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November 8, 2012 - TargetSucks

Oh Target, you’ll never change

I’ve been working at a target in califronia the past couple months. And it’s amazing how one night I can really like it, and feel very confindent and the next night feel like i’m going to be fired the next day i show up for work. I work in both softlines and hardlines and like both just the same.

Besides pretty much doing the impossible every night, you know zoning not only your area but someone elses because of all the callouts that happen on any given night it’s daunting. Not just that but just the little rules around the store.

I think this will just be a general rant but geez does this place need to change a few things.

People in both SL and HL shouldn’t be first responders. They should just hire the cashiers they’ll need and if the lines are slow, have the front lanes come help the sales floor!
So when one in shoes and jewerly and not only that is first responder and the one in charge of getting the reshop they don’t get asked but the team lead and LOD why they’re behind in their zone.

And I LOVE how lazy some of the LOD’s are. They’ll come up to you and ask why you think you’re behind in your zone, and it won’t matter if they aren’t they’ll just assume you are. And if they’re not constantly up our ass then they’re pushing their cart around the store pretending to look busy or theyre at starbucks talking to other employees pretending to look busy. If some are so worried about someone being behind in a zone, ask to HELP.

And it’s funny. One night I’ll do a perfect zone, and no one will be there to see it. It’s only when I finish a zone and by the time I’m finish it’s been shopped over looking like crap do I get a “Why are half the isles not done?” “Do you you did an okay job here?” and of course “SO why do you think you’re behind tonight.”

To have 7 people on the sales floor in softlines on a saturday night putting reshop away, helping guests, first responding and grabbing reshop then us getting in trouble because we didn’t come clean for the night. It itsn’t fair to us or the LOD on duty because HR Or whoever didn’t schdudule enough people. ANd for it being so close to the holidays and black friday being next week, i have yet to see any of the 15 holiday people they hired. Where the hell are they?!

There are also those few employees who are loved by the TL and LOD yet their zones are always shit, and then those who actually make an effort to make their area look nice only for them to get called out on something.

And COACHINGS. How is it a coaching when they don’t even tell you that they’ve written you up?! I was suprised to learn I had 4 “coachings” in my file at my 90 day review. If I was zoning too slow, sure write it down, but to not tell me and then write the person up again? How is that teaching the employee how to be a better one?

Oh, and yes tell us push redcards and then just not tell the backup cashiers how to set up a guest with one. Geneius!

“Constantly as questions” Ok. So I do only to get an “I don’t know” or a “Why?” as a response.

“Always ask to have your zone okay’d once your done.” Only to get this responce by a TL. “I bet it looks nice, I just don’t want to do it/I could care less but I’ll go tell the LOD it’s done.”

Schelduling isn’t so much of an issue. But going from a week working 26 hours to the next week working 12 sucks.

And if you tell an LOD something personal- have it be a conflict in schduling, reminding them you can not work a certain day ect. They are going to forget. WIth target theres too many middle people so not only do you have to tell every TL lead you have to tell every LOD, HR and ETL you can find.

And I always feel bad for the fitting room operators there should be at LEAST 2 people working there thru out the day. And WHY have the PHONE at the fitting rooms I will never understand.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this will get the frustration working/having worked there. And I admire everyone who has quit. I wish to do the same but for right now, a job is a job and until a find another one I’m stuck at the bullseye.

These are only some of the things I could think of that piss me off at hte top of my head, there is many more. Feel free to add?




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  • TargetSucks says:

    You spelled genius wrong, Einstein.

  • blehblahbleh1 says:

    Yep #1. Spelt it wrong in hopes someone would be so annoyed by it that they'd take the time to comment letting me know I spelt it wrong.

  • TargetSucks says:


    Yep #1. Spelt it wrong in hopes someone would be so annoyed by it that they’d take the time to comment letting me know I spelt it wrong.

    Hah! That's believable. Really, considering that it was one of the words you spelled better.

  • blehblahbleh1 says:

    Give me a break. I typed that on my phone on the way to school trying not to let the anger get to me. Why are you even on here if all you're gonna do is bash people's spelling and grammar?

  • bestdayever says:

    While I do hate Target as a whole, you certainly sound like one of those people I despised as I worked there. You may feel that HL/SL shouldn't be responding to backups because they have too much stuff to do, but I will flat out tell you that you are wrong. It is in your job description to respond to backups and if you don't want to do it, then find a different job. As a former GSA I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than having a major backup, calling it out, being able to see at least 5 people just standing around chit chatting while they fold a table or work some reshop all while I'm getting bitched out by the TLOD, LOD and multiple guests. You and about 20 other things are the reason I hated working for Target. P.S. I don't know how big your store is, but I worked for a Super Target that would pull in about $300,000 on a non-holiday weekday(which equates to being pretty effing busy) and we would be LUCKY to get 5 people on our sales floor team. One for hardlines A(electronics, home improvement, stationary, sporting goods, toys, seasonal), one for hardlines B(domestics, small electrics, hba and pharmacy), our electronics tm, fitting room(also did RTW) and one for softlines. So please stop bitching about how awful it is to have 7. On those busy nights, we generally have about 4-5 cashiers from 8-close and on top of that, the front end was also responsible for zoning cosmetics, candy and mini-seasonal. So sorry that your time at Target has been so awful, and I truly hate Target and everything they put me through but it sounds like the situation you're in is because you put yourself there.

    • m says:

      Actually. Aside from the rant. I take pride in being one of the few in my store that don't mind working hard, helping people and guests as much as I can, and responding to both call buttons and first responder requests.
      I don't work at a super target but we pull in at least 150k on average it's been more lately.
      I don't know about your store but in mine both sl and hl hate being first responders. I don't mind as I said, and actually as of lately I've been volenteering because I know how much it helps and partly because no one else will say they want too.
      We have on average 7 on sl and 7 in hl with an LOD operator gstl and then a TL on most nights. We have our areas we are responsible for. I know that.
      But when they call backup every 5 minutes for 2 hours and then when you have an hour to go ad you have a zone to finish and reshop it's just blah.
      Again, my rant may read as stupid and bitchy but I'm not one of those that complain on the job. I'm just lucky to be employed right now until I can find something better.

      So thank you, and I wish you the best of luck as well.

      • Hate_Me says:

        You must be new or something. I remember in my Target days, the new-ish people would wonder why we hated Target so badly and why we refused to do actual work. Then, after about 3-6 months, they hated it just as badly as we did.

        Soon enough, you'll be that Target employee pretending you didn't hear the "additional cashiers" call haha.

  • bestdayever says:

    Correction-we would have 4-5 cashiers around 8 and then from 9-close we would have about 2 and one would leave at close, the other would stay to zone.

  • dogsrme says:

    "ANd for it being so close to the holidays and black friday being next week, i have yet to see any of the 15 holiday people they hired. Where the hell are they?!"

    We quit before training was even completed. Sorry--the writing was on the wall. Came here and read demented comments to legitimate posts like yours and reassured ourselves that we did the right thing. Wish you the best in finding a new and better job! Hang in there.

    • m says:

      Hey I don't blame them for realizing after the weirdness that is orientation that they never wanted to come back.
      I have seen one new person yester on sl and found out 3 sl tm's just left.


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