the rude woman Betty. So betty grabs her item which is like the bottle with the hand soap in it. I asked her nicely “This is your item?” And she responds “ugh yeah” rudely. So I ignored her.  So I go back to checking Suzan out and suzan hands me her money. I admit I was going to fast when I entered in the amount of money she gave me. So I gave her too much money back. She was nice about it at first after I apologized over four times because I was a little embarrassed.

  • hey guys

    I worked at target for three horrible months in the summer. I absolutely hated it. I know you get horrible guests anywhere you work but it’s like target guests are on a different level. So anyway I didn’t like it. For one its so hot at those registers your dizzy all the time. Two everybody was quitting left and right. Too much work for this little pay. And they didn’t want to help me advance while other people who were working there for shorter times than myself could advance to guest services or Starbucks (i was originally hired to work at starbucks but they put me at cashier). So now I’m back for Christmas break. I’ve been calling and calling and I’m still not in schedule   I even go up there and it’s a whole new set of employees so no one will help me and even the people that know me didn’t help. And our supervisor or whatever her title is she wears too many hats because everybody is quitting.  So I officially don’t want to work there.

  • - a.wess63

    Target northlake

    Been with this store for about 2 years, and when you’re hired they make all these bullshit promises about your pay, hours advancement opportunities ect, all lies. They have unrealistic expectations like they want you to zone, do reshop, answer calls for 2 hardlines sections on top of doing pulls and going up for guest first damn near every time you turn around because they don’t schedule enough cashiers and the ones on the lanes move slow af. They expect all of this to be flawlessly done in a 6 hour shift, sometimes less, otherwise They’re taking you in the office for counseling.

  • So since Christmas is almost here, most stores have more check out lanes open, right? Haha, not at Target. My store has 14 lanes, 4 of them being express lanes. During the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday, there’s only FOUR cashiers! Seriously??!! And even when the evening rolls around and it gets a little less busy, they are still having to call for backup every two seconds. I was up on a cashier lane for an hour, an hour I could have been zoning and finishing my pulls. But no, I had to go up for backup every 5 minutes because no one else responded on the damn walkie. I’ve never  seen an LOD go up for backup, I think they should since they don’t do anything else. But honestly, you would think target would want to get people checked out as quickly as possible, but I suppose that would make too much sense for this shit hole.

  • - janeblow

    Corporate Greed

    Let’s start off by saying that I actually liked working there the first month or so, I got hired back in October so my 90 days is about up. I’m a college student at a major university, I figured this job would give me a little extra cash for rent and all the other college expenses. WRONG. I was in for most likely would be the most degrading job I’ve ever had. At first it was magical, I lived and breathed Target. I started to notice weird things about this job almost a month in, like this red card business. All these incentives and stupid games they want TM’S and Team Leaders  to play in order for us to sell more-gift cards, GSTL’s wearing goofy outfits/hats, pop and candy. But the pressure was phenomenal on these little pieces of plastic. Then the holidays came…

  • December 14, 2014 - buttsforsale

    Softline Zoning.

    Customers are trash. (Also I refuse to call them guests, they’re fucking customers, suck it up Target) They waltz through every area in softlines on their phones, picking up shirts, knocking things off racks, don’t give two shits. Anyways I was zoning through men one night after my fucking car got a flat, and I was in a terrible mood as it was, and mens was a goddamn mess as usual. I was going through, hadn’t been in there for more than 45 minutes or so and was almost done. LoD asks me where I am over walkie. I tell her I’m nearly done. Instead of replying over the walkie, she comes over to me in person. She tells me outright that I shouldn’t have been zoning for more than 15 minutes. She claimed I was in there for over an hour already. She leaves. I cry like a bitch, already feeling like shit and still kind of new to the store, so yeah, definitely needed that negative reinforcement, bitch.

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