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May 8, 2012 - shelana99

target hates my religion and my people

I was never formally trained in ANYTHING. They just kind of ran through the basics and sent me on my way… I am grateful that there were some experienced transfers that knew how to use a PDA and were actually willing to take the time to show me how things worked.

I worked for target from2007.I started as deli helper ,my team lead was Betty although my application was for cashier but HR said we can not give you cashier but we have opening in deli department , I did not mind because I need job, I worked for deli and I heard a lot of complains about Betty .she was not doing any thing beside talking and sitting at Starbucks and chatting for long time with her friends.and it was only one person working with her and that person should do every thing while she was eating and drinking coffee.i when I have line I asked her to help at the bakery me . she always say ,this not my business.

I did not complain .she start taking advantage of me she was screaming at me and making fun of me in front her friends I tried to stay away .and then after 6 month they transferred her friend Briana from bakery to deli because she was too lazy at bakery .then Briana started to bring her gifts and buy her lunch so she can give her more hours and( Gloria)too started doing same thing to get more hours .and know we have three lazies and less hours for me and she was bad with me she did not let me take lunch on time and she was making fun of my accents and why I am so quiet and why my kids do not talk to her when they are with me shopping at target . I told her I am like this and my kids are also quiet . one day I told Betty I want to have one Saturday off ,she said why? I told her I want to take my kids to zoo , her answer was “do you want to visit your family?” in front of Gloria, a team member of deli.

I said my family are not animals .I went to my supervisor(Daian) her BFF and told her about the way she treat me and that she is not helping us and I have to do every thing when she is working with me .she said really? I told her yes . then for the next day I thought that she will help me and will stop her and fix the problem but in the morning (Betty came and said that some body is been complaining about me and do not like me and start laughing with her friend . AND SHE START AGAIN CUT MY HOURS AND DO NOT TALK TO ME, and screaming on me.then I went to the store manager( Shannon) and told her about the situation and that she did not let me take break or lunch and she always sitting at the Starbucks coffee and talking when I work hard I do not get any break to take my pills and drink some thing . she told me why you do not tell her I said Iam afraid, if I told her , she will give me hard time and will cut my hours and if I tell Diana she will tell her and again she will cut my hours and give me hard time. and day after day I thought it will be OK and will help me ,then I heard they need help at bakery I told Diana that I need more hour and I want to work in bakery after I begged her she let me work there .then I start working for bakery for awhile to pick some hours and then the problem became two problem there was lady called (may ) Betty’s’ friend started bothering me and Betty tell me to leave every thing in bakery and help her in the deli I was doing two jobs for one pay for almost 8 month . may started talking about September 11 in front me and she knows my religion (I do not want to say what is it) .she asked( Devon) my co-worker I am not going to let these people to build their Church here because we are bad people and she hate my people .I told her it is not my fault that I born there and have same religion and again I told Shannon (the store manager ) again she did not do any thing .again cut hours to no hours because  of that.

May (a team member of target bakery)refused to train the new girl but why they did not fire her or do any action against her any why me they took that action against me .
why they did not fire her and why did not fire her when she make Cristy cry and me cry. this is discrimination and why Betty when I buy new pants she touch my body and tell where you get this for just try to touch me and I told humane resources about that but they did not do any thing why me is the bad one and always take action against me .

I always make sure the food that i give it to the customer is fresh and I told them that I am not going to change the date on the product .and this is what they were doing .

Cristy told us that we can not throw away any thing we just have to change the date ,i told her no ,I have to sell customer fresh product and she said but we going to lose money because you throwing too much pizza and hot dogs.

same problem at deli “they want you to change the date but not throw it away ,and they fired one girl because she refused to change the date .

I have been a loyal Target employee for the four years and have always showed up for my designated shifts, and I complain about this situation to the hot line team member ,but always I am the bad person and they are good people , I want to get my pay on all the time that i did not get my break .i want them to pay for my doctor because I get depression from all these bad treatment and pay my doctor’s and now I owe the credit card about 12000 thousand dollars because i lost my job and i used my credit to pay doctor bill .

i told Diana the ETL about all these problem but ,she told Betty about me and about how i complain. because they both cheat customer and take product from bakery and deli for cheap price and cheat the company.


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  • shelana99 says:
  • winkaka01 says:

    Shelana, seriously. You're worth too much to be working at target putting up with those pieces of shit. I urge you to please find another job. Trust me, there are places out there that will respect youm and value your hard work. The low pay and scum you have to with every day isn't worth it.

  • Hate_Me says:

    You have a lot of options here as far as solving this situation. First, write down days and times that these things have occurred, especially the religion bashing they did. Then call your state's Department of Human Labor division and file a formal complaint. They will want the dates and times, and names of individuals who discriminated against you. After you file the complaint formally, your store will be notified that they are under investigation for discrimination on the basis they find Target liable for.

    From there, a mediator will call you. A mediator is someone who acts as a go-between for you and the company and tries to work out a settlement, usually in the form of money for YOU. The mediator will also ask you if you would like the investigation team to force the store and company to re-train its managers on discrimination laws, which you should say "Yes" to.

    Get on Google and type in your state, followed by "Department of Human Labor" and call them immediately. Trust me, it works. I was discriminated against for gender and religion at a different company, and we are in the midst of mediation right now. But I'm looking at a $7,000-$10,000 settlement, as well as a complete restructuring of the company's policies and training on discrimination and harassment.

    You can win this battle. You just have to pursue it. Good luck. And for what it's worth, not all Americans are as blind as these bitches you work with. Not all of us think your people are bad people. There are bad people in every society, but last time I checked, you weren't the one flying planes into buildings. These bosses of yours are terrible people, and I really hope you take control of this situation legally. Good luck!!


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