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April 27, 2012 - lftcripplebytarget

Trying to find justice

I am the person left cripple by Target! I have posted before. For anyone with union interest I am willing to talk to anyone as to how a union rep could have saved my leg, and stopped my lifetime of pain caused by Target. I have won in court, won on all 3 of their appeals; yet still they have paid nothing. They admitted liability twice too. It will always amaze me on how much Target has spent fighting me at every turn. YET they have not given a dollar for a Tylenol to help me with my pain. A company without conscience. Evil to the core. I have given my whole being to one saving grace. I CAN cost them even more. I can pull from their precious bottom line. If you have any REAL OSHA complaints, contact me. I will help, or stand in for you to report them. I have costs them fines before. You can file with complete anonymity! For every specialist that they send me to; trying to disprove my doctors; I cost them. All the attorney fees and professional testimony; I cost them. I have gotten with EEOC, they have filed a case too. More money lost by Target. All I ask is Target make human, compassionate choices in regards to their employees. If they chose the bottom line as their most important asset; I chose their bottom line as my most obvious target. (NO pun intended.)

People Target answer to: Food and drug administration; OSHA; EEOC; state laws, and it’s employees……………….if we unite! I am there for you. Contact me on how to pursue work comp claims. What to expect, and how to win!………….put Target in your headline!


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