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  • October 23, 2011 - TargetSucks

    Check this out!

  • I was hired about 3 months ago in the Starbucks in target. I did not apply for this position, and I told my interviewer at my interview that I did not want to work in Starbucks, but they proceeded to hire me in Starbucks anyways. The only reason that I didn’t request to be moved to another department was because I was getting paid fairly well. When I started working over there, everyone was very friendly to me for about the first week or two, but after that everything went completely down hill.

  • October 18, 2011 - MrPirate

    Yeah, sure

    From my experience as a cashier, I was often told by customers how sweet, polite, friendly, and speedy I was. I’ve been told by more than one customer that I was the nicest guy they met in the store. Felt nice! I always kept busy and found something to do while some cashiers often just stood around literally staring at nothing. Supervisors could usually be seen chatting it up by the clock-in thingy, taking their time to respond to me whenever I needed help with something. They often dog me to sell more red cards and get more surveys done. Hello, the customers don’t want to do it and they seem very annoyed when I try to persuade them into it, which strikes me as the appropriate reaction. :\ I often got my lunches cut very short, plus I get fired for not meeting their standards of “fast”, which is utter bull. Farewell, $10/hr.

  • Hello Readers,  we are a licensed investigations company in California. We are assisting current and former employees of Target who have alleged that they were deprived of their required breaks (lunch and 15 minute breaks).  The employees also stated they were asked to stick around for a little while after they clocked and and were heading home.  We are seeking others who have either worked for Target in the past or currently work with Target that would speak to us about this topic.  We are sensitive to your privacy.  We are licensed and insured and must respect your privacy and any information you provide will be held strictly confidential.  We are happy to put that in writing for you. Our main focus is to determine if this is a common issue with Target and hear directly from people that have specific information or instances of this type of conduct.  We are not affiliated with Target and we will not report anything to Target that you tell us.  If we did, you could sue us.  We are professionals and you can verify our information through our website or by calling our offices.  We do appreciate any information you can provide.  We strive to protect the rights of consumers and employees. Thank you!  

    You can reach us at:
    P.I. Group/CALJI PI24115  – (310) 646-8022 

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  • October 14, 2011 - bob123

    employment tests

    does anyone remember any of the questions on the employment test? it’s been a while and i don’t recall any specific questions, only that many were kind of “touchy feely” and hard to answer.

  • October 5, 2011 - feuring

    Tired of Red Card BS

    Hey I’ve worked at target for almost a year now; haven’t ruffled any feathers, and haven’t done anything to tick off upper management. I’ve kept myself out of trouble for good reasons, living in teen hating central Texas does that to a kid, and helped out a-lot around the store. Yet, for some reason the LOD’s keep yelling at me to quote “Sell More RED CARDS,” what kind of BS is this!? I go out of my way to make DAMN sure I’m one of the fastest cashiers in the store, and I’m threaten to be fired just because some “guest” doesn’t want to save 5% by applying for a debit or credit card. I admit I’m not all that enthusiastic about them, actually I don’t care for them, but the fact that how I am viewed as a employee by target, and how I’m seen by other employers for future interviews, depends on how many of those damn cards I can sell in a week! I don’t know, it just feels like target is cheating me out of a future.

  • September 11, 2011 - Target96Austin

    Coached for putting family before less than $9/hr

    I have been a loyal Target employee for the last three years and have always showed up for my designated shifts, or called an ample amount of time before my shift if I was sick.

    This last weekend I had a family member hospitalized with shingles, forcing me to fly back home to be with them. I went in on WEDNESDAY to speak with an LOD, an LOD who told me that family always comes first, and called HR the next morning to see if they would be able to find anyone who could cover the other two shifts I had not found someone for. I got all but one of my shifts covered except for one, and I was just told to call in early that day to let the LOD’s know.

    So what do I do? I call in at 10:00 am for my 4:00 pm shift, saying I didn’t know if they had found anyone to cover me, but I was instructed to call in early anyways just in case. I was told, and basically coached, “that it was my responsibility to cover my shifts, and not someone elses, and despite having a family member in the hospital I was still accountable.” Guess what? You can go fuck yourself. I’m sorry you are too stupid to learn to train more than 5 people to do returns at guest service, but that is not my problem. The whole point of having so many damn employees is to account for things like this. $8.75/hr is not worth missing the chance to see a family member for possibly for the last time.


    I find this entire situation inappropriate and out of line on the LOD’s part. It is not like I am calling in because I have the sniffles, a loved one is legitimately sick. Can I go to HR and tell them that I feel like this was out of line on his part? It is out of line for him to be coaching me on my personal choices when I am more than 1000 miles away.

  • August 18, 2011 - goatface

    Hard work is the path to nowhere at Target

    When I started working at Target 7 months ago, my hopes weren’t set very high. I had worked retail before, and I knew it would be hell compared to my previous well paying construction job. I expected rude and angry customers, horrible hours, and bad pay. What I didn’t expect to see was how little hard work is rewarded.

    I started at Target with the usual two weeks of training for hardlines. I picked everything up fairly quickly, and before long I was keeping pace with other team members who were much more experienced than I was. There was one person nobody could keep up with though, and that was our Team Lead. She knew everything there was to know about working the sales floor, and unlike most of the team leads she actually worked HARD. She would show up early in the morning, print all of the planograms and labels, help the back room pull everything needed for those planograms, assign team members to put them up, and in the end she would usually help the team put away almost everything. Every shift she had, she hit the floor at a thousand miles per hour and kept that speed up all day. It was impressive, to say the least. She made all of the other team leads, ETLs, and LODs look like complete morons on a daily basis, and all of us underlings on the sales floor loved her.

  • - Superoperator!

    A Brief Closing Announcement

    First of all, why does no one swear on this forum? I mean, are we serious, or are we fucking serious? I have worked at Target for 3 years and I am the best damn operator that store has ever had. I’m not being cocky; it’s true. All the way up and down the management-guest-team member hierarchy has it been proven. Oh how I suffered to get to a point where I can own anyone in a RTW zone and abandons; that makes me proud, that I do my job really well, and knowing other team members love working with me because I can actually do my job EVERY TIME and WELL is the only saving grace of that place. But I get nothing for it, of course, except the satisfaction in seeing the LODs not give a damn that I quit and everyone who actually does any real work on the floor beg me not to leave!

  • August 13, 2011 - tonydgs

    Why Target Sucks

    Ordered a Kodak printer from, and being in a hurry I forgot to check Walmart, well even before it was shipped I tried to cancel but hey they had my money and shipped it at 12.00 more than walmart and a higher shipping and handling charge, I called and was routed to some broken english foreign speaking person who was absolutely no help, so I posted a review of the printer and experience on their site and they wouldn’t publish it! No expletives just the actual experience