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November 1, 2023 - sorrow

i got written up last night on halloween for the most bullshit reason ever

it was halloween night and the store was pretty much dead, i work in cafe and was just chatting with some of my coworkers who work on the floor and someone from starbucks wanted their hat back that i gave to this girl, on my way to get it and give it back to starbucks,

the closing night manager named “Craig” started walking over to us, maybe like 4 of us in a group standing at a register and he started yelling at us for standing and doing nothing. Keep in mind we all have our radios on us and not one person asked for assistance, i also did not work in the same department as any of them.

following this, he asked all of us to go help him with some shit, i had an hour left before clocking out and still had to shut down cafe and clean the entire place; Craig, being the ignorant 50 year old he is, starts getting into an argument with me, i ended up walking away and giving the hat back to starbucks… the people who actually worked on the floor that were in the group with me followed him to go help whatever he needed with.

after closing cafe and on my way to go clock out i was told by one of my friends (she usually is closing manager too) that Craig vented to her and was telling her about how all of us are getting written up, it seemed like specfically me even though i had better shit to do in cafe than go help him. she said one of the main reasons why we all got written up was because he was mad that people called out *its halloween go figure* and no one was helping him yet he never asked for help in the first place.

im actually really pissed off because he brought his own emotions into the situtation instead of acting logically and ethically with morals and respect. i showed him respect, he did not show me respect back.

when he came and asked for our help he kept saying a term i was unfamiliar with and after asking Craig about 3-4 times about what does he need help with and what is this term he is using, i was ignored all of those times.

im thinking about putting in a complaint with a person who outranks him, im talking to my HR in cafe tomorrow about what else I can further do. I DO NOT want to associate with “Craig” no more, I DO NOT want him to be talking to me anymore, i dont care if its a workplace,

the enviroment is supposed to be friendly.. I do not like being treated like shit specficially by a TEAM LEADER.


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