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August 28, 2023 - TrickSnack85

Rant about Working at Old Store

Target was my first “real” job that I lasted in after graduating from university. I was grateful and humble at first because leadership was strong and there were a lot of good leaders/HR that kept things moving relatively smoothly.

Unfortunately, things started to go badly around 2019 when modernization began and a lot of team members started to leave. Working at the front of the store, there was a GSTL that was lazy and drove a lot of team members to quit. She transferred from another department but she was working at that store for 20+ years so no one in the store’s leadership said anything to her due to seniority.

Once covid hit, a couple of the HR team members that I had become close with retired, replaced by a fresh, out-of-college grad who was a bitch at times. She openly chastised team members in front of others and caused morale to tank badly. The worst though was the ETL of the front-end who I guess had been promoted from within. He was snide, and even more team members complained about him. Overall, things really became a shitshow and I’m so glad to be away from the toxic environment that became my old store.

We got a new SD in 2019 (I think?) but he was one of the only good remaining leaders.


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