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August 13, 2015 - doublea

Employee handbook says nothing about getting “X” amount of recards a day!

I have read a whole lot of post describing Leadership stating that you have to get a certain amount of redcards a day. This is a load of shit. I don’t have a handbook to reference but I think I remember it saying that you only have to mention it during your transactions with the guest, or promote it. Doesn’t say shit about getting a certain amount. They are hiring you as cashiers not a sales person. What I am trying to write here is that you were not hired for sales! A Sales Person gets a commission when they sale something for the company they work for. For instance a car salesman or a stock broker. Your title is Cashier! They think they are smart for doing this but they are just getting over on everyone. Challenge this please! I have even read that they write you up if you do not get enough or some shit. This is a form of Harassment. Call the fucking hot line 1800-541-6838. If they harass you or retaliate, call a-fucking-gain. They have to many idiots in-charge so make their life difficult and have some fun while doing it.

If someone reads this that has a handbook, please let me know what is says cause I cant help but feel like they are so fucking full of it!

Please call their bluff.



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  • W121 says:

    I have the handbook. On page 18, highlighted "We expect our teams to:" it states:

    "Always provide amazing service to every guest."

    "Engage guest by being warm, friendly, and enthusiastic."

    "Drive sales by educating guests of all the great deals and promotions while while them find a few extra items for their shopping cart."

    "Make sure our guests leave with everything on their list."

    Nowhere does it mention a "you can be terminated for redcards" or "redcards are your job" Now asking to guests about redcards is part of the job, however actually meeting the quota put in place by these clowns aren't stated anywhere in the handbook. What is quite ironic is that the ETL's, LOD's, and TL's harass employees about getting them including bribery, pulling employees to the side during their work (nonproductive), coaching nonstop, aggressive "you better get me redcards today!!", and them saying you will be in deep shit not meeting the quota. All of that in the last sentence falls under the harassment guidelines in the handbook. So basically the uppers are breaking the rules and practicing harassment according to the handbook. However nobody will do anything because target has this culture of "YOU WANNA WORK HERE? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DONT CHALLENGE ANY AUTHORITY AT ALL!" along with the uppers being all cliquey.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Might I also add that on the sheet of paper stating all of the team members' job descriptions, nothing about X number of red cards is mentioned for any of the team member roles. Nutty how red cards are pushed on the cashiers, isn't it?


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