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November 19, 2012 - suckit0963

Target is a combat zone for your sanity

So I started out at one store as a flow team member and I was really happy and very proficient at my job. My HR and STL thought I would be a good fit for a TL so I agreed and they set me up for the interviews, however they didn’t have any openings at my store so my interviews were with another store. I happen to live in between the two stores so at the time distance was not really an option. So I went and interviewed and did extremely well on all the interviews and they offered me the job.

I just happen to start the week before Christmas as the Consumables Team Lead and it was two weeks prior to our PFresh remodel. Oh and not to mention they hadn’t had a CTL for like 2 months or so. So first order of business was to get my department on track with all the stupid suspect date audits and then to see whats going on with the remodel. Well everything seemed to be going well and then I started back to school in January and everything just started going down hill from then on. My ETL complained because I was in School and had limited availability but yet other TL’s and TM’s were in school and never heard the ETL’s bitch because of that. I was under the impression that Target wanted you to go to school and better your self. So I got through that semester with no problem and then they wanted me to change up my school schedule so I would have different availability for closing shifts. So I changed it up. Oh and I decided to change departments on my own because the CTL job was just to stressful for me and I got looked down on for stepping up and asking for help and to change areas.

Well just so happen the new nights that I changed my closing to just happen to be the same night they shoot fireworks off at one of the local shopping and entertainment venues. Now for most people this is not a big deal. I am an Irag and Afghan Veteran and have Anxiety and PTSD from my deployments, so naturally fireworks kinda freak me out a little. I tell my ETL about whats going on and they accommodate me by putting music over the loud speakers to drown out the sounds. But then it just starts getting worse. I start speaking my mind on some issues I’m seeing in the store. God forbid I open my mouth. I told them it would be easier for us as team leaders to come in a couple of hours before the store opens to set ad rotations, sales planners, and get some paper work done so that we can be ready to help guest when we open at 8. Well the ETLs and STL looked at me like I had three heads when I suggested this. So I let it go and then they complain because we aren’t getting our work done when us as TL’s are the only people on the floor to help guest push CAF’s and respond to back ups.

Anyway to make a long story short our DTL came in for a couple of visits and I voice my concerns to her in front of our STL HR and ETLs and I pretty much got shunned for doing that. So they set me up for failure by not helping me develop or helping me when I ask for it. Then the Icing on the Fucking cake was when I told one of my peers I hated my job and I had to call out because I was having car trouble for one day. ONE FREAKING day out of the year and a half I was with Target I called out and it was for a legitimate reason. So they hold all this against me and I have a mountain of coachings and corrective actions for various things by this point and I was so fed up I was going to quit.

Well ironically enough the day that I had planned on quitting they ended up firing me anyway. Halleluiah!!! I was free of what I considered the worst most stressful hostile work environment I have ever seen and I’VE DONE 3 TOURS IN 2 COMBAT ZONES WTF!!!

Well there is a silver lining to all of this though. While doing my TL training at my original store where I started as a flow team member I met the woman I’m going to marry. And hind site being 20/20 I wish I would have waited just one month and I could have stayed at the store I started at where people thought I was the golden child and could do no wrong. Its what ever though this has taught me I am not cut out for retail I don’t hate target as a company I just hate the Bitch-ass “Ring Knocking” ETLS at the store where I got fired from.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    "I was free of what I considered the worst most stressful hostile work environment I have ever seen and I'VE DONE 3 TOURS IN 2 COMBAT ZONES WTF!!!"

    Love it!!! That's funny as hell. I wouldn't write off retail in general if times are tough, just don't go anywhere near Target or CVS when looking for a job. Those are by far the worst chain stores to work for.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Did you shove it in their faces as much as you have here that you're a veteran? I bet that was pretty goddamn annoying. If you're anything like my father who was a Master Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne, you're going to now make the egotistical assumption that since I "dare" speak to you in any tone other than respect that I just don't give a shit how much you have "sacrificed for our country". I do, in fact, thank you for what you've done for America as far as serving in the military.

    However, seriously? Your story was weak, at best. You really had nothing much to complain about. They didn't just fire you because of some bullshit reasons. You had to have been failing MISERABLY at something for Target to fire you. For Christ's sake, if I wasn't fired after all of the bullshit I pulled at TWO different stores over the course of 5 years, then you SERIOUSLY had to have fucked up a lot.

    Maybe you're just in denial, or maybe you have that weird complex where you think you're always right and everyone else is always wrong. Either way, Target fired you.

    Target... fired... YOU. That's sad, dude. Just sad.

    • TargetSucks says:

      In fairness, you're a chick. Chicks are a lot less likely to get fired than guys they don't like.

      • Hate_Me says:

        True... But they hated me. My HR tried firing me after he was touching my leg in his office hahaha He thought I was gonna go tell on him or something, so he had it out for me ever since then. I was too traumatized by it all to even mention it to anyone. I remember I came back down from his office, and my TL was like, "Holy shit, you look like you just saw a ghost or something."

        I said, "Yeah...I think I was just molested up in (HR's) office...I don't wanna talk about it". Haha I still have nightmares......

    • KMB86 says:

      Ok, seriously...I literally just signed up on this site just so I could put my two cents in. If you want people to vent on this site then why the fuck do you throw it back in their faces, Hate_Me? Isn't this supposed to be a place where everyone can just get it out their system and share their mutual hatred for a place they were treated so unfairly? I don't know what you did while you were employed at Target but you act like you get the fucking medal for worst experience ever. You know nothing about suckit0963's experiences at his store. You did not experience it for yourself or deal with the leadership team he dealt with. And honestly? It's a low person indeed who would insult a veteran. Shame on you. I don't care HOW you feel about politics, the war or the government. PTSD makes it pretty damn difficult to hold down a job but many do it rather than try to leach off of the government for disability benefits. When you have sacrificed something like your sanity, a limb or even you life than you can satisfy me with a reply worth listening to. I won't hold my fucking breath.

  • suckit0963 says:

    @ Hate_me, You know I was going to give you a fucking ear full about how you are a self absorbed bastard who likes to degrade other people for venting about there problems but you're not worth the time or effort. I bet your the pathetic person that still lives in your moms basement and suck her tit while playing D&D or WoW so go fuck your self. All I have ever seen on here is how you degrade everyone and talk down to the them like your all high and mighty. I'm gonna leave at that because you don't know me and I don't know you but you obviously love target or you wouldn't be sticking up for them so much.

    • ERROR_AM_I says:


      @ Hate_me, who likes to degrade other people for venting about there problems

      Hate me didn't degrade me and some of my post are really stupid, i mean they made yours look intelligent and well written, which they are not by the way, and your response pretty much proved Hate me's point that your some meat-head grunt who think their entitled to everyone's respect because they served in the military, well guess what you have to earn my respect not demand it, and I would never respect anyone who fights for a corrupt government that is controlled by a private banking company (the federal Reserve Bank[don't let the name fool you it's privately run]) who's controlling owners are made up of the wealthiest families of corrupt corporations, so whose interest do you think the government values ours of the people who could topple the whole of America with a single computer key stoke? Jackass

      ...whew I'm surprised that all came out

  • Hate_Me says:

    How did you know that I suck on my mom's teats while I stare out of the corner of my eye to keep track of my WoW game?!? Whoa... you.. are... like, PSYCHIC or something. But you left out the part where I also sniff my dad's jock strap after he works out at the gym, and how I stand at the foot of my parents' bed while they have sex, and I masturbate to it.

    And yes, I looove Target! In fact, I like to touch myself while I'm wearing oven mitts from there. I butter them up, and I just go at it like there was no tomorrow. Did I mention that I do this while Bullseye is licking peanut butter off my crotch and I'm watching Target commercials and having ferocious, uncontrollable orgasms?

  • m says:

    You're better than Target anyway! Good luck with everything and thank you for your service.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 1bluemoon says:

    Love is stronger than hate and I'm glad you found the woman you're going to marry. Happy Thanksgiving suckit0963!

    • Hate_Me says:

      Is it just me, or does that just sound weird? "...I'm glad you found the woman you're going to marry. Happy Thanksgiving, suckit0963!"? Hmm.


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