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October 8, 2012 - Mr. Reaper

Permission to dial 911…… What the HELL?

This is probably the stupidest thing to ever happen at my store.

Okay, here we go.

This was probably 5 years ago. I was closing electronics and it was quite busy. I was ringing up the guests and my coworker was pulling out video games. Then this weird looking guy comes up and asks me to pull out a prepaid phone. Seeing that my coworker was busy with another guest I happily obliged.

After I ring him up for the damn thing he asks if I could activate the phone for him. I tell him “if it was another time, I would. But there are too many people to help right now. You are going to have to go home and call Virgin to activate it.”

He respond by saying “are you telling me what to do?” in the most menacing manner.

He looked pissed. I slowly hand him his receipt and try to ignore his glare. After about 10 seconds of awkwardness, he leaves.

20 minutes later he comes back and asks me again “can you activate my phone?” and again I tell him “I can’t, I have too many guests?”

That guy then started to wander around the department for several minutes. At one point he opens the box the cellphone was in and charges it by the TV wall. I thought nothing of it and believed he would leave at some point. However, as soon as several people pass by him. He started threatening them. That guy looked a little off, like he was coked up or something. I call TPS over the walkie to notify them of the situation. The guy looks me with my walkie near my mouth and assumes i am calling the cops.

My coworker sees what is going on and approaches him and asks him if he needed help. The guy said “I’ll cut you up before your friend could get the cops here.” Holy shit, I thought. ‘this guy could really kill us.’ I told TPS “this guy just threatened to kill (INSERT COWORKER’S NAME HERE). Call the cops.”

They respond by stating “We have to get permission from the District offices before we do that.”

In my mind, I thought we were fucked. I was beginning to freak out a little. My coworker backed away and got inside the boat. I assumed the guy did have a knife. I don’t know why i didn’t run away. After awhile, he believed the cops would be there any minute and decided to leave.

Me and my coworker were finally happy that he left. I was shaken and almost threw up. Then I became angry over the fact that TPS needed permission to dial 911. The closing ETL came to us and asked us what happened. I told her everything and asked, “Why in the hell do we need permission to dial 911?”

Perhaps, I overreacted. Maybe there was something else I could have done. Some of you might think that I should’ve dialed 911 by myself. But, like always, the phone weren’t working. So that was not an option. I would like to hear what you guys think.




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  • takemethere says:

    Another reason to for team members to keep their cell phones on them instead of in the lockers. Another reason for team members to keep their cell phones on them if the light goes out in the store or the red phones do not work. You do not need permission to dial 911 at Target. You can call TPS on the walkie but chances are they might not even be in the building. TPS team members cannot protect you. They are not security and they are not armed with a gun or a taster. Just walk away but in the event that you have to defend or protect yourself from bodily harm punch or sucker punch the nut. Target only sells the phones-team members are not required to activate them. The guest's do that on their own. There are times when we do everything right in giving great guest service by our gestures, choice of words and empathy for guests but we live in a world where these same guests are cocky, unappreciative, nasty and down right rude. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! IF THAT WAS THE CASE MOST OF THESE STORES WOULD BE A BOARDED UP BUILDING.

  • SmokeHaze says:

    First Off you don't need to call the cops because TPS IS security u call AP and tell them you are dealing with a disgruntled guest and they will intervene and they do have the power to escort the person off the premises.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Are you really as stupid as you sound? If somebody threatens your life, and infers that they have a weapon, YOU CALL THE POLICE. Some half-assed target employee isn't equipped to deal with any real situation like that.

      • Hate_Me says:

        I heart you.

      • SmokeHaze says:

        It would not have escalated to the point if you would have just called AP in the first place before a co-worker goes up to the guy. and if it was that serious and u told AP that he said he would cut your co-worker they would have definitely called the cops because now he threatened someone.

        • TargetSucks says:

          You make too many assumptions based on an ideal situation, involving people working with ANY form of intelligence. This is TARGET we're talking about. The smart ones quit or get fired and post on this site. The rest of them die there hoping for a promotion. Or eventually they get too old and wind up working at Walmart as greeters.

  • Hate_Me says: shoulda just told your TPS to go fuck himself and dialed 911 anyway. TPS people are usually bottom-of-the-barrel r*****s that Target hires on to fulfill the position; just like any other r****d they hire there.

    That's r******d. Next time you ever feel in danger, call 911. Then grab the heaviest thing near you and nail the coke head in the nuts with it. 🙂


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