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April 19, 2012 - Sartargethater

Ummm….I’m still right here jackass!

I was in your Everett Mass store and unfortunately there’s an employee of yours who doesn’t understand customer service or courtesy.  His name is Matt and he works in electronics, with long, shoulder length hair. I was looking for an ipod charger and asked an employee for help, they didn’t know so they asked someone on the radio to come over and continued on their way.  Matt then came over and said the shelf was empty, but so were nearly all of the shelves in that aisle so he was going to scan the product somewhere else.  I followed him to the desk where he started typing something into the register but then he started ringing in other customers; 3 specifically.  I waited patiently for the last customer thinking he would help me but then he started talking to other employees and cleaning up.  I then asked him if he wasn’t going to help me if he could call someone else to which he replied that they had 8 of the product I needed but he didn’t know where they were. And that I could go to Best Buy for cheaper.  He then turned his back again and I asked another employee for help.  As I was waiting for that employee to find me the alternative product Matt’s friend walked up and Matt began to tell him all about me, and what happened and they began laughing.  I’m not surprised he didn’t notice I was still there.




  • Hate_Me says:

    First of all, it's not "our store". If you'd read the URL address you were at when you typed up this asinine complaint, you'd notice that it says "", not "". This Matt kid you're bitching about probably works for minimum wage, which is what Target usually likes to screw their employees over with, calling it a "wage". Target employees live in poverty, and really couldn't give two shits whether or not you find the iPod charger you need. Target employees can't even afford an iPod, much less, the damn charger for one. So my condolences for you not being able to find the product you so desperately needed. Instead, you chose to stand around, wasting your apparent precious time, when you could have just hopped over to the local Best Buy or Radio Shack instead. Rather, you chose to stand there, not recognizing that you were being blatantly ignored. This is also known as 'ignorance' or 'stupidity'. Perhaps, even lack of social intellect in the fact that you could not recognize when your presence is neither welcomed nor wanted.

    Not only that, but there are two sides to every story. You were probably demanding, or rude, or maybe--just maybe--these poverty-stricken employees are just tired of living a life of servitude to people like you who can afford the stuff they only wish they could afford. Get over it, bud. Nobody here gives a rat's ass that you spent your money elsewhere. No matter what you spend at Target, their employees are still paid like shit and get 9 cent raises annually.

    I speak from experience here, being a former Target "Team Member", a.k.a. Corporate Slave. I didn't give a rat's ass when I worked there, and nothing's changed since then. Shop elsewhere, and stop bitching.

    Oh yeah...have a great day, and thanks for shopping at Target! >:)


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