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October 24, 2012 - meglnel

Rude, Inconsiderate, Awful People

Before reading this I just want to let people know that this is my story with Target and I had to sum up a year in this short section. So this is not the extent of what I went through but I believe it is the worst of it.

I got hired at the Salem, OR Target as a Fitting Room/Sales Floor Team Member after graduating high school and moving with my boyfriend to go to college. I had a normal college student’s schedule and could not work while I was in class (obviously), but was taking a light course load. I started off there working about 30 hours a week which was enough to pay for bills and rent. I think it’s safe to say that every month they screwed up my schedule in someway and continued to blame me for the mistakes they made. I had given them my set school schedule already.

My boyfriend had worked at the Target near his high school before we moved and transferred to the one in Salem. He worked in Food Ave and I worked in the Fitting Room most of the time. I was constantly told that I wasn’t doing enough and that I should have the fitting rooms, men’s, and the phones handled as well as people that had been working there for years. There was one TL in particular who was constantly “having talks with me” about my performance. Everyday that I had to work my stress levels would be through the roof and I would run around trying to do a million things at once just to please everyone and by the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted and berated for my “poor” performance. At one point I was driving almost an hour one way to go to another school and it was pouring down rain. I had work right after school and felt unsafe driving over the speed limit in those conditions. I had called and told them my situation and that I may have to be a few minutes late. When I got there soaking wet and shaking from trying to drive as fast as I could to get there on time, my HR pulled me aside and had another “talk” with me. She was skeptical and said things like “How far is it from there? 45 minutes?” I was so upset that after racing to get there on time and putting myself in danger that she didn’t even believe me. I am normally quite composed but that day she brought me to tears right there on the sales floor.

I had worked there for almost a year when I found out my boyfriend of two years had been cheating with another employee in Guest Service. I had to continue working there to pay bills and took a leave of absence to settle down after an emotional break down. Before coming back to work I talked to the HR about who the person was, so that I would never be scheduled with them and would never have to be put in that kind of emotional situation. I had only been Sales Floor and Fitting Room for almost a year anyway so keeping me in the back of the store should not have been such a hard thing to do. My hours were then cut from 30 hours a week to 15 hours a week. I worked for a few weeks and then decided to look for other jobs. About a week after talking to my HR about my schedule I started having cashiering shifts up front. I was worried about this, but the guest service employee did not work so I decided to work the shifts anyway. But the next week of my schedule I was appalled to see that I was scheduled a cashiering shift at the same time as she worked!! I got hired at another retail store while working for Target and decided to put in my two weeks. I tried to get a hold of the HR over the phone to talk to her about the shift I had overlapping with the other team member and was constantly ignored. Finally the day before the shift I was able to get a hold of the HR and talked to her about the scheduled shift which was now TOMORROW! She said “Well it looks like you put in your two weeks, so why don’t we go ahead and call it good. Okay?” and of course she used this sweet, upbeat voice. I said “Okay!” and hung up. I will never ever get over how awful the people that I worked for there were and will be glad when this company goes down the drain. The HR was purposefully trying to control me and put me in an emotionally stressful situation that I had already specifically told her I could not handle.

I am the kind of person who believes that you should treat others the way that you would wish to be treated. I also believe that, in general, people are kindhearted and don’t have hidden agendas. I cannot believe how heartlessly some the management treated me here and how at times it seemed like they had nothing better to do than to make me feel worthless. I LOVE where I work now and I know that everything happens for a reason. I believe that the way Target treats it’s employees will (hopefully) be it’s demise.


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  • dogsrme says:

    Your post inspired me to set up and account and tell about my experience. It is almost exactly the same.
    I'll write a separate post.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Oh my fucking God, are you serious? You sound like the world's biggest fucking crybaby. Rain? Seriously? You were shaking and crying over the weather sucking? You seriously need some fucking therapy, or some medications.

    Then this whole shit with your boyfriend cheating on you...
    There are so many things that are lame about this.
    First, you were dating a dude who worked in Food Avenue. I don't know if this occurred to you previously, but his life goals obviously aren't that ambitious. He probably had acne, too. And how did you manage to take him seriously after seeing him in that r******d Target hat?

    Secondly, he cheated on you...get over it. You seriously asked your HR not to schedule you at the same time as the slut he banged because she was hotter than you? Grow the fuck up. Shit happens. If you're working a job, you work the fucking job no matter who's there--it's called being "an adult". But I forgot, you're a stupid-ass teenager.

    Your boss probably thought you were the biggest moron she'd ever seen in her life, and made fun of you behind your back. Hell, I would have. "She can't even be in the building the same time as Hot Pants". Hahaha you MORON! Fuck, I wanna just knock you out for being such a pansy.

    Why didn't you just slash the bitch's tires? Punch her in the face? ANYTHING that wouldn't have made you look like the r******d, pansy-ass, wimpy little crybaby that you are?!

    You cry a lot in this story. My guess is that you're probably the world's most obnoxiously self-centered little bitch in history. Grow some balls and move on with your goddamn life. Shit...seriously.

    • Better_Than_This says:

      I know it's easy to judge people from behind the anonymity of your computer screen, but why don't you just chill the fuck out, you waste of air, miserable twat?

      I have yet to see you post one iota of usefulness, or any semblance of a measurable contribution to this website-- other than to bash on people who come here to vent. Is your life really that pathetic that you get your jollies by taking the piss out of people you don't know?

      Since you're casting judgment on others, allow me to surmise what your stellar life amounts to: a college drop-out with no real ambition, and still lives with his parents. Someone whose sole purpose in life is to sit his fat, pathetic, lazy, bitter,sardonic, good-for-nothing, angry-at-the-world, miserable, worthless ass, all whilst try his damndest to bring others down to his level so he won't die lonely being the angry, unreasonable piece of shit that he (or she, doesn't matter) is.

      How close am I, you bitter disappointment to your parents? Go amount to something, or just wilt away off of the internet, so no one else has to deal with your pitiful fuckwad self.


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