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November 14, 2012 - TargetSucks

Black Friday Experiences

Hello my fellow team members, since Black Friday is coming up next week I would like to know if anyone has any interesting stories they would like to share and if there have been any bad experiences dealing with “pests” on Black Friday. This year we open at 9pm which sucks for team members who want to spend Thanksgiving with their family and friends and not dealing with a stampede of guests. I also read online that there was a petition to get Target to push the opening time back to midnight or later instead of 9pm. I’m not sure if that petition would help or if it would make any difference but it is a bold move by many unhappy team members. I personally do not shop on black Friday and I wait till the crowds die down. I just hope that everything goes well next Friday and that no one gets trampled to death while doing their job. Please post and thanks for reading guys.




  • Hate_Me says:

    There was not a single cuss word in that. What the fuck is wrong with you? This isn't a discussion board dealing with our opinions of Black Friday/Black Thursday. Of COURSE they both fucking suck some serious balls, and no, nobody wants to fucking work at 9 pm.

    The petition isn't going to do shit, and if you even believed that for a nanosecond, you're utterly r******d. Target is like a giant steam-roller, and its employees are the grains that make up the wet cement...if you didn't get that analogy, then whatever.

    I have no idea why you informed us about your Black Friday shopping habits; nobody gives a shit if you've boycotted every big box company in the U.S. because of your disagreeable attitude towards the event. I couldn't care less if you were throwing babies into blenders on Black Friday while saluting the Nazi flag and pissing on a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

    Right now, I'm wishing I knew you in real life so that I could take all of my aggression out on you by high-fiving you in the face with a goddamn chair.

    If someone gets trampled to death on Black Friday, you can be grateful that one more idiot who shops on that day is no longer wasting valuable oxygen that the rest of us might otherwise be using. "Personally", I don't give a rat's ass if someone dies because of Black Friday. I have never shopped a single Black Friday in my life because I have better shit to do than run around like a jackass for a $5 pillow--like sleeping.

    Your post sucked. I almost want to piss on it, but I'd ruin my kick-ass laptop.

  • AshleyMoore95 says:

    Personally, hate_me comment funny but but I believe that target some Neo_ nazis company who ate selfish and power driven to tell somebody to say fuck their family to assist someone else's family..BULLLLLSHHHIIIT..I'm straight up not going I say fuck them with a 2inch spiked pole with nolube..


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