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October 8, 2015 - AnxietyMonster

This job makes me laugh

This is going to be a long rant, sorry. Strap in!

So, a little background. I’m a very anxiety filled person (as my username may make obvious) and working retail is the worst mistake I ever made. I haven’t worked here very long, but I’ve already put in my 2 weeks because I can’t stop having panic attacks going into work, and I’ve been losing sleep over having to go to work the next day (which dealing with customers with a headache caused by lack of sleep really sucks).

But I have some things to laugh about. I was hired as a cashier, and that’s all I do. There are so many things to be stressed, angry, but also laugh about, being a cashier. First is guests. I have a great story for this. So I have 7 LODs, and they all do things differently and give different, confusing, information. I was told, very specifically, that it was a store policy to bag different raw meats seperately. Now, I thought this was weird, but whatever, I’ll just do what my LODs say, I figured they’d be the ones to know (fat chance). So for a whole week, I was bagging meats seperately, usually by type, and nobody said anything. Bagging raw meat seperately prevents cross contamination! So one guy walks up to my register with 2 raw beef, and 2 raw turkey. I proceed to do what I was told, and I bagged the beef in one bag, and the turkey in another, and then stuck the bag with the beef inside the bag with the turkey so it was just in one bag, easier to carry. This guy says NOTHING. I finish his transaction and he leaves. Later that day, I get called into an office with an LOD. She asks me why I bag meat seperately, and I told her that other LODs told me to do that, and I was told it was a policy. She then proceeded to lecture me for a while about bagging foods and how to just say fuck it and bag everything together unless the person says so. Turns out, the guy I bagged for, who said NOTHING about how I bagged the meat, told my LOD I was doing it wrong and she needed to “correct” me. Also turns out this fuck is a team member, and I’ve seen him in the break room since then.

My next rant is the fucking Redcards. I live in a big military town, and Target is the closest store to the base that has everything people generally need and want. On a normal day, I check about 60 people out per hour, with a 87% score. I’m expected to get 1 card for every 80 customers, so about one every other hour. About 70% of the people I check out already have redcards, and the other 30% have no interest in getting one. I’ve completely stopped asking anyway. What are they going to do, fire me in my final two weeks?

This is where I laugh. My stores LODs push redcards so hard that they will stand over your shoulder sometimes and listen to make sure you’re asking EVERY customer. I ask occasionally just to make them go away. They also have charts all over the break room showing redcard sales for the week, and they have posters saying “Team ___ Redcard sales!”, all of the blanks are one of my LODs names. Who is the damn team? I have 7 LODs, who’s damn team am I on?! Not to mention when they laugh about members like me who have a whopping total of two redcard sales total through my entire short career here, like how many redcards have YOU sold personally?! None, I bet is your answer! But you get all the credit for me doing it!

Sometimes (a lot of the time, as this website proves) people at Tarshit can be so DUMB.


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  • Cytotoxin says:

    You're not alone. My store is so desperate to gain redcards that incentives are being handed out as a reward for reaching a quota (weekly? monthly?). It's honestly sad seeing that this is the only way you're ever going to promote or gain an recognition. What ever happened to "this guy is a hard worker for doing a 6 hour task in 4 hours". Now it's "this person got this many redcards". If I'm ever botched at for not getting redcards, I will put in my 2 weeks and NOT show up. You wanna fuck me over, I'll fuck you over twice as hard.


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