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April 30, 2012 - FuckTrgt

Target will steal your mind soul and body!

I was a former employee at the Gastonia, N.C store location, I helped open the new store back in Sept 2011, this company just sucks in general. If your thinking about working for this company I advise you to pass on. My very first day consisted of almost a 12 hr shift,I was luckily chosen (sarcasm) for the Flow Team,and I was under the impression that we worked until we got done and being a new hire didn’t wanna jeopardize my job. this continued for another week. For weeks the management told us that we worked until we were done stocking the floor from the entire truck. Most days we worked from 4am until 2 or 3 pm. It wasn’t til about a month after the store opened that we started getting out at 11 am. Being on the Flow Team consists of being treated like low life scum, its almost slave labor for the small amount that they paid.they started me out at 7.75 an hour even with past retail experience. Everyone in the store hates the flow team,we got blamed for everything,even though we were the hardest workers there we still got treated like scum. all the while we were busting our ass, the sales floor associates would get to walk around, conversate and just bullshit while we were hard at work. We weren’t even really allowed to talk to each other. The team leaders were constantly on our ass about hurrying up, we only got one break through our entire shift which was either a lunch or a break,depending on how long they were wanting to keep us for the day while every other non flow team employee got two breaks and a lunch no matter what there hours were. also being a Pfresh store we had food trucks arrive the same day as the regular truck, so we would be stuck doing two trucks on Wednesdays and Fridays. By the time your shift is over you are physically and mentally exhausted, not even looking forward to having to come back to that shithole. Just trust me you do not want to work for Target, especially on the Flow Team,everybody will hate you just because you work on the flow team. Target doesn’t give two shits about their employees,I found this out after 6 month reviews employees were only getting .06 to .08 cent raises,what an insult. As hard as the flow team works they should be making double what the managers make because they don’t seem to know what the fuck they are doing. Fuck Target, I’m glad they fired me,I wanted out of there so bad I was literally telling them to fire me. This place will honestly bring you down into a depression if you let it. Don’t work for this shitty company and don’t give money to this corrupt company. I hope Target crumbles, they¬†definitely¬†deserve it.


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  • Hello_Love says:

    You said all non-flow team got their breaks, i quit last month at the gastonia location and i was in cafe. We only ever got a meal. no 15s at all. Being a cafe tm sucked too..I work 30 hours a week somewhere else now & make $300 a week. that was a good 2week paycheck at target.


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