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October 2, 2012 - TargetSucks

Not a Red Card, but a Race Card

It’s the start of the last week of March, and it’s another closing shift for me.  It starts out as another uneventful Sunday, wishing I was anywhere but THAT fucking place.  I get through the first three and a half hours all right, but then…I get called to do a carryout.   It’s back in the electronics, because someone’s getting a giant ass HDTV that costs more than any of us ever got in a regular paycheck.  I make my way to the back, and just have it on my mind to get this shit done quickly so I can get to my break.  Just had to get through a couple more hours.


So I get there and the security man’s pointing to this mid-aged woman.  Simple enough.  Then she asks me if I need to see the receipt, to which I point out isn’t necessary, because I’m not security.  (Which is also an indication that I don’t give a shit, but I didn’t mention that.)  The woman then blew up on me: “Well, that ain’t what I ASKED!!”  From that point on, I just wanted to tune her out, but she didn’t stop talking her shit.  Her next words were, “Talking like us black folks make no sense…“, and then she started walking down towards the clothing aisle.  I’m just looking at the security guy, and he heard all of this shit, and I just say to him, “Fucking bitch”.   I then start to push the flat toward the front door, but I walk down the aisle passing the toys and holiday cards.


Soon as I get towards the door, this bitch is STILL going on.  “Punk-ass motherfucker” was something else she had said just before going out to the door to get her car.  Not only did I hear it, but the other security man who was at the exit heard it.  Now, this guy used was a cart attendant before (around the time I started), so he could relate to me on something like this.  I just said to him, “Can I just grab that fucking cunt by the back of her head and just throw her through the glass?”  I wanted to fucking stomp at that point.  I was willing to risk being fired or worse for a little payback.


Eventually, I decided not to do anything, other than to say to the guy who accompanied the bitch that she cried racism on somebody who is racially mixed (if any of you saw me, you’d pick up on that right away) and is indeed part of a black family, “and that race card doesn’t fly with me”.  He had nothing to say about that.  Probably for the better.   A Bonneville pulled up with bitch in town, then loaded her TV into the back and then they left.


For a while, I was expecting to hear about this from my bosses and eventually get fired, but as fate would have it, neither of which happened.  Because Target has no balls.  So fuck them.  And fuck their customers with disease-infested dildoes.


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