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April 19, 2012 - Kelsey

Ohhhh Target…

I work at a store in San Luis Obispo, CA that just opened in August. I have been with the company and this store for almost a year… Even helped put it all together. They hired every single cashier, salesfloor, and cart attendant employee at a non-negotioable pay of 8.25 an hour. Which all by itself is absurd. But as a young, college bound girl in a city I wasnt familar with, I really didnt care at the time. A job is a job.


I was never formally trained in ANYTHING. They just kinda ran through the basics and sent me on my way… I am greatful that there were some experienced transfers that knew how to use a PDA and were actually willing to take the time to show me how things worked.


I was hired as a Hardlines associate. I actually really enjoyed this position. If I didnt think about how little I was being paid for the amount of work I had to do that is… With little or no recognition… After a few months they had me cross train in a couple different areas. Which was fine. I didnt mind the occasional shift somewhere else in the store. But it has now gotten out of hand!! For the last two months I havent had one hardlines shift. I have expressed my feelings many a time to the Team Leads and LOD’s and they plain and simple, dont give a shit. I pick up on things quickly and I do my job very well wherever they put me. They take advantage of that. But they had been making it sound like all employees were having to be put in other areas so they can better lay out the schedules and figure out the payroll stuff… When working as an operator you have the schedule for everyone in front of you all the time. I went through it. Turns out NOBODY else has a schedule like mine. I am in a different area every day of the week. Closing one night. Opeing to do instocks at 6:30 am the next. Its terrible. You cant get on any kind of sleep schedule with varying times like that… Just saying. This is my biggest, and most current issue with them.

How in the world can they pay the cart attendants in particular that little?? It boggles my mind. My store hasnt even been open for a year and we have so many poop incidents and other disgusting things like that. Those poor guys have to clean up all of it. They have the hardest job in the store in my opinion… We all need a raise but man oh man they need it more than any of us.


The management here at my store are all young, and inexperienced. It really causes a lot of problems. They are consistently asking us for ways they can improve on anything. We tell them. It doesnt matter. Things dont change… It is driving us all mad.


Though my higher ups arent a whole lot of good, I must say that my team is overall pretty fantastic. I love the shit out of my co workers. If it werent for them there is no way I would still be here… But once I hit my one year mark here soon, I do plan on leaving for better things. I am just going to add to that turnover rate. This store has one of the highest turnover rates of any store in the company apparently. Most people dont stay much longer than a few months… Oh well.


Let me end this by saying they expect us to do wayyyyy to much for what we get paid. Stop getting pissed off when things arent done “quickly and efficently” enough for you. You get what you pay for Target. You cant expect anything more then that.


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