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  • December 6, 2011 - targetbendsmeover

    Target Get mad if you work over 40 hours a week

    At my store they get mad at you if you work over 40 hours a week. Because they don’t want to pay you over time. If you work over 40 hours a week you must sign a paper saying you will watch you schedule. Is that legal? Can anyone answer me.

  • December 5, 2011 - Shelly

    I’m free at last!

    I recently got a 5% bonus card from the Pharmacy rewards so I figured what the heck I will shop a little bit while I am in getting our prescriptions.  I really don’t shop there since they changed the rewards program from 15% bonuses you got when you spend a certain amount on the Red Card to this 5% crap, plus now I can’t use the cash off on our prescriptions anymore like I used to be able to.  Well, while we were in the store I looked at a Food Saver but my husbands back was hurting so I told him what the Target employees have been telling me all along, the card is good all day and I can use it on line.  So we checked out, the cashier gave me the discount card back and sure enough told me “its good all day and you can use it on line”.  Well that very evening I put the Food Saver in my virtual cart at and put in the 5% code on the back and poof, nothing happens.  I called Target and promptly got to talk to someone in India who instead of telling me the stupid card was not good on line, made me get my glasses and read the grey tiny print on the back, about 2/3 of the way down it says discount not good at  REALLY?!?!  I told the guy that was too bad and Target just lost a sale since I could find it cheaper at Amazon if I didn’t have the coupon.  He just said oh, sorry to hear that, is there anything else I can do for you?  Ummmmm nope I think that about covered it.  I cut up my red card visa and will not shop Target again.  I get better rewards with my American Express, Delta Visa or even Discover.  I feel so liberated! 🙂

  • - deartarget

    Lame GSTL

    Hey guys!

    To be honest, I don’t hate Target… yet.

    Now that I am a seasonal employee at Target, I see things a little bit differently.
    First off, I was smart enough to NOT apply at the Target’s within 5 minutes of my home. I would never deal with such craziness for minimum wage. I went ahead and applied at a Target close to my college that was in a much nicer area. Wonderful idea might I add. I was surprised to see that starting pay was actually 50cents more than what I was expecting. I know that may not seem that much to most people but its better than my last two jobs and I am as they say, a starving student paying everything on my own.

    My department as a Sales Floor Team Member was Softlines but I would of course have to learn how to be a Cashier. On the day of orientation we were asked if any of us would like to stay for more reading and possibly get trained for cashier. I stayed because not only was it more hours but maybe they would like me just a tad bit more than the ones who said no thanks.

  • December 3, 2011 - ayra32

    Before Christmas? C’mon.

    So, I began working at the big T about a month ago, as a seasonal employee. I don’t have a car, so I would have to bicycle eight miles there, and eight miles back. Given that it’s about a 40 minute bike to work, to work four hours. I was a little upset. Especially since I was told that I would be getting around 30 hours a week (more like 10-15 hours.) I was hired in at 7.90, and was going to use the money to buy groceries and Christmas presents.
    Well, I fudged on my schedule. It was my fault. I thought I was supposed to work from 11-7:30pm instead of 4-8:30am. I show up at 11, go to punch in. And my manager asks me where I had been all day. Not knowing that I was scheduled for 4 in the morning. He then proceeded to tell me that to be a member of the “Target team” You need dedication.  As if biking 16 fucking miles a day in November isn’t enough dedication to the shit hours you’re giving me? He then proceeded to tell me that, as a seasonal employee. I have lost all chance at becoming a regular Target team member, and that I may possibly be fired the next day. Though he still wanted me to work a four hour shift today. And with any employment, i’d assume it’s a little hard to keep a smile on your face, knowing that the next day, you might not have a job.
    But, I worked anyway. Knowing that now I may not be able to afford the Christmas presents I had told my mother I was going to buy for my brothers/sister (21, I live with a friend/barely ever see my family)
    Seasonal positions only last until the end of December, so why threaten me? I already know I’ll be looking for another job in a few weeks anyway… Well, now I wait to hear what the head master has to say about my pending employment situation.
    In a way, I’m sort of hoping I get fired, because there’s only so much I can stand of their pompous self righteous attitudes. Fuck’ em.

  • We are conducting an investigation into allegations that Target employees are missing breaks and lunches.  If you work or previously worked for Target and did not receive your breaks/ lunches as required by law, please contact our office.  We would like to hear what happened in your case.

    California Judicial Investigations

    Protecting Your Rights!

    (707) 571-8500


  • November 24, 2011 - bobatea978

    Forced to work on Black Friday

    THANK YOU for making this site!! I’m glad that I have a secret place to vent my anger at the evil red and white bullseye called Target.

    I can’t believe this crap. When I saw my schedule this week it said that I had both Thanksgiving and Friday (Black Friday) off. This made me very happy because I loathe working on Black Friday not because of the deals on electronics (I don’t get paid enough in this crappy company) but because I want to avoid all of the craziness of the crowds and traffic. I’d rather be relaxing at  home after a good Thanksgiving dinner. But all of a sudden on Wednesday when my shift is over I’m told to come in Thanksgiving night to help out with Black Friday no ifs, ands, or buts. This not only ruins my Thanksgiving because all I think about all day is that I have to go back to my shitty job to deal with guests but also I was just watching the PBS News hour about Black Friday sales where some ASM at a different Target was talking about how employees have a “choice” of if they want to work black Friday or not. I was practically yelling at my tv “THATS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!”

    I’m so pissed off now. I’ve been job searching for weeks now not only because of these holidays that I’m forced to work, or dealing with idiot Guests and rude co-workers but because all in all working for Target really sucks. Can’t wait to leave!


  • - Notstaying

    It’s all true

    Wow I’m so glad I found this site! I thought it was just me! I just started a couple weeks ago as seasonal sales floor associate/cashier. I knew the pay would be low but geez, how can anyone who NEEDS TO live on $7.50/hour? Even at full time that wouldn’t pay my rent. I don’t understand all the levels of “leaders” or who does what & I never know who I’m supposed to report to when I show up for work. Most of the time we are out of walkies so I cant ask for help if I need it while on the floor & last night my LOD tells me i need to do my gobacks with “more urgency” Seriously?? This isn’t the CIA, it’s target!! and this is my 4th time at work, it takes me longer to find stuff than someone whose been there for 5 years and if they want me to move faster they need to pay me at least $2/hour more. This girl is like half my age, she has NO idea what “urgent” really is, she’s really excited to have a title. It’s a lot of work constantly on your feet for very little money, I nearly walked out when she said that to me last night. I am fortunate in that I planned to be out of work voluntarily for awhile so i have money saved up and don’t need this job, I just wanted to start working again at what i thought would be a low stress kinda fun place–wow so wrong! Some of these “leaders” take it SO seriously, I had 3 different ones tell me 3 different things last night & I never got my last break because of the “urgency” and “I expect all those gobacks to be done by the time your shift ends” business. They scheduled me for register a LOT in the next 2 weeks even though I’m supposed to be sales floor and only backup cashier and i’m not happy about that. I had register training nearly 3 weeks ago & was on it for about 2 hours and non since, I feel like I have no idea what i’m doing up there & they just throw me in there for a whole shift??!! Thanks. I’m not going to shove the redcard down people’s throats, i don’t care what they say. I hate it when sales people do it to me! I will try to stick it out through the end of December because the employee discount comes in handy but if little miss urgency gets in my face again I’ll just hand her my badge & discount card, get my stuff and head home.

  • November 22, 2011 - benderdundat

    Union! Union!

    I worked for Target two years. It was the worst job I have ever had. The managers do not care about the working conditions of their employees, or their general welfare. It is horrifying that the majority of those working there [meaning non management] have to go on public assistance just to get by. They cut hours to almost nothing, yet they are constantly hiring new people. The raises are a joke. The highest race I ever received was .26 cents, even though I worked four hour shifts in their Starbucks by myself. Then when they give a “raise” they take it from you by hiring new unexperienced people that you have to train at the same rate of pay. Talk about a slap in the face!!

    I mention these things to say that when I was working there I mentioned that we should unionize. It was like a dirty word there, but honestly if team members would organize and form a union corporate would do an about face. There is a reason why they show that anti-union video at orientation. Under union laws managers have to treat employees ethically and respectfully. Under a union members can receive a wage that goes up with the cost of living. For those of you that are unfortunate to still be employed at Target you should really consider signing up with a union or forming one.

  • November 18, 2011 - Candyman

    A last ditch effort

    Well, let’s cut to the point. I was an IT for a big corporate company, got laid off after someone stole a great sum of money from the company, and Target hired me shortly after for 7.50 an hour (taxes are outrageous, making less per hour than when I was making 6.55 an hour) shortly after my Mom left (she worked at the same one and transferred after she moved) I was hired on as a Cart Attendant / Cashier.

    So far, I have had to clean up human feces several times (5+ Times now in a 6 month period) with my LODs laughing at me because it was soo disgusting.

    Last week from this post, respectively, we sold $40,000 more than expected, and I was cart attendant. They complained about me not going for “Guest First” because I was swamped because it was me vs. hundreds of people pouring out of the building.


    I have nearly been hit in the parking lot over 12 times now (recorded on video) and found 3 wallets in the carts (I returned them, due to religious beliefs)

  • - see_yourself_bloodred

    My HR doesn’t know how2math

    I was in the office waiting for my shift to start, and I heard my HR say out loud “How do you divide 30 hours by 4 days?”

    She then asked one of her subordinates the same question, and they didn’t know either.  Meanwhile, I’m fucking facepalming while checking the schedule.


    PER DAY.