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November 14, 2012 - mirage117

Treated VERY Unfairly

I worked for Target over a year ago ,but I am still completely disgusted by the was I was treated. I hired into a store as a Senior Team Lead over Softlines and I didn’t really have any issues while I was there. Unfortunately, that store closed 3 months after I hired in, so I had to either take a buy out package or transfer. I ended up transferring to another store closer to home, and that was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. Before my transfer went through, the management at the new store wouldn’t even tell me what depertment I would be overseeing- it was some BIG secret… My first day working at the new store, I knew that I was going to be miserable… All of the ETL’s acted like snotty high school kids. If you did’t “fit in”, they would talk about you behind your back and make your life miserable- I witnessed them talking badly about another member of management on my first day there.

After I was there for about a week, they decided to put me in charge of Presentation. I had never done anything in presentation on a large sccale before, but they expected me to perform my job like a seasoned manager.  My ETL would constantly get on me about my team’s performance, but I had no idea what it was they were supposed to be doing! Finally, he sent to me another store for 2 days of training, which consisted of following around another presentation team lead, and I learned NOTHING! I continued to preted to do my job, since I had no idea what I was supposed to do and my ETL ended up leaving the company. The ETL over Softlines ended up standing in as my ETL until they could hire someone else. She was a complete b*tch to me. She expected my team to do our work plus the work of other teams, and she would ride my ass when stuff wouldn’t get done. Funny thing is, she never ONCE offered to help. Instead of helping, she would play on her cell phone in her office or hang out with another ETL that she was having an affair with. One day she brought me into her office and let me have it. She basically told me that I suck at my job and I had to get it together. She also said that she would have never hired me as management and she doesn’t know why I was given the position that I had. The next day I went to HR about this incident, and guess what happened? HR went to the ETL and told her word for word wat I said and that made her even more angry. She started treating me even worse and making my job even more miserable. She would shoot me dirty looks all the time and wisper to other ETLs when I was around. Gee, I wonder what she was talking about??? Finally, they hired in another ETL to oversee my department, but the ETL over Softlines talked crap to her about me, and I had no chance to  prove myself otherwise… She ended upputting me on “weekly status” which meant that since I had NEVER been written up for anything, they could still start a paper trail on me to get me fired for my performance. Shortly after this happened, I came to the store on my day off, handed them my keys and discount card and told them to shove it!

Based on my experience there, I would NEVER recommend anyone work for Target. They treat people like absolute garbage for no reason except that they don’t want to be responsible for anyones training or development. I have been a store manager for a smaller company, and I NEVER treated any of my employees so poorly, whether their performance was unsatisfactory or otherwise. Target wanted their ETLs to be college educated, but from what I saw, they act like a bunch of immature high school drop outs who have no people skills whatsoever. I don’t have a college degree, and I think that I wuld have made a better ETL than al lthe idiots that I worked for because I don’t let power go to my head- I don’t demand respect, I earn it! Just saying…


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  • Hate_Me says:

    I really just kinda skimmed that whole thing, since it was extremely whiney. But I did notice that you mentioned them having an affair? Why didn't you give details? Were they fat? Were they hot? Did they bone right in front of you while you filmed it? That was really the only part about this whole thing that I cared about. Your post sucked.

    Oh and my damn mailbox keeps saying it's full when it's not, Mr. Site Owner. Fix it, goddamn it. Haha 😉 I mean "please".

    • TargetSucks says:

      Check again, I just increased the limit. It was set to 10.

      • Hate_Me says:

        I'm happy now.

        • mirage117 says:

          Seriously... Grow up... All you do is post mean comments on people's posts... And the deatils of the affair that the ETLs were having had nothing to do with the issues that I encountered...

          • Hate_Me says:

            Why would I post nice comments on peoples' posts? It's all whiney bullshit. Yours was especially whiney, and honestly, I'm pretty sure it gave me a rash.

            I really don't care that the details of the ETL's banging the shit out of each other had nothing to do with the "issues" that you "encountered"...I really don't care at ALL about the "issues" that you "encountered", to be honest. I only come on here while I'm writing essays for college...when I get to the point in my research where I'm about to go homicidal and murder someone out of sheer frustration, I log on, and the morons I see on here always quickly make me feel better about myself. Simply because you are you, and I am not you.

            P.S. Did my username not give anything away? 🙂

  • mirage117 says:

    You just cant fix stupid...


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