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April 17, 2012 - beale

Drug recall

I had a generic prescription with an auto-refill. In January, I picked it up, came home and opened the bottle – 90 pills (usually 30) and different shape. Called pharmacy and went back to store for refund. They  took the pills but couldn’t cancel the sale (same day), issue a duplicate receipt or credit my Target card. Jerked me back and forth from Pharmacy (no phone to call out for instructions) to Customer Service (can’t do anything – it’s a Pharmacy issue) for over an hour. Gave me a $10 gift card and asked me to wait a month till it appeared on my statement, come in get a duplicate receipt and they would give me $10 for the gift card. In February – same runaround. Called corporate – talked to a supervisor, got a claim number and was told they would get back to me. This was an “excellent training opportunity”. No further contact. Went to store today to exchange $10 card for cash. Again – Customer Service called Pharmacy and the manager was there – could I go there and get problem resolved? Sure. I explained the entire process to “Barbie”, the Pharmacy manager, who didn’t see why there was a problem with the substitution. Corporate determines who the suppliers are so that they can “keep prices low for the consumer”. I expressed my displeasure at having my meds rotated to suit their profit margin and asked for my money back. She then took my gift card,  scanned it and told me “I don’t see what your problem is – the card has $10 on it.” I explained that I wanted cash – that wasn’t a possibility. Nor, it seems, is the chance of my EVER going into another Target store. I left the gift card in Customer Service.


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