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August 7, 2015 - anonymoose

I really liked working at Target but…

REDcards. I really like working retail, as weird and stupid as that sounds. I love helping people even with the tiniest things because that’s just something that gives me a lot of fulfillment, I work hardlines most of the time and I love being able to help a guest find something they need and hearing them appreciate it makes me so happy that I can buzz the rest of my shift away. Working carry outs (I work in a downtown location where the carts lock up) are also one of the best parts of my job. Once I was trained to back up cashier shifts, and working there was amazing! I had so much fun and really enjoyed chatting with customers being witty at bagging and all that stuff. One time after I finished checking out a guest she looked me straight in the eye and said “thank you for loving your job so much” I was absolutely escatic. Then, redcards. I knew about redcards and if the customer was getting a lot I would do my best to sale them on it, but, currently at a month and a half into my job, I still have gotten no redcards, now that’s fine for whether or not they’re going to fire me, because I work mostly hardlines so I don’t need to worry about it affecting me that much, but it has literally turned one of the most enjoyable parts of my job into a living hell. Now instead of me being the last person the guest sees before they head out the door, giving them a great finishing experience bagging quickly and making good conversation. I have to drop this sales pitch in and it completely wrecks me, completely and utterly wrecks me. I broke down crying one shift because it was causing me so much stress to try and sell these damn things when all I want is to help the customer. I feel like an idiot for loving my job so much other than that, but god damn, I wish to holy hell that I could just enjoy being a cashier without that constant nagging piece of shit redcard business.

On another note that has really made me question staying at Target anymore, I was talking with other employees about their work, and one has talked about how much of a health hazard it is working at this Target in a downtown location, AP gets Hepatitus vaccines for free, but the rest of the staff does not, BUT, softlines team members are in constant danger of impaling themselves on dirty needles left in the fitting rooms sometimes folded into clothes, like god fucking damn. Get stuck once with one of those and holy shit your entire life is over.

I honestly love working retail as long as I’m not forced to sell shit like redcards all day, it’s something I’m good at and I enjoy doing. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve got bills to buy and nowhere to go, what do you guys think? Am I stupid or just wrong or what. I just want this redcard bullshit to stop.


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  • W121 says:

    As a current cashier I agree with the hate for redcards. I get nagged about it from both of my GTSL, TL's, and any substitutes. Jesus fucking christ im sick of it entirely. I will gladly do what I signed up for and that is to ring people up fast & get them out the doors in good timing. Not be a fucking commission cashier. Most of the time our customers--whoops I mean "GUESTS" already have the redcard already or it's the complete opposite & they don't want it. It's so annoying with these people breathing down your damn throats. I have gotten to the point where I don't give a fuck anymore. That includes not asking until one of my clown GTSL's comes strolling by. Other than that fuck redcards and all that noise.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      I second this. When I was a cashier I too only asked when a GSTL was around or once in a blue moon to try getting one so I avoid those "coachings" every week. How much I don't miss being a target cashier I can't describe.


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