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March 19, 2016 - deadcashier

Once a Cashier, Always a Cashier Apparently…

I’ve been working at target since July 2015. I took this job as a cashier because I desperately needed a job and I thought that maybe if I just got in then I could switch positions later on. Boy was I wrong and I really regret clicking “cashier” on that online application…

During the interview I was told about redcards and I figured it was important but not the fucking life force of target (I hadn’t been in a target since I was 4 before this job, hippie anti-corporation parents). I learned how important they were when I first got coached. When the first RedCard coaching came I felt like a shitty employee despite trying my hardest with the guests. At the time, I really wanted to be a good employee, make friends with the customers and do my best. Eventually after the 5th time being coached I stopped caring and I dread going to work. I still try my hardests to befriend guests but I know it’s all in vain. At this point, I just do it for myself (I have GAD and learning to socialize with people confidently is very important to me). In the end, Yeah, I’m flagged and Yeah, I don’t get redcards. As long as I ask you can’t fire me, I’ll just get cross trained and go somewhere else… right?

Fucking wrong.

Once I spent about 4-5 months at Target, I begged for about a month to be cross trained as a cart pusher, I even had the best cart pusher help me get them to allow me.  When the ETL finally said yes,  she had me train with two newbies who knew fuck all about the job and I was never scheduled beyond my training. It was all one big waste of time on everyone’s part. I hardly learned the other parts of the job beyond cart pushing and the new people where just as confused as I was as to why they where training anyone within their 90 days. It was blatantly obvious that the ETL was just trying to shut me up. It’s been so long since I’ve done cart pushing that I don’t even remember how to do the job beyond pushing the obvious pushing  of the carts.

Also, while I’m on that, I’m going to take a moment to give a very special shout out to my ETL (rant ahead). She just says things to appease people and has no idea what it is to be a cashier. She’ll get on to help us for 15-20 minutes tops and then be like “I  don’t get why most cashiers aren’t happy, this is so fun! Stop whining! I’m having loads of fun teehee!”. It’s so obvious that this chick has never worked a day in her life in retail outside of her cushy high-up position. She is extremely insincere and everyone knows you can never rely on her to help you out because she lies through her teeth. Every time I talk to her, I can feel the insincerity in her voice and it is absolutely sickening.

Anyways, back on topic. I’m still trying to get out of being a cashier. It feels like once you’re a cashier, you’re stuck as a cashier because everyone hates it. It’s a thankless job. Who gets blamed when the prices are wrong? Who gets to deal with a moody guest? Who has to get the RedCards? Us. This job is truly thankless. If we don’t get RedCards then we’re talked down to. It doesn’t matter if the guests give us good survey scores/comments. It doesn’t matter how well we do our job, it’s all about the RedCards.

Theres a Cashier at my target who literally scams people into signing up for the RedCard by lying to them. She’ll say they’re signing up for the debit while she turns the machine and clicks credit. She’ll also make up some added benifit like “one free item every time you come in!” or “oh no, it’s 50% off, actually!”.  She treats guests like shit, on top of it and is EXTREMELY racist. She will never ever get coached or reprimanded, though, because she gets 5-6, sometimes even 10 RedCards a day. One time she fucked someone over so bad that we had to apologize with a 30$ giftcard.  There have been so many guest complaints about her attitude and general rudeness as well. Doesn’t matter though, she’s a Target Goddess and therefore has every single higher up lining up to kiss her nasty old lady toes.

I’m considering quitting but I’m so torn. I like my coworkers, I like the area I work in, I know the lay of the land. I just can’t handle being a cashier anymore because It’s taking a tole on my mental health. Off work I’m a misanthrope and extremely bitter. I want to give them one last chance to move me but I don’t think I have any chance of moving… What do you guy’s think? I’m going to ask my GSTL to be real and tell me if theres any chance of me moving, next time I get coached; to tell them to cut the “well if you get enough RedCards…” crap and tell me the truth… Am I able move?


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  • grizzbear says:

    Get the hell out of Target! From my experience, they will say one thing; do another. They will pound you into the ground until you are lower than a cockroach. Don't walk to the nearest exit - RUN while you still can! You can do better for yourself and for your health with something other than, and most likely, better than Target. Good luck!

  • Silverfox says:

    lol, you have tools to use. Figure out how to use it. They'll help. If you can figure out how to deal with customer payments right at the till, you can do the same thing ethically. Once you do that, all the cheque paying customers are yours to sign up as a red card member. We were basically told oh no we don't accept cheques (checks) but if they signed up for our store credit card, they can pay for their purchases with a personal cheque and it'd be just like paying the for the entire transaction using a check but in a round about way. All the boss cares about is sign ups right? There are ways you can do it ethically with morals. Just told you one I thought of and that was only experience gained from working the xmas season.

  • viciousdave says:

    If it was the target I'm at where that girl fakes all the time and makes people sign up for cards and the people complaints, well she'd be fired on the spot. At my store it's mad crazy about red cards too, but if you screw over a guest by signing them up on red card while they said no or didn't agree at all in the first place, people in my area will have a hissy fit about it. The GSTL would come over and go some day we need you to speak to LOD. We've had a lot of complaints about you in the past week. She say well I got us a lot of red cards like we're suppose to. LOD: well that's great, however you've been forcing it onto them and that's extremely rude and going against peoples will. I'm sorry you're terminated as of today. If you piss off guests too much you get a bad talking to in my store. As for you, screw target, they are a shame of crap. Leaders of all kind do not understand anything and have no compromise about anything, find another job and give the two week notice. In the job world it's better to give the two week notice as you need good references of jobs you were at to get better jobs.

  • LV19 says:

    I personally say, Screw Tarshit. Get the hell out of there while ya still can man, I was a cashier for 4 months at the Target in Henderson, NV. And it's pretty much all the same, those who get more redcards are more favored by higherups, and those who don't get as many are talked down to and looked down upon, like the day I was fired from there, I went to clock in for my shift (3:30-8:30), and lo and behold, it said: "TM Not found, contact LOD." So I go see my LOD, and he informs me that "effective immeidately, we're terminating your contract with Target, and you no longer work here cause of your low speed scores." And plus I raised hell too about being cross-trained for Guest Service, to which I think that was another key reason they fired me.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Get out now!! I worked for Target for a year and was NEVER cross trained. They are liars they will tell you anything to get a warm body on the floor. Working for Target was the worst mistake I ever made. Not a single cashier in my store was ever cross trained during the time I was there.


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