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September 24, 2012 - Bloodandwire

Target Flow Member


Ive been working for target Logistics as a Flow member for over a year now, and i need to get some anger and frustration out and maybe connect with some people who feel the same way i do. I just joined this site today so forgive me if this has been posted a thousand times, i just need to get it out.


ill start off with i have one head of logistics whom is very respectable and understanding but doesn’t really run our team, and then we have our supervisor whom of which is always in a distasteful mood who constantly treats us like we are children and will enforce and give us write ups for unsafe behavior and then turn around and do those things herself, and then we have a non supervisor who our leads use


I was a Hire on as of last August so i wasnt seasonal, i normally 3am to 7am but mandatory stay till 8, and we had a big team and sure it was hard work but ive done truck unload/stocking before hand so i knew what i was in for and the number system on the boxes was a great help. The people i worked with were fairly friendly for being a graveyard crew and generally not a hinder to work with. Then a few months went by, 4th quarter ended, and one by one all of the “veterans” as my lod describes up left one by one, leaving us understaffed and having to train “X” amount of people ever so weeks only to have them quit after a few days, which is to be expected. Eventually we stopped hiring and just left us as a small crew in a high class store. off season wasnt so bad with the 1600 to 2300+ trucks, itd be iffy if we would finish on time or not so it we would have time lines based on 25 to 30 seconds a box, with one or 2 people an isle, which was hard work but doable. Then more people left, and now the leaders have decided to just up and change everything that worked for us in the past and move around everything. I personally when from being a thrower in the truck to working on the backstock side of the line solo, on 2800+ trucks with 300+ of blackline, and i have to do all of of paper and beverage Push and backstock by myself, and pull pallets out of the truck when needed and still 4th quarter has hit and we are getting 25 to 3000 piece trucks 5 days a week and about 3 to 5 people on the push side and only me on the backstock side and are expected to push the entire store minus softlines, hardlines and electronics in a 4 hours period. i find it a bit ridiculous.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    ........Uh, you know we're allowed to cuss here, right? I mean, shit...use some fucking cuss words. I didn't read past paragraph two because there was no cussing. Fuck fuck fuck.

  • jaydog2556 says:

    Work at your fucking own pace unless those Skinny soft hand cockstroking bitches called LOD's grab a fucking blade a rip a box open next to you if they fucking really put a GODDAMN fucking time limit on it, FUCK their goddamn mothers for raising a worthless sissy!


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