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July 19, 2014 - Target_HR212

Cross-Trained Team Member who has had it.

Hired as a seasonal employee I took the role of a Human Resource Team Member. Being told how good I’ve been doing – doing the stupid 3-11 shifts (including new years, christmas eve, and thanksgiving) because my Team Leader said we all have to start somewhere. It was so horrible! Not only do you have to do your own specific job in human resources for some idiotic reason we also have to give over 100 team members their equipment, sign it out for them, go after them for punch corrections, post schedules while everyone’s on you telling you to hurry, having the phone ring ring ring and having to buzz people in the god damn man trap, psssttt that was a piece of cake for just $8.75/hr.


After the seasonal position I was hired but demoted to being a cashier which also lowered my pay from $8.75 to $8.25. Worst decision ever to take it.

GSTLs, GSAs, LODs, all of these people do not give one f*ck about you!! No one cares about you at target and those damn red cards have me! we don’t even get anything in return!!! not even 5ยข bonus for getting them! not even recognition! & the customers!?

Don’t get me started. Come on who’s heard this guys? :

“Is your system safe? *after already swiping card*”

“wow, did I spend that much?” yes b*tch you bought food for a f*cling army.

“I thought it was on clearance?” does it have a clearance tag on?

“Um, you overcharged me.” oh I’m sorry I made the machine ring it up for $19.99 cause I hate you. I didn’t overcharged you the MACHINE did, next time pay attention to the prices as I scan, mkay?

Oh Jesus. And when they make you clean the One Spot (Dollar Spot, C Spot). Its like what in the fuck did I ever do to you?

I’m crosstrained in Human Resources, Cashiering, Photo, Guest Services, and Cart Attending and! I only received SIXTEEN hours next week! with THREE days off! Its unbelievable and ridiculous.







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  • Darth says:

    This occurred because you know too much and are replaceable by a new TM that earns only $8.00 per hour instead of that decadent $8.75 @40 hours per week. No high rollers allowed, my dear.

  • doublea says:

    brought you in at one rate and changed it to another. That is a load of shit. I would have gone ape shit crazy on that dumb ass licker.


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