Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • June 27, 2015 - RedCardFairy

    The Monsters aka guests

    these guests take the prize. After years of coddling and being told “yes” and of making things right for them they are full-fledged monsters. is filled with people who feel entitled and justified to spew their angry hate about whatever trivial annoyance(real or imagined) directly at me. They feel justified in making personal attacks. More and more this job is like working in the cotton fields. People constantly complain about their lack of customer service while continue to want everything at a discount price.


  • This is possibly the better title for me to chose for my thoughts on target as a whole.

    Being a flow member for a little while and seeing how much bs is attached to flow and target in general. Although I only work part time ( I like to call myself a super part timer and I’ll explain why) I have started to see the stupidity at work. First they hire mostly retirees (I.e. older people who had jobs but somehow ended up here), weirdos, college students and the few career freaks.

  • I know from the title of this post that this may seem overdramatic, but hear me out. I’ve been a cashier at the Target my store for two months now. This is my very first job ever. Prior to getting this job, I was in a very bad place due to unsuccessful job hunting, school stress, mental illness, and many other things. Things had started looking up eventually, and by the time that HR called me for my interview, I had recovered quite a bit from the rut I was in, and it got even better after I got hired. I had been job hunting for over a year and now my very first official place of employment was going to be at a store that I had respected greatly as a guest, and I wanted to make sure that I try my hardest to be the best I can be at my first job.

  • - Silverfox

    Should I be worried?

    The same HR Lady who worked at the zellers store that tarshit took the lease over from is now working in the same company I’m working for now. She probably went over to tarshit first.  Only started seeing her around after tarshit shut down in Canada.  So probably came from tarshit. Same lady that let me go originally and then told me  I wasn’t bubbly and stuff enough. I faked my personality in the interview I had with her ._.  . I guess I didn’t vibe enough?

  • I was cashing out my last guest of the night who happened to be family. I DO NOT give out my discount to anyone so I didn’t see a problem with what I was doing. A team lead who has belittled and basically made every night I work with her a living hell decided to completely pass my register and run to the GSTL. After my shift I was yelled at for it being brought to her attention that my family member came through my line. Are you kidding me as a team lead if you thought I was doing wrong you should have said something right then not ran around like a child.

  • June 21, 2015 - Unrealistic expectations

    Unfair and Unrealistic

    I was hired on as an unloader and flow TM  2 years ago, 12 hours a week for $8.50 an hour. I single handedly shorted the unload time from nearly 1.5 hours to 50 minutes. All this on 1800-2500 piece trucks, never rotated in truck for another person or was a no call no show. Soon after I was getting almost 35 hours a week steadily. I was praised in my annual review but received an inconsistantly effective because I had only been there 8 months.

  • June 19, 2015 - TiredTargetear


    This place is driving me insane. Literally I come in to work thinking how completely stupid the management of this place is. Everyday is a new set of rules that some dumb ETL probably made up during a meeting that would “help our guests.

    I have got pulled into a room more than 5 times in the passed 2 months because I haven’t been talking about the damn Red card. Will you fucking shut the hell up about red cards already already??

  • June 17, 2015 - Done

    They have no respect for employees

    I haven’t even been a Target employee for a full month. That right there should show you how much I hate it. And it’s not unjustified either. My birthday is Thursday and even though I had it off, one of my coworkers suggested I take my availability off as well. So I did last week. What do I find when I look at my schedule today? A big fat fucking shift scheduled for– can you guess?– Thursday, June 18th. My birthday. The day my parents took off from work to drive two hours to see me. The day my boyfriend took off from work to spend the day with me forcing him to work two extra double shifts the rest of the week. When I confronted (very friendly-like too I might add) the human resources lady she told me that her hands were tied and there was nothing she could do except put my name down on the shift change sheet which is no guarantee.

  • I started working at Target as a seasonal hire in November of last year as a cashier. Every thing was fine for the first couple of months despite the crazy holiday crowds. I was able to convince a “guest” to sign up for a red card on my first shift on my own. I almost immediately was pulled aside by the STL and the front end supervisor, gstl, whatever the fuck she’s called. The STL asked me what I knew about all of the fast, fun, friendly, vibe bullshit and I went along with it and they expressed how pleased they were that I got a red card. He then proceeded to go on and on about the importance of getting red cards and how I need to ask every guest because more red cards means more money and more shifts. It didn’t help that our store is one of the top red card contributors in the area. It was fine though because I was even praised in front of all of the other cashier trainees for being the first to get a red card.

  • - iamazazel

    Toms River Target

    do not work the flow team head etl is a sexist, judgmental jerk who thinks she’ owns the store. She also has no patience

    The leads under her are junkies who live behind liquire stores and have smelly greasy, dirty body and hair.

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