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September 28, 2012 - targetisbullcrap

Target Is Nothing But Phonies and Is A Bullshit Company

Let me tell you my horror story of working for the bullseye. I applied for a job in September 2010 and I applied for a full time position with the company working overnights. I got the call and I met the HR person in the store here in Central Jersey and she said I was going to be hired on a seasonal basis. I NEVER applied for seasonal and I should of never even took the job but I needed to make money since I didn’t have a job at the time. That was bullshit number one.

Later that year they offered us to work in Pfresh doing the truck and getting a GUARANTEED 8 hours. I had the 8 hours for a few months and than they cut it to a 5 hour shift around February when they said we would work a GUARANTEED 8 hours a day. Second case of Bullshit.

I went back to overnights around April of 2011 and I liked my executives because both were mad cool and they didn’t bother you. The team leads are a different story because one would ALWAYS say something to me no matter what when I always did my job right and the executives didn’t even say anything to me at all. Bullshit number 3.

I don’t get how Target can get away with not giving out overtime and they tell people to stay home if you are close to getting 40 hours. They are supposed to ask you if you want to stay home since I used to be a manager and I know how it works. If the person says nope they can’t say another word about it and have to suck it up. Bullshit number 4 is no overtime. Another thing I can’t figure out is why do they NOT supply a uniform. You are supposed to wear red and khaki but they should at least give you a shirt but they don’t and every other job I know of does. The overnight flow team is different because we are allowed to wear jeans but we still have to wear the red shirt which I can’t figure out since we don’t deal with customers. They aren’t guests they are customers. That’s bullshit number 4.

Bullshit number 5 is the bullshit raises they give. The people you work with don’t even give you the raise. It’s sent into corporate with people who don’t know you from a hole in the wall and your given a letter grade and based on that your given your raise whatever it is. My raises were okay but nothing spectacular at all. How can Target live with giving a person a 2 cent raise is beyond me.

Bullshit number 6 is another real doozy and that is the performance reviews. Mind you I have never been late, called out in any job I ever had because that is the type of person I am. Yet on the performance reviews they ALWAYS have to find something that you do wrong. It was always the great team cards because nobody in my opinion deserves them and I’m not kidding so I never wrote any in my 2 years at Target. I used to always get them but those cards are a bunch of bullshit and I will get into that in a minute.

Bullshit number 7 are the great team cards. Target has this culture that everything is great but god forbid you try to say anything about what is wrong your wrong and they threaten you with a writeup. Everything they do is wrong and everybody lives in Target world and not in the real world.

Bullshit number 8 is the policy on promoting from within. Maybe certain Targets do promote from within but the one where I worked out we lost 3 team leads from the overnight team because they moved on to better things and one gave it up because they complained he was coming in a half hour early everyday and leaving a half hour early when the executive who worked on the overnight flow team said it was fine. He had a morning job and he had to give it up. Instead of promoting from within they hired outside the company which is a crock of shit. If somebody deserves the position give it to them but they would rather train somebody outside than give it to somebody who doesn’t need much training at all.

Another case of bullshit is signing out on your 30 minute break on the overnight team if you want to go outside. They say we are adults but they treat us like children because they want to monitor where we are when people go outside for fresh air and come right back. Bullshit number 8.

Bullshit number 9 is favoritism. The team leads in my former store were very much favoring the spanish people who did little to nothing and don’t bowl at all and do the same thing everyday when other people bowl, go to different sections of the store on a nightly basis etc. It’s total bullshit and everybody should be treated the same and go to different places and do different things every day.

Bullshit number 10 is how I used to pull the freezer every single night when certain people on the backroom team overnight never pulled the freezer and I missed 2 days because I got so sick even with the damn suit on for the freezer.

Bullshit number 11 is how I never used to do steel overnight while some people always did it. It wasn’t fair and they never rotated it every night like they should of been but it all goes back to the favoritism.

Bullshit number 12 is how everybody listens to the punks in corporate who do nothing but send emails all day. They all need to get some balls and say when they don’t agree with anything but they won’t because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Bullshit number 13 is mind boggling to any person. Why does Target insist that you have a degree to become any executive? You need a 4 year degree to become a store team lead which is the biggest bullshit ever. You can own a business, get loans etc and you don’t need a degree but in Target you don’t have a degree you won’t go higher than team lead which is the biggest crock of bullshit with this company.

Bullshit number 14 is how I finally left. I went to my executive and I told her on a Wednesday that I was going to work these last two weeks and that the following Friday would be last night because I got a better job. When she said I wasn’t a rehireable I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock and she made me sign the voluntary unemployment paper which pretty much means I’m done with Target no matter what because I told her a day late that I was leaving. Most jobs if you tell them your going to work your last two full weeks your good and they say you can come back anytime. In Target I did the right thing and I still got screwed in the end by telling my executive a day late. If I would of told her on Tuesday that I was leaving the following Friday I bet I would be rehireable. Also I was supposed to work that Friday but one of the team leads opened her mouth and said I couldn’t because of that Bullshit overtime policy so I left a day early and I didn’t even finish my shift because I got my check and bounced at 4 AM. I had no reason to stay since I was unrehireable anyway even though I did everything right for two years.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Counting is hard sometimes, but Target does suck!

  • Bombcar says:

    Shouldn't have signed it. If they want you unhirable make them earn it.

  • takemethere says:

    Another bullshit is their RED CARDS! The problem is they have the cashiers drilling every guests to sign up even when some if not most of these same guests say NO! The interest rate is too high and they trap you in raising your credit spending limit till you are gagged in debt! The etl's are like flies harassing the team members over and over again about getting guests to sign up but when these same etl's are on the register, they bypass the prompt or they do not ask every guest to apply for the Target Credit/DEbit Card. Some guests get annoyed or some actually get upset. Some spouses even exclaim that their husband will kill them if they sign up for a red card. Nowadays some of the team members feel like they are at Target's disposal if they do not meet red card goal. For crying out loud Walmart and Kohl's doesn't have team members breathing down your neck like vampires haunting and taunting you to apply for a red card. Like you , we do not like the direction some of these stores are heading in. I do not believe that Target is a bad cooperation but golly, the poor leadership and morale in some of these local stores here make Walmart seem like a better choice. You do have to be in red and khaki to know that. If target's policy for cashiers is to ask guest's to apply for the red card when the register ask them to why are they asking every single time?? I feel like I am being harassed. America is financial debt as it is with the failing economy. Why add to that in spending money that we know we do not have. Personally, I believe that Target should offer layaway instead.

    • 1bluemoon says:

      A long time ago I got sucked into getting a redcard and my interest rate is at 25.24%. I still have the redcard but I rarely use it, in fact I store it away and pretend it's not there. Oh and Target increased my credit limit within months of activating and using my redcard, just so I could be fooled into charging myself up the ass even with a 5% discount that doesn't even put a dent in the bill! One day I will cut this redcard in half!

  • takemethere says:



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