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May 12, 2016 - RedCardMan

Did you know –

Make your management team look like the morons they are by pointing out that the Redcard works on service oriented gift cards like Disney, iTunes and Applebees.

I quiz mgmt and employees on my line and they don’t have  a clue most of the time – neither do the guests. They’ll pay $23.75 for  a$25 Regal Cinemas card, for instance. When addressing a guest with this informational gift I always point out – “Do you know why you don’t know that? The management didn’t know.”

In our store, mgmt would always explain that the only thing the Redcard DIDN’T take 5% off was giftcards – meaning the money oriented ones – so they talked themselves into something that wasn’t true.



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  • viciousdave says:

    I'm not understanding fully but somewhat. I know the red card doesn't cover gift cards that people give for others. But how is it service oriented like a gift card? It's still credit causes you get charged 22.99% interest or out of your bank account money. I don't like the red card, I just don't fully understand this.

  • flowing311420 says:

    I think what he's trying to say is something his management is clueless about but we already know... You can buy gift cards with a target redcard... Any kind of Gift Card... Target or other wise... But his management thinks you will not save 5% on the gift Card amount upon purchase... That you have to pay full price even if you use the red card... Which is bullshit...

    The only thing you can't buy a gift Card with is another Gift Card... Some one once told me it was something to do with money laundering some how... Although I don't know how because I didnt care to have them explain it to me lol...

    Basically he's just pointing out his managements stupidity 🙂


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