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November 14, 2012 - Targetcansuckmybigthickmeatyone

Such a fuuuuuuuunnnn place to work.

I love my job. I love that I work with the laziest dumbest fucking fuckheads on the planet. But enough about the team leads and LOD’s. I love that there are many times when I come in a whole 2 to 3 hours before certain team members or team leads but since they like to kiss ass, they get their breaks and lunches before I do. I love the rude, ugly, fat, stupid fuckhead guests who constantly argue with me because they are all rocket scientists and know my companies policies on certain things a lot better than I do. I mean, after all, they are all welfare recipients, so obviously they are the authorities and the poster boys and girls for what a genius looks like.. I love that people come through my line buying expensive stuff that I can’t even afford after 3 months salary with food stamps and pull out rolls and wads of $100 bills that they just picked up from the welfare office and unemployment office and we have to stand there and smile at them with a big shit eating grin on our faces. I love that my GSTL is the laziest fucking person I have ever seen and she spends her whole shift with her arms crossed, staring at us or reading magazines, and likes to take 35 minute breaks (I decided to time her one day, and I’m talking about the 15 minute ones, not her lunch break) but chews you out if you decide to take a 16-17 minute break. This fat ass bitch is so lazy, she once chewed me out because I needed her supervisor code to override a birthday on an ID that wouldn’t swipe in the register. (She told me “Why are you making me come over here and do this, you know how much I hate to work, and no one else has had to make me work today.” I shit you not, this fat ass bitch who thinks she runs the whole fucking store actually said that to me.) I love that even when you have busted your ass after 2-3 hours of nonstop ringing up guests, and you try to take a quick 10 second breather to try to catch your breath and gather your thoughts, this same lazy fat ass bitch will waddle over and tell you to ” go zone the lanes while it is slow, instead of standing around.” She once even told me that if she’s not allowed to do nothing, then the rest of us aren’t either. In fact, this bitch is so lazy, I once saw every single LOD working that day get on a lane and backup cashier before she finally decided to get her fat ass on a lane and help backup. She once threatened me when I was talking to another cashier about something that was work related:”You do realize that all the LOD’s are sitting over there at Starbucks eating and just watching you guys not work.” I looked at her and said: “Did you really just say that?” I love that they keep threatening to write me up because they have realized that I just don’t give a fuck anymore and will clock in 5-7 minutes late every day, take hour long lunches instead of the 45 minute ones. I love that the team leads keep threatening me with write ups because I keep asking them when am I going to see them get off their fat asses and do some actual work. I love that they get mad when I tell them: “Please, go ahead and fire me, unemployment pays more than this shitty company anyways.” I love that I have a Bachelor’s Degree and am currently working on my Master’s Degree, and have put in for 4 promotions, and not gotten any of them, even though they all told me that I was the most qualified candidate and had the most leadership experience. (Uh, yeah, ya think? Having been a manager at 3 other different companies before working for this crappy company because of certain situations financially), but ironically all the ones who have gotten the promotions are the brothers, nephews, sisters, daughters, nieces, and cousins of someone else in management, and they are all big kiss asses, and to make it even worse, I have to train these newly promoted newbies on how to do stuff in the front lanes because they don’t know how any of it works. But yet, I am not qualified for their little shitty ass promotion? I love that even after they have gotten the promotion, and trained, they write me up because they ask me for help and I tell them “You’re the one who’s the new GSTL, you figure it out for yourself.” I love that even after working almost 40 hours a week, i am still bringing home less than $1000 a month, and barely scraping buy to pay my bills, and live in a shitty run down apartment complex surrounded by drug dealers, and welfare recipients. I love that the day my mother died, I called and let them know, and they still had the balls to ask me: “So, are you not going to come in today then?” and I especially love that because of my mother’s funeral being out of state, and I had to leave for a week, they still docked me that week and called it 7 days of unexcused absences. I am currently interviewing at actual jobs that will utilize my degree. Once I get hired at one of those places, I am going to put in my 2 weeks notice, then tell Target to go fuck themselves all in the ass then just do 2 weeks of no call no shows.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Eh, I dunno... I'm all about rants, but that one just didn't really do it for me. I think you should give your GSTL a big old titty-twister and honk her nose, while going, "A-OOGA!!"


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