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October 16, 2023 - Slytherclaw

App rant

There was an update for their already crap app earlier today (at least it was for me–apparently it had been out for a couple days for others), which was slow as molasses after I signed in (plus I had to enter my searches SEVERAL TIMES for it to give any results at all), that had added a duplicate app icon to many users’ phones, mine included.

I wasn’t aware of this issue so I was lead to believe that the problem was with my phone instead of the app and was on the verge of doing a factory reset since I couldn’t figure out as to why this happened (I’ve never had any Play Store app updates put a duplicate icon on my devices before) or to get rid of it.

So annoyed that yet again another greedy app developer had yet again rushed out an buggy app update without properly and thoroughly testing it! ????

I’m just glad that they didn’t drag their feet and pushed out another update the same day that fixed the icon issue which saved me from erasing my phone.


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