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September 24, 2012 - tgtscks

Fired when shouldn’t be, and not fired when should be.

In March of 2011, I started working for Target in a small town in Northeast Texas. I ended up having to move about three hours west around September, and put in for a transfer. My transfer was approved and I had communicated with the HR at the new store I was going to. Once I moved, I went in to the store to talk to the HR Lead face to face and she informed me that someone in HR at my old store had marked me as “not eligible for re-hire”. I told her I would contact that store and the corporate office and find out about this issue. After calling around for ***FOUR MONTHS***, I had just been called by another company for an interview, and I get a call from this HR Lead asking me when I can start. Instead of following my instincts and going to the interview, I told her I could be there the next day so I did.

When my annual review came around, my Hardlines Team Lead, whom hated me because I was a threat to her, gave me my review as an “IE”. In case you didn’t know, that is the worst review you can get without being terminated. Everything she gave me IE on, she turned around and said the complete opposite verbally. For example, “Always on time, dependable, and always has appropriate uniform on: IE” But then she says, “We enjoy having you on our team because you always look professional with your uniform and name badge, and you always show up when scheduled, and come in when not.” This doesn’t make sense to me. 14 CENT raise :/

However, I did NOT sign my review. I told her I wanted to review it with my ETL.

I looked over it again with my ETL and STL, and they re-evaluated my and gave me a better rating and a 37 CENT raise. I asked what we could do about this TL and they said they would take care of her. She’s still there! I put in for another transfer to a store in Ohio, and it was DECLINED because of my review. THAT BITCH PUT THE IE BACK IN MY FILE!!! I reported her again and they told me they were going to transfer her out, but like I said before, SHE’S STILL THERE!

After all this, I put in my two week notice and decided I’m just done with this crap. On my LAST day, they pull me into the office, and say everyone that has worked in electronics in the past 2 weeks is under investigation for some missing merchandise (3 IPADS, 2 TURTLE BEACH HEADSETS, AND A 19IN TV!). They said they were going to suspend all that may be involved. (Keep in mind, I’m HARDLINES. All I do in electronics is cover breaks.) I said, well how does that work because today is my last day, and they told me that they would contact me but until then I’m not going to be eligible for rehire.


To be honest, whatever this company does, I don’t care. On my behalf, I will NEVER work for them or shop there again!!!


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  • Hate_Me says:

    That doesn't make sense...not on your part; on theirs. I was on my final written warning, for talking shit on a r******d "team member" whom was well-deserving of some shit talking. Anyway, their panties got in a wad over the whole thing and they put my ass on a final. It had been almost 4 years of working for Targay at that point, and I decided that a final was the final dick up my ass, so I put in for a transfer across town to a different store.

    They approved my transfer, despite me being on a final warning. So your store/people/bosses/etc. are basically just being a bunch of douche bag dip shit assholes.

    I got an IE on every review I ever had, so don't feel's just Target's way of saying, "Well, so-and-so kissed ass a little more than you did, so we gave them the coveted 'E' and fucked you with the 'IE'...even though you do everything we ask of you..." And your raise was pretty damn good compared to a lot of stores. I got a whopping 9-cent raise the last year I worked for Target, on another IE score. I told them to shove the 9 cents up their ass, and in my dreams, I literally shoved 9 cents up their asses....with no lube.

    As far as the stolen shit...who gives a shit? If you didn't steal the shit (which you SHOULD have, considering their bullshit), then you have nothing to worry about. If you DID steal that shit, hock it as fast as you can and skip town, buy some hookers, do some blow, and call it a night.

    The End

  • fTARGET says:

    Haha I feel you almost the same shit happened to me they treat their employees like shit I finally just got a new job but yeah they suck !


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